4 Paws wаѕ tһе first agency tο bеɡіח placing skilled Autism Aѕѕіѕtаחсе Dogs аחԁ continues tο bе tһе Ɩаrɡеѕt organization іח tһе United States аחԁ tһе οחƖу organization placing іח οtһеr Countries Autism Aѕѕіѕtаחсе Dogs wіtһ tracking.

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15 Responses to “4 Paws For Ability Autism Assistance Dogs”
  1. Silentdoor says:

    Im living in Switzerland and have an 8 Year old Daugther whit PDD-NOS.
    I was alredy contacting 4 Paws and i try to get some Mony from some Organisations to get one Dog. I think this is verry great and would help her and ouer Family alot

  2. Sw42997 says:

    My god brother is getting one that was $13,000 the family has sold autism awareness items like shirts buttons and the people in their little town has a big heart

  3. jm112683 says:

    You would be surprised, your community, church, family, friends, and even strangers do help you fundraise. It took us 45 days.

  4. waarce says:

    I wish I could afford a dog for my son. The price for one of these dogs is about $15,000.00! Not within the reach of those of us without means.

  5. rhondadbe says:

    Excellent story ! How mucha dog like this will help any family dealing with an Autustic child they need to keep an eye on 24/7. Fantastic to see how well it’s working!

  6. militarybrat1121 says:

    Hi, I have Asperger’s Syndrome and OCD, for which I have a service dog. She helps me so much. Best of luck in your quest for a service dog if it would help you too.

  7. iceprincessrowena says:

    What a great dog you have. :-) I have what they call High Functioning type of Aspergers (a mild form of austim), also with ADD and with panic attacks in very public places like malls and just getting around town. I’m hoping to get a service dog to help me. Besides I’m a dog lover.

  8. PawsForDisabilities says:

    Inspiring story.


    this looks like a great program. My daughter is PDD-NOS and isn’t severe as other autistic children, but still can be a handful and she wants a dog too.

  10. moonstonewind says:

    this is wonderful to see other PSD’s working my boy yerich is the savior of my life.

  11. dinahkcm says:

    very nice and now in the posautive youtube group. thank you!

  12. spamfamily891 says:

    I think Sam is just the cutest thing in the entire world. Of course, I AM partial. See more of Sam and John Boy at the samsdogtales website.

  13. karen4paws says:

    4 Paws does not have a waiting list. Our families do fundraising to qualify for their dog and most have their dogs within a year.

  14. gymverb says:

    wow, very very cool!

  15. paws4kate says:

    Thank you for showing a video in which your son and the dog were working together.. alot of video’s are about the dog’s and theat they can do but it is nice to see them working together .. our daughter is on the waiting list and we cannot wait to get our dog . she has wandered away from school 4 times and this is with a Teacher’s Aid … she is fast! You can see Kate’s web site at paws4kate . tripod. com or face book search for Groups .. .paws4kate

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