Wһеח wе mаkе risky decisions аbουt ουr health, іt’s always ɡοοԁ tο bе іח possession οf аƖƖ tһе facts, tο Ɩеt ουr brains, аחԁ חοt ουr hearts, mаkе tһе ԁесіѕіοח. Yουr child іѕ thousands οf times more ƖіkеƖу tο die frοm a preventable disease уου didn’t vaccinate tһеm against tһаח tο develop autism frοm a vaccine уου ԁіԁ give tһеm. Tһе case fοr autism аחԁ vaccines іѕ solely based οח weak correlations аחԁ emotional responses. Generation Rescue: www.generationrescue.org CDC statement οח tһе safety οf vaccines: www.cdc.gov Locate a flu vaccination center near уου: info.findaflushot.com Gеt vaccinated. Dο іt fοr tһе people wһο matter tο уου.

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25 Responses to “(1/2) Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Correlation vs. Causation”
  1. sciencemile says:

    @C0nc0rdance It’s weird that, of all the various videos I’ve watched refuting crazy claims, yours seem to be both the most informative AND the recipient of the most vehement comments.

  2. MisterKennedy06 says:

    Global warming is a fucking lie.

  3. cthulhex says:

    @C0nc0rdance That’s not true, they don’t ALWAYS go to ad hominen! the often prefer red herrings, false dichotomies, and a general assortment of non-sequiturs.

    PS: talking about snake oil, could you please make a mention in a future video about shark oil in vaccines, it seems to be the new fad in the flu vaccine conspiracy theory.

  4. C0nc0rdance says:

    To all future readers.:
    Note Codex’s argument here. Does he address the evidence? Does he make a cogent argument, or cite scientific studies to support his point?

    No, it’s all ad hominem.

    Why do conspiracy theorists always go to ad hominem? Because it’s the only tactic they have left. Slander, innuendo, and fear tactics.

    The really sad part is that you are simply regurgitating snake oil sales pitches, Codex. You demand no proof for your rabid beliefs. Think for yourself…

  5. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    You even have that whiny pretentious white liberal voice. White liberals have caused all the problems in this world and will most definitely cause world war 3 with your fiat banking system, your imperialistic corporatist democracies, and your white liberal supremacist illusions of grandeur.

  6. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Every pro-vaccine moron i’ve ever seen on youtube is either a white liberal narcissist moral relativist or is a white liberal narcissist moral relativist working for big pharma, which are you?

  7. showABCshow says:

    in 2:43 c0nc0rdance uses a chart that is 20 years outdated (the bottom half).

    Check out the real data from greenman3610:


    at 2:40 (the times are a coincidence…)

  8. kotetsu131 says:

    Well done sir, finally someone with some sense on YouTube! and of course, this was one of the first things beaten into my head during my Psyc education: “Correlation does not imply Causation”, and by God did we recite it verbatim!

    I do love how people keep mindlessly attributing the thiomersal in vaccines to causation of autism even though the instance has increased despite thiomersal being eliminated from them…Better look out, here comes the dreaded and elusive third variable problem!!!

  9. WhoisJacqueFresco says:

    You also use a statistic of getting hit by lighting. I guess that includes ppl in the most frigid of climates in iceland? Location when relating to lighting strikes is very important. There are certian areas that you are more likely to get hit by lighting. You can’t just do broad calculation examples of the likelyhood of getting hit by lighting….. Where are the sources? The odds of someone in montana getting bit by a shark are still there even if there is no sharks in the state?

  10. WhoisJacqueFresco says:

    “medical miracle” 0_0 – 3:15
    “Probably 1 person in 5 would not be alive today if it were not for vaccination” ~,~ more bias – 3:19
    Through out the video there is no source listed on where you get your charts. Where are the sources to back up your claim? Have you done any experiments? Were they published? Funny you talk about correlation when data can easily be fixed so no standard deviations cause alarm or how the program interrprets the data can be manipulated to skew the results.

  11. ryecatcher25 says:

    @beingPOISONED being poisoned is right. giving your children a vaccine is the same as putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger. you sheeple are killing the minds of innocent children. Jenny Macarthy is the only person with the guts and intelligence to fight against the massive global coverup. we must support her!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

    Jenny Macarthy is a celebrity, so she knows what she is talking about. so does jim carrey. they know what is best for us sheeple!!

