Mу Daughter’s Journey

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25 Responses to “A Journey Through Autism/Asperger’s”
  1. albarnes79 says:

    Thank you for sharing, my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with SM (Selective Mutism) today but her doctor say it could be Asperger’s, I am in the process of getting her more help to further diagnose her, and to make sure she gets the right help!

  2. FannyFarty says:

    This video literally moved me to tears. Your daughter is beautiful, and she has made an incredible journey. You have every right to be a proud mum :)

  3. Magnez6 says:

    and i also grove away from it in the summer i got 13

  4. Magnez6 says:

    Any questions Feel free to ask for advice :)
    i like to get people out of it becouse i know how hard times are :s..

  5. Magnez6 says:

    And yeah your Dauther is rly Beutyfull

  6. Magnez6 says:

    and yeah never give up guees you got hard time my mother cryed every day becouse i was bad at rly many things matematiks and i was bad at everything and always got into problems but as i sayd never give up :) its hard to be a asperger so just help your child and let me tell you how i got out of my thins i reserched about it and improved worked hard on getting my things away (bad things) now i cant just not spell but i can remember rly good and analyse/observe and learn new things first time Isee

  7. Magnez6 says:

    im 14 and from denmark and got asperges my problem is spelling all other things ive grovn away from hope your children also do it (: i found out i got aspergers when i was 6 and undertod why people hated me andi didnt got any friends but then i reserched about it and improved thos things i was bad at but all isnt bad about aspergers they can grove away from there handicap but they will keep there good things my memory is good like my computer code is on 156 letters and numbers.

  8. mitch2498 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have an 11 year old son with Asperger’s and it is so comforting to hear about a success story and know that my family is not alone. Thank you!

  9. Nedearb1 says:

    Very moving and thanks for the hope. My two boys aged 8 and 3 both have Aspergers.

  10. maricopamommies says:

    moved to tears. i’m at the beginning of that same journey. thank you. amongst all the discouraging research I’ve been doing tonight- – this gives me hope.

  11. Arceuszilla says:

    I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 3. No one seems to realize or think that I have it. Your daughter seems very inspiring :)

  12. lancissi says:

    there are so many services out there that can help any child to overcome any challenge they might have!!! parents please ever give up do not let any one tell you that your child will never be a happy child! do not give up look for help your child will always thank you for that

  13. pappo527 says:

    u r daughter is beautiful and dontwory hats off for ur gutsss

  14. SimaOmar says:

    thank you so much for the hope…
    may God bless your daughter…

  15. AutisticsSurvive says:

    Great video in showing her growth. I am a mom with Aspergers and have two girls myself 10 with autism and 12 with Aspergers and it is a wonderful joy ride. To view mine search under AutisticsSurvive and enjoy.

  16. Piper227 says:

    This is a beutyful video. I have aspergers too and most people can’t tell with me any more except when I have my service dog with me.

  17. wendme says:

    i would really like to thank you for sharing this video , of your beautiful daughter, and this video gives me so much hope for my son who also has challnges, again thank you very much and god bless your family

  18. alopezcol says:

    I want to thank you for this testimony
    Yesterday We receive a pre-diagnosis on our daughter (5 yr old) and seeing this video I receive exactly the HOPE you talk…
    Thank you again and God bless you!

  19. sophiegromit says:

    Here I am, a grown man, and the tears are falling freely as I write this. Our beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and it has been bittersweet. She is truly our heart, and we adore and love her to no end. She will be going into preschool shortly after she turns 4, and we are seeing a child developmental psychologist. Thank you for your very moving video, and congratulations on raising a beautiful, wondrous daughter!

  20. amcooper81 says:

    nice video, its full of love and hope!! My boy age 4 was diagnosed with Aspergers yesterday!! He is my heart!!

  21. Anatolia2 says:

    Your daughter’s light shines powerfully! Thank you for this video.

  22. mybabyjacobmay19 says:

    wow gbu and your fam mad me cray

  23. ac9243 says:

    Thanks for getting back to me…you sure do have a beautiful daughter… my g-daughter is beautiful too, and looks ‘normal’ but still finds it hard in some situations and to be understood,,. she finds it hard to mix though she wants to but other girls think she is strangeWe never recieved any help from the school, she is now in secondary and its through her mother that she is a pleasant young lady What does the future hold as she gets older i dont know More support 4 the asperger child i say

  24. AmericanAspergers says:

    My daughter,(2yrs) is in occupational therapy, ” and is currently doing HBOT to see if it will help with the meltdowns and GI issues She is getting alot better , her mood is for once HAPPY! . In the beginning of you video, writing about how there was something “not right” really hit home. your video is very inspirational. I am married, and have a two year old, and I am dx with Asperger’s syndrome. Hugs! Kim

  25. Lis1198 says:

    Wow! What a beautiful young lady.

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