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22 Responses to “9 year old with Aspergers”
  1. notphatmageWins says:

    jeralrd r ford jimmy karter ronald regan george bush and bill clinton

  2. sketchyou says:

    i believe he might be going to his collective memory (retrieval of information) by looking to the right, as with many other humans do. just that he looks away less conspicuously, and as MrAirgunlover said, he can’t make eye contact.

  3. evilfrost777 says:

    lol cood i get a translationv of “very high functioning autism ” is it a bad thing or a good thing pm me just just 1 word plzz any1 :o

  4. brabon1 says:

    very high functioning autism

  5. evilfrost777 says:

    what does Aspergers is or means whatever :o

  6. MrAirgunlover says:

    @tiffanycb1989 i was asking myself the same this when i found out i had it not a bad case of it just a little

  7. MrAirgunlover says:

    @kthcsh he’s not reading he can’t make eye contact he as aspergers

  8. kthcsh says:

    questionable? looks to me like he’s reading from off to his right. not trying to be a doubter just some thing i noticed.

  9. KristinaM369 says:

    he goes to my school and he likes my friend amy geiger

  10. Supersmooth007 says:

    I know it is hard I have it to do you want to discuss it??

  11. Trippinpatchouli says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what my son is really good at, so far the only thing I have come close to is words, this boy is adorable, I have noticed people with aspergers or most have a pretty good sense of humor and are pretty cool people.

  12. CherryViz says:

    He’s so adorable!! :’D

    I have Aspergers syndrome and I sure didn’t know all those things at that age.
    My speciality was dogs…

  13. kfag101 says:

    it seems that mental defects are more prevalent with jews

  14. EmmaCassels says:

    my brother is 5 and has autism

  15. LaranjasAzuis says:


  16. tiffanycb1989 says:

    I’m 20 years old and have Aspergers Syndrome. I hate it a lot! Why do some people have to have it! Why can everybody be born without a mental disorder.

  17. Eitakie says:

    i have aspergers myself, i normally look to the right or even just around everywhere when im thinking. and im very knowlagble about animals. thats my 1 thing that i really took too :3

  18. Ilikemustard says:

    No, dingbat, people with aspergers commonly look away when they are talking because eye contact can be extremely uncomfortable.

  19. magtuse13 says:

    people uses different technique to think. mine for example is scratching my head when im thinking. his is look ing to the right. it a very common thing, you prob do it yourself. you just dont know it.

  20. magtuse13 says:

    you think this is fake? people in this world actually have aspergers, even though they have a wide range of knowledge they can’t be a normal person. you making that comment is just insulting him

  21. jaydy11 says:

    And I’m a freak why….?

  22. rwtig says:

    @jaydy11: ure a freak, just like this kid. I want to punch both of you in the face

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