  12. beingPOISONED says:

    sorry but my doctor an my family who work in the nhs all say the same its propaganda its not needed it is proven harmful
    i take the media output as farce(i was a media student i know the lies) an you should , unless you want gulf war syndrome.
    my best friends mum is a top doc , my cousin is nurse an so is my sister in law in, i went to school with another nurse an my old pool buddy was head nurse at the countess of chester hospital all of them work in cheshire,all of them refused the vaccine

  13. sinmantyx says:

    No, the correct answer to the question is: well, the type of television programming they tested in the study explained in the journal article BLAH that was published in BLAH was BLAH.

    I wouldn’t doubt that television has an effect on children – especially if it is coupled with a decrease in active interaction with your children (which isn’t always the case!) – but “new studies” isn’t a source anyone can critically look at.

  14. sinmantyx says:


    What I don’t understand, however, is why people are still insisting that ethylmercury in vaccine preservative is even an issue currently. Since about 2001, there is essentially none in routine childhood vaccines. Flu vaccines sometimes have it, but that’s about it.

    If it were a contributor to autism or other neurological issues, we would expect to see numbers decrease during the last few years. We haven’t.

  15. sinmantyx says:


    Methylmercury is in tuna and other fish, ethylmercury is what thimerosal breaks down to in the body, ethylmercury is toxic – but the amount is extremely small and the body has the ability to get rid of it in a couple weeks, vaccines are not injected into the bloodstream directly (it’s the muscle). “So many medical staff”? – all the people I have found being anti-vaccine are selling homeopathic medicine and other quackery, some of their credentials are fake/revoked.

  16. C0nc0rdance says:

    You should also know that it is entirely possible to avoid all thimerosal. It is no longer in routine childhood vaccinations, and many forms of flu vaccine are mercury free. If you have concerns, talk with your doctor about finding the right options for you.

    Just don’t let fear govern your behavior. Try to use reason and logic in making the best decision for your health.

  17. C0nc0rdance says:

    You have a choice. You can believe the Internet rumors, or you can ask your own family physician.

    I’m a virologist, I read all these studies, and I can tell you that my kids are fully vaccinated.

    Fear and paranoia are very easy to fall into when something is new or unexplained. It’s human nature. But we have the tools to determine what is safe and what is not, and the very best data supports that the level of exposure here is not harmful.

  18. beingPOISONED says:

    i really think the level of toxic mercury
    in these vaccines is unsafe i heard the tuna comments but i don’t think people eat the can an the stomach filters it more than i direct injection into the bloodstream . i don’t think so many medical staff would refuse an speak out if there was no truth in these claims why so many doctors
    going on record speaking out against these ad junk vaccines

  19. funkymusicluvr says:

    @yourboycal well of course, but i don’t think parents are showing their kids videos about mathematics or other educational shows, they’re showing baby einstein (which, for all its popularity, doesn’t actually do anything for babies) and sprout, sesame street, etc. and parents themselves (ive seen this firsthand) watch their own shows 9noneducational) with their children around. but yea, it is the program, the amount watched daily, etc.

  20. yourboycal says:

    I think that varies on what your watching on tv . For example if you watch a video about mathmatics on tv , your brain will be highly active as you do the excerises in the tv right? If you watch tv with critical thinking educational content then your brairn will be very active , It all depends on what you watch on tv, dont blame the tv =)

  21. freshhh1994 says:

    Source your claims.

  22. funkymusicluvr says:

    New studies are being done that suggest that tv can be a cause of autism. watching tv makes your brain less active than when you are sleeping.

  23. OsamaBinForgotten2 says:

    the 2 factors that are linked
    are both in you.

  24. kenandkids says:

    can you tell me how to mirror or use this if you don’t mind? i’m having a pandemic of stupidity near me and quite a few women who believe oprah and her guests more than doctors and scientists. this is a very serious request, several of these women are “committing” to refuse to vaccinate their children.

  25. topdogtomiii says:

    As a high-functioning autistic, I am disgusted by those people who claim that vaccines are the cause of autism in situations where other factors are completely unaccounted for. I recently saw a video by a woman who recalled a child whose hair contained a mercury content that went off the chart. The child was autistic, and been observed eating soil, which she connected with mineral deficiency, but ignored completely among potential causes of autism. Talk about turning a blind eye.

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