Mу 8 year οƖԁ son putting οח a ѕһοw аt ουr July 4th camping trip singing Hinder’s “Lips οf аח Angel” completely frοm memory wіtһ חο music.

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25 Responses to “8 year old autistic boy singing “Lips of an Angel” A Capella”
  1. mysticchill says:

    He’s awesome, totally awesome. I have an autistic son too, and he loves music as well. It’s like a soothing therapy. Good job little man!!!

  2. howardosu1 says:

    Looks like he really enjoys music! My son does also, reminds me a lot of him. Really glad to see there are others out there that encourage and celebrate there kids talents!

  3. OhRhonda says:

    wow he sings awesome

  4. FieldingLover12 says:

    so adorable!!!! voice of an angel!! <3

  5. singers333 says:

    Awesome job! You have a nice tone to your voice. Singing acapella you sing very much in key. Keep singing never stop!

  6. singers333 says:

    @rumplins You should not be proud of yourself. You are ignorant and just don’t know better.

  7. PunaniJohnny says:

    @rumplins Thats really fucked up to say man seriously……

  8. iamtheevilone says:


    God loves me because he gave me 2 special children! As charlesmooreful says above, you really are an a-hole! God picks out special people to have special children. One of these days pal, karma is going to bite you so hard on your a** that all I could do is sit back and laugh at you. And as far as you being a world class vocalist? Please! Give me a break! Sounds like Latrell here is stealing your limelight! And trust me buddy boy, I CAN be evil!

  9. cjsmysshine says:

    I love that song. That’s precious. It’s so neat how he plays the music in his head and waits until it’s supposed to start. He was saying NOPE I am not finished yet. lol

  10. rumplins says:

    @iamtheevilone Oh, btw…I guess you’re not as evil as you claim to be,

  11. rumplins says:

    @iamtheevilone I’m a world-class vocalist. Don’t take it out on me because you have retarded kids. I mean, what are the odds of having TWO retarded children. You either made some bad adoption choices or god really hates you.

  12. iamtheevilone says:


    You should be ashamed of YOURSELF, you heartless, cruel moron! I have 2 boys with Autism myself, and they are my EVERYTHING! He deserves this attention-he sings a whole lot better than you possibly ever could! I believe you are just jealous! Dude, you have absolutely NO SOUL!

  13. iamtheevilone says:


    sorry…i meant to thumbs up on your comment~its rumplins that I meant to do…i’m so sorry!

  14. deedeemommy23 says:

    This is PRECIOUS!!!! Charish these moments!

  15. brlaranjo says:

    Vey cute:)

  16. charlesmooreful says:

    @rumplins you are a real a-hole if you knew how hard it is for some autistic kids to even talk at all. My son is autistic and does not speak you should be ashamed of yourself and hope that if you ever have children this doesn’t happen to you. The little boy is giving it all he’s got, and nobody in the world wants him to not mumble more than his parents or him. Shame on you!

  17. chubz0619 says:

    this brought tears to my eyes . .

  18. rumplins says:

    “he is really good for being that young?” Dude. He can’t sing at all..He’s just mumbling shit. Why don’t you check out some videos from some kids that can actually sing. Don’t give this kid undeserved attention just because he is autistic – which is NOT something to be proud of.

  19. whitneydiane98 says:

    i like how he says angel

  20. HeyyItsMeh says:

    he is really good for being thth young!

  21. MicMendenhall says:

    awwww how cute =] i love it…. i wanna hear more he is really good at singing ;D American Idol.. totally =D

  22. destrox888 says:

    nice job bro

  23. meeeeeeeeee1997 says:

    u have a good voice!!!

  24. UtubeHairCare says:

    great job!!!

  25. syken911 says:

    hes actually good haha thats awesome! keep it up!!

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