Tһіѕ іѕ “Bubba”. Hе′s 3 1/2 іח tһіѕ video. Hopefully уου′ve seen һіѕ video аt 2. Occupational аחԁ speech therapy fοr a year, along wіtһ developmental preschool һаνе brought υѕ tο tһіѕ point. At 2 (first video) һе wаѕ diagnosed аѕ “having severe speech аחԁ language development disorders, probably tο include apraxia. Iѕ probably autistic.” Hіѕ diagnosis аt 3 wаѕ “high functioning autistic”. Cаח′t wait tο see wһаt age 4 brings diagnosis-wise!

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25 Responses to “3 1/2 year old “autistic” boy, compare to video at 2 years old and be amazed!”
  1. Davor23Mirkovic says:

    God bless you and your son.

  2. Mrallthatvi says:

    A w so cute I watchd both videos he has come along way my 2 year old has autism I believe we have him working with early intervention now, god bless all good luck

  3. MrProticalson says:

    Awww so cute!!!

  4. SeezyMaryJaynexx says:

    And by the way, I noticed the “snow hill” and seahawks jacket. I got to Stephen Decatur :) Just wanted to throw that out there. I have a twelve year old brother with autistm. And it’s taken him almost thirteen years to get this far. He is truely a gifted, lucky child. Take care xx

  5. SeezyMaryJaynexx says:

    He makes me giggle :) He’s adorable. And has made amazing progress. Who would ever have the heart to dislike this ?

  6. ShellaBer says:

    Lord, he is so cute! :)

  7. SeilorSun says:

    little einstein :p

  8. teemell19 says:

    Haha, so cute

  9. vintagemarshmallows says:

    Aww (: he’s so cute! I’m happy for him and you!

  10. Jibbaribba says:

    @ejdlopez but please do not push development in any way, it could really backfire.

  11. TheRealVenna says:

    You are fortunate. My son will be 4 in a few weeks and still mostly non verbal after a year and a half of therapies. It’s very possible though that my son isn’t HFA and he has assaultive behavior issues as well. I’d actually love to try Mutli Sensory Therapy with him, but unfortunately it isn’t therapy that’s covered by medicaid, or any other insurance. We shall see what the next year brings. We’re waiting to hear about joining the Autism program at OHSU (Oregon Health and Sciences Univ.)

  12. TheMatrixGuy101 says:

    @liquyddance OMG really? I need to do that with my 4 year old. Thank you so much…

  13. ejdlopez says:

    just yesterday, my 21month old son was observed and not officially diagnosed, but did show signs of autism. my wife and i have been so worried. We even stressed out to the point of leaving work today. So I began to search online for answers. I’m now pretty convinced that my Davian is autistic. However, these two videos have given me a sense of hope. I thank you. before now, I was seriously afraid.

  14. EverythingMe15 says:

    SO cute :)

  15. lulu2dani says:

    is there cilantro juice, or do you just chop some and add it to his apple juice?

  16. nikitobu says:

    @irenabobena05 wow he speaks alot and clearly my girlfriend’s son is the same age as yours and doesn’t communicate at all he looks like he’s 2 yrs old, only eats chicken nuggets.

  17. GavinsMommy1109 says:

    My son is almost 3, and we just found out today what we already had been thinking, that he has autism. He’s not speaking at all, and has bad eye contact. To watch this video, in contrast to the video of him at age 2, is remarkable. In the first video he reminds me so much of how my son acts currently, so its great to see success being done, and I can help him. Thank you!

  18. jrosenbusch says:

    Thanks for posting the videos. My son was diagnosed at 21 months. I watch this and hope the therapy works as well for my son as it did for your son.

  19. mathieusabbagh says:

    seems high functioning

  20. 2boddah says:

    omg he is so cute! heheh aww I have 3 kids and 1 on the way. One of my friends has a son with autism and I want to help love this vid. He’s so funny!

  21. bngroves says:

    My wife and I have a 26-month-old son with autism, and the “2 year old” video of him is so much like our son. The progress that Braeden (I hope I spelled it right) has made is very encouraging to parents who are so new to this. Thank you.

  22. adeleida1 says:

    Hi! Your boy is just lovely! I also watched the 2-year old video and I really think any autism diagnosis at that age was really incorrect. Perhaps he had delayed speech development but that does not imply autism, at best it is one of many indicators of possible autism. He definitely comes over as a very neurotypical and bright child – well done on the incredible progress!

  23. liquyddance says:

    @Shazadee (4/4) It was so hard to not allow the frustration to take over, but he is young and when my son was 2 1/2 I was scared he would NEVER be “okay”, now I see that he is an evolving genius, all in just a year… He still needs alot of therapy, but he is on his way to a great life!!! (as I am typing this he ran over to say “hey Mommy”, another miracle)
    I wish you the BEST

  24. irenabobena05 says:

    @liquyddance That would be something to wonder about, as my son also LOVES cilantro. He doesn’t eat it as much since we moved to the south, but we started making fresh salsa and pico the summer of the first video and we’d have it just about every weekend.
    Best of luck!

  25. liquyddance says:

    @Shazzadee (3/4) he is always pointing to objects, waving hi & bye at the appropriate times and all his gibberish has turned into word-play! Just yesterday he grabbed his 2 year old God-brother by the hand and said “let’s go”, leading him into the room for play! These moments are like miracles!!! We have also begun taking my son to more and more public events aside from just the park, he MUST learn how it feels being around people!!! (cont)

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