HBO аחԁ Tһе Autism Program οf Illinois (TAP) recently held tһе Chicago premiere οf tһе חеw HBO Films production, “Temple Grandin”, wһісһ depicts tһе life οf animal scientist аחԁ autism icon Temple Grandin. During tһе premiere, tһе TAP film crew һаԁ tһіѕ conversation wіtһ Dr. Grandin.

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25 Responses to “A Conversation with Temple Grandin”
  1. Billysrose71 says:

    The pink,

    Of course she’s ridiculously smart! People with Autism are above and beyond smart!

  2. syachk says:

    quite inspiring :)

  3. bAbyrii1 says:

    just finished her book “Thinking in Pictures” ..what an amazing woman! wonderful insight into how to teach people with autism life skills and socialization!! Thank you for sharing your story and giving people who work with autism a way into the mind of a person with autism.

  4. sonnycat20 says:

    What a great and wonderful woman!

  5. pein99g says:

    she is awsome

  6. symony12 says:

    She’s so smart and she’s autistic I’m impressed by her she’s awesome!! 5 stars!!

  7. Zingerola says:


  8. animekatie1 says:

    I’m glad I was taught well at a young age.
    People can’t even tell I’m autistic.

  9. Hobbyist56 says:

    she has really influenced me. I am retarded and I am proud now.

  10. ziziva says:

    excellent interview- good job- and her responses are brilliant

  11. maggieannmoffat says:

    Doesn’t this make you think you should never stereotype anyone?

  12. ikkimlil says:

    Very honoured to have heard her speak recently – her intellect is awesome! She gives such practical advice, and is such an inspiration to parents of autistic children. Hope she keeps going for many years to come!

  13. trigunfan93 says:

    I met Temple today! It was amazing! She’s really awesome. She signed a copy of her book I got

  14. hzleyez23 says:

    wow! what an inspiration

  15. caitlinjane92 says:

    My gosh, she’s AMAZING, and this is my first time learning about her. :)

  16. bolykiattila1 says:

    Dr. Grandin was one of my teachers at Colorado State University

  17. aderoplau says:

    Temple Grandin is a film you must see. Watch it for free at: quickfreemovie-.-com

  18. aderoplau says:

    Temple Grandin is a film you must see. Watch it for free at: quickfreemovie-.-com

  19. chalatime says:

    Great movie. See all the movies you like for free at: quickfreemovie(.)com

  20. kitcarsonpr says:

    I take my hat off to this young lady. A great cowgirl and a grear Animal Specialist with those cows. Thumbs up to Dr. Temple Grandin as the bravest lady in the whole world. May the HORSEPOWER be with you.

  21. MrJessesm says:

    I loved this movie and Claire Danes did an incredible job. I have worked with autistic children all over the spectrum and this is such a great story of what the human spirit can achieve.

  22. KevinFL says:

    I just watched the HBO film & I’m fascinated by her. Truly one of the great minds of our time.

  23. zookeeper2five says:

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! I wish the school board in FL where I live would listen to her. They think 2.5 hrs a day of preschool is fine for those with ASD when they are verbal.

  24. Eyelash85 says:

    Im a fan!

  25. marunoyami says:

    I’m completely inspired by Ms. Temple.. I have two loved ones with some form of Autism. My nephew has the classic autism, and he’s progressing beautifully. My fiancee has mild Aspeger’s.

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