Oυr son, Marcus, singing һіѕ favorite song frοm Wicked. Marcus wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ Autism іח tһе Fall οf 2007. Hе һаѕ mаԁе аmаᴢіחɡ progress wіtһ early intervention programs. Tο come frοm חοt being аbƖе tο talk really well tο tһіѕ іѕ miraculous fοr υѕ!

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25 Responses to “3 year old with Autism singing “For Good” from Wicked”
  1. MamaTank05 says:

    One person hasn’t been changed for good. Your son is adorable!

  2. 2muchharrypotter says:

    Anyone who could dislike this video is messed. This is so freaking cute !

  3. Mtthyman says:


  4. FaMeLuVr says:

    This is amazing. I couldn’t stop crying at how beautiful this is and adorable. He was so care free, and completely aware of everything. I’m beyond impressed. He did fantastic. I hope things are working out, and hopefully you will get him to sing another song some time soon.

  5. jessiejcandy says:

    good luck to him and you x i hope his autism improves :)

  6. love0ble1 says:

    I love this, hands down cute <3

  7. theresnoplacelikeoz says:


  8. ffyfan15 says:

    oh my gosh.
    this kid is incredible.
    the fact that he knows this at three is incredible.
    i love how carefree he seems.
    i hope this finds him doing well.

  9. 121296leg says:


  10. PinaColada4645 says:

    He is absolutely adorable.

  11. xxkmsmilesxx says:

    what an inspiring little boy :)

  12. BookMaster101 says:

    this little boy is so cute!!! :D

  13. shutup0420 says:

    aww hes soooo cute i love this video its two cute

  14. Zach6393 says:

    More than the fact that he went from being barely able to talk to being able to do this, from a musicians point of view this is amazing because he kept up with the tempo of the song and when he started going a little too fast, you could see on his face that he recognized it and he brought himself right back on tempo.

  15. vuduxboy says:

    so cute!!

  16. KristinandIdinagirl says:

    This is the first thing that has made me smile in days. I’m happy crying. I can definitely see Broadway in his future. Way to go, Marcus!!!!!!

  17. zacharyfh says:

    he is so cute

  18. steffluv7 says:

    what a precious boy you have!
    made me cry!
    hes one in a million.
    gods greatest blessing!

  19. Skyelion12 says:

    oh my goodness! i love this song so much and I find i so beautiful when kids sing it. this is truly touching.

  20. smalltowngirl41 says:

    Children with Autism often excel in creative fields. Looks like this little guys will be music. He’s so cute!

  21. jbLover9811 says:


  22. brycedeclan says:

    did I find a new best friend? this kid rocks!! way to be!

  23. AerynnMikhial says:

    This is adorable.
    Whoever his the dislike button is heartless
    It’s so inspirational.
    It proves that NOTHING is impossible.
    God Bless.

  24. Onbroadwaystar says:

    I see broadway!!!!!!! He is so cute!!!!

  25. sunnydin2000 says:

    @matthoops23 thats how my little brother eryk was diagnosed. he was having some developemental issues and they had him checked out. I love him so much. Him having autism just makes him more of the best little brother. :) btw, your son is so adorable.

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