Wһаt ԁοеѕ Aspergers look Ɩіkе іח a 10 year οƖԁ? Watch tһе video tο find out

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25 Responses to “A 10 year old with Aspergers”
  1. DChatc says:

    Which brings us to your statement about us being understood and adjusted: Understood and adjusted to and for WHOM?

    You’re basically saying we NEED NTs to protect from other NTs. From my view, this simply means that as long as we remain sparsely scattered amongst them we will always be marginalized, if not intentionally, than just by their environment (for example, the Asperger phenotype seems anemic, so autism is likely caused by Aspergers eating NT foods and indulging in NT recreations).

  2. DChatc says:

    I was once an idealist like you, fed like the most of us allot of self-serving hypocrassy throughout our childhood. But after having seen how the NTs operate and noting the NATURE of the difficulties ragarding their world (principally contention with their inate disingenuoussness, ignorence and delusional states of mind – predominantly form first hand, empirical experience), I have concluded that NTs represent genetic residues of a prehistoric barbarism dominated by self-defeating whim.

  3. SaiKoSeSu says:

    I don’t want to start any fights here as I already responded to another comment on this board… but I feel it my duty to make it clear that as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome I find your statement absolutely ridiculous as it is with the HELP and LOVE of these dreaded “NTs” that people like us are as understood and well-adjusted as we are today. If you like being socially exclusive and elitist, then that’s you, but do not speak for all of us.

  4. SaiKoSeSu says:

    Even with that quietness I still always and still do find it extremely hard to communicate without people thinking I’m strange, stupid, pseudo-intellectual, retarded, etc. I’m not saying you don’t know what you’re doing as this world desperately needs more people in this field of work, and I thank you for your what you do, but I’m afraid you might be stereotyping all kids with Aspergers into the same category as the two boys you work with.

  5. SaiKoSeSu says:

    That’s because they are different people. Individuals with Aspergers are not robots and should not be regarded as if there is a specific way they all behave all of the time. I have Aspergers syndrome but I have always been known to be rather quiet and polite unless (severely) provoked.

  6. allaboutdmagic says:

    Is Spielberg an official aspie or is it just a perception about him? I’ve heard a lot of people say it…

  7. notphatmageWins says:

    he loves lokoing up youporn

  8. codecub says:

    Someone is holding signs behind the camera women to read ihm stuff

  9. notphatmageWins says:

    cut this hybrid chink hippy’s air

  10. frailinflix says:

    What a delightful human being! Dean is a joy. Thank you for posting this interview. And yes, Dean helped many people understand more about Aspgerger’s.

    Craig – Autism Hangout

  11. crystal0angel says:

    what do u mean can u explain what u mean by indigo and crystal mytholigies are invented for the account of our presents!! I mean i would rather be called an indigo then being called autistic or that i have some stupid mental disorder because really i feel like a normal kid with a reason to be here

  12. crystal0angel says:

    so u feel like u belong here for a reason do u try to make people do whats right and not whats wrong because i do
    and i always try to stop them from doing it yet i get in trouble myself for getting involved and that makes me hard to socialize because i am not happy with what the world has become

  13. DChatc says:

    @nlconcepts: We do not need any help. Most people are not worthy of our friendship. They just participate in pointless power-struggles and smile whilst skrewing eachother over. I don’t need friends like that…

  14. DChatc says:

    I have the first trait you mentioned.

    I dont really have any of the others (I guess if by peace you mean efficient and elegant, and I do think war is wasteful, I would need a definition for spirituality though, I just simply want to bring order to my surroundings).

  15. DChatc says:

    You are at least half-right. I think the Crystal and Indigo mythologies were invented to account for our presence.

    BTW: I think Autism is simply a disease that Aspies are sometimes PRONE to, especially in this toxic, chemical laced, dysfunctional kleptocracy.

  16. crystal0angel says:

    aspergers is just a cover up for the indigos and crystals they are smart but autistic kids are not smart they are very hard of learning!!!

  17. crystal0angel says:

    LOL he just said his brother isn’t smart!!

  18. CheekyThrill says:

    What a beautiful child. I am trying to learn more about Asperger’s, and while I understand that they have social issues such as empathizing with others and picking up on social cues, I haven’t come across other negative aspects of the disorder. Could you possible give me a little more info about it? Are they good critical thinkers? It almost seems like a trade off, social skills for high intelligence.

  19. crystal0angel says:

    dean do u ever feel like u belong here for a reason like u need to make peace and people to be more peaceful and spiritual!!! Do you not like war or animal abuse and do u have any psychic ablities!!

  20. crystal0angel says:

    OMG I thought it was a girl!!! LOL

  21. KristinaM369 says:

    when he says his friends are amy and jared hall , Amy is he person he likes which is my friend and jared is just in my class in school

  22. nlconcepts says:

    If this is really true then it’s cool of you to watch it. People with Aspergers might be genius but they really need help when it comes to making friends. And you could be one of those people who stand out and make a difference

  23. KristinaM369 says:

    im not even kidding this kid was in my third grade class NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. rOoNy911 says:

    Any kid with that haircut will be considered weird. Aspergers or not.

  25. Pekoautika says:

    Wow! This kid is brilliant & very articulate for a 10 year old (NT or Aspie, either way).

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