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7 Responses to “10 year old with Aspergers on TV”
  1. jonaschick241 says:

    he gos to my school i was his friend but i stopped ps we do not call him google we call him dicionary

  2. procrastin8r89 says:

    it’s not a mental disability they’re saying he has. it’s a social thing. aspergers people are brilliant.

  3. crystal0angel says:

    Don’t give kids with aspegers drugs because they are here for a reason they are here to change people because people have been so greety and un spiritual aspergers is a cover up for what they really are they are what u call indigos and crystal children they are sent here to bring peace back to earth!! Dont give them drugs because it is stopping them from what they are here to do!!!

  4. crystal0angel says:

    I dont blam him for not liking to comunicate with others people are soo mean!!! and probally are soo jelous that he is smart

  5. crystal0angel says:

    OMG he is really smart why would they say he has a mental disablity he is smart not stupid!!!

  6. sanddollarscholar says:

    What a nothing story. Great start, but it ended abruptly. Should have been ten minutes long.

  7. SimoneBlum says:

    What an incredible video! I am so proud to be able to call myself family. You are both so candid and such amazing resources. Not to mention look so beautiful.! I can only say how privileged I feel to know you!

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