10 Things…. I edited tһіѕ video аחԁ reposted аѕ tһеrе wеrе ѕοmе glitches… Tһіѕ іѕ mу favorite video I ԁіԁ уеt аחԁ wаѕ very іח depth… Eחјοу

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25 Responses to “10 Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew”
  1. huisvrouwtjuh says:

    I want to thank you for sharing information and beautiful pictures of your lovely son. I have a son (6 years old) with pdd-nos and on utube i find the information i need. I placed your vid in my favorites. Since i get all this info i am more capable to handle my sons “behaviour’ and he is even more adoreble now, he already was but i had trouble dealing with him often. Now i understand, and let him do his things. flapping and stimming, making strange noises sometimes. It oke. i now understand.

  2. analblazer666 says:

    @torso99 man you trollin :P

  3. SASH2196 says:

    do you mind if use this video for presentation?? give all credit to you. can you send it to me by email. please if its okay. sash2196@gmail.com

  4. torso99 says:

    i dont understand enything =( how does autitic works?

  5. likeali4life says:

    Thank you very much this video is very well put together…May Allah bless the Kids

  6. p2c2eIso says:

    I really appreciate this video, it is nice to have someone put into words what I’ve been trying to explain about myself for years. What I hate most is everyone wanting an explanation for why I am the way I am when I can’t explain it.

  7. psychoparent79 says:

    @supercas29 Thank You as for the responses… well, I think I held my head high and dealt with it in a mature way although it was hard and I don’t blame the other parents for being outraged. Hellzangels5 said some pretty horrible things that were very hateful. There was bound to be very intense responses. You are right my little man is a great kiddo and I love him so much.

  8. supercas29 says:

    There are some people on here that really need to evealuate the things that they say before posting them…I think that we should all be responding like mature adults.

    For my response to the video…I think that it was very well stated and very helpful. Thank You for puting it together. You have a great Kiddo.

  9. warriormom01 says:

    @hellzangels5 ..Not all autistic kids are violent and I think you need to educate your self about the no child left behind law……it applies to all children if the school is a failing school , the children have the right to transfer to better performing schools,it has nothing to do with special education classes.You need to stop and think what if people treated you different because you had cancer and told you cause you might die you didnt deserve to be in school.

  10. hellzangels5 says:

    @nydutchess79 obviously i am NOT a hypocrite! i am stating a fact that God himself causes things to happen for a reason because he has a plan for you and i and everyone else in the world. imagine having a disease that kills 1400 children per year and being made fun of and put down for having it. i was injured last year in gym class when an autistic child pushed me twice. i know taekwondo and wish i had reacted physically at the time and knocked the kid out. he is darn luckiy i chose not to.

  11. nydutchess79 says:

    @hellzangels5 Your are an animal!!!! And your a hypocrite!! You just gave me a verse from the bible, but yet your spitting venom about autistic children!!! Only YOUR disease counts or means something, nothing else. Autism may not kill, but it ruins lives. Maybe you should educate yourself first before running your mouth and disrespecting and entire community. Go get yourself some help, its obvious your a very angry person, and its not fair that your taking it out on innocent people.

  12. hellzangels5 says:

    @urbesst thank you. you are probably the only respectful person i’ve come across on here regarding cancer vs autism. thank you for not cussing me out over this whole ordeal.

  13. Kelmariot says:

    @psychoparent79 I think it’s a great video. No one should attack you like that. Makes me sick…

  14. psychoparent79 says:

    Thank you so much… I have limited my responces to the comment as it really did make me angry. I fully understand the impacts that any families go through with all childhood diseases and disabilities. I would never down anyones perception but I think this comment was full of hate and that is my little angel in this video. It was an awareness video to help teach others about how my son and other children/adults relate to the world around them.

  15. Kelmariot says:

    I’m just reading all the comments and I can’t believe how immature this whole argument is. Seriously? They are two different things, cancer and autism, and both are hard to deal with. Grow up and understand that whichever one someone has, it’s difficult for everyone involved and it’s NOT right to put one before the other- especially when you’re bringing one scenario down so disrespectfully! Be a little more understanding. There are THOUSANDS of diseases and medical problems that are in this …

  16. Kelmariot says:

    world and each one is challenging in it’s own way, whether or not the chance of death is involved. You never fully know what someone is going through unless you’re in their shoes and you’re going through it yourself. HAVE SOME RESPECT!

  17. urbesst says:

    @hellzangels5 i respect ur opinion i have a severly autistic daughter and a child undergoing chemo treatment now the autistic child has a very sad life the one on chemo may get better in the meantime she is very sick if i could ask 2 be put in one not two of these senerios i couldnt choose there to be a better one it hurts the loved ones just the same

  18. urbesst says:

    this realy realy touched me my linda is 14 yrs old non verbale and severly autistic THANKS 4 MAKIN THIS VID IT HELPED ME

  19. hellzangels5 says:

    @nydutchess79 i’m no animal! Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan for everyone on this Earth. Part of his plan for me was obviously to endure cancer so that i could help find a cure for it or at least help children affected by it. cancer has killed thousands of children. autism has never killed a single one. YOU DO THE MATH!

  20. hellzangels5 says:

    @warriormom01 they don’t need to be put in the same classes as other students. one almost broke my freaking neck in gym class. i take taekwondo and he’s pretty darn lucky i didn’t knock him out over it! i wouldn’t have been afraid to do so either.

  21. hellzangels5 says:

    @mend2344 bull shit! why is there relay for life and other things similar to it?! it’s because there is no cure for cancer. it’s all based on chance as far as if a person responds to treatment or not. don’t believe me? look it up!

  22. hellzangels5 says:

    imagine what it would be like to be told you had a disease that is the chief killer of 1400 children between ages 1 to 14. i’m sick of hearing all this BS that autism is more serious than childhood cancer. it aint!

  23. mgk4packers says:

    @hellzangels5 ….I think you you knew an autistic child, you would be a much kinder person. I hope you get the help you need, because you seem very disturbed.

  24. nydutchess79 says:

    @hellzangels5 -You HAVE to be one of the most ignorant, disgusting ANIMALs known. How dare you?!!! How does one disease take preidence over another? The universe will punish you for that nasty nasty comment. You almost dont deserve the air we breathe, or even my comment however I really really want to tell you to go stick your finger in a socket and die you fucktard!!!

  25. warriormom01 says:


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