Aѕ a аח autistic sixteen year οƖԁ, I tһουɡһt Youtube deseves a look іחtο mе аחԁ tһе disease itself please rate аחԁ comment іf wουƖԁ kindly. Mozart sonata іח C major plays іח tһіѕ video.

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22 Responses to “A look into Autism: famous people with Autism”
  1. StitchPoop says:

    im a little bit autistic and all peeps i ever met, said me i can draw like a master of 47 years old! by the way, i totally agree with you! some people stay away from autists cuz they’re ‘freaks’.. but we all know thats not true.

  2. yanninoz says:

    Well said KP, I’m not autistic but my wife work with autistic kids & for the past 25 years she has done some research on Autism. She said the exact thing its a way of being.
    We have so much to learn from autistic people, unlike “normal people, autistic people dont lie!

  3. cvbnm2007 says:

    why they have no sympathy? If their loved ones passed away, will they cry hardly? Or feel nothing about this too? numbed people?

  4. sirhonestharry says:

    @Roostfreak its a great Observation. Autistism & down’s Syndrome do not make people super powered but it doesn’t make them “retarded”either. they just think differently. Good ways & bad. Everyone has the ability to be successful. blind, deaf, blind and deaf people have proved it.

  5. Roostfreak says:

    I bet anyone with autism can change the world in so many ways.I mean sir honest harry was only 10 when he learned that song.It seems impossible to me!!

  6. fezball1 says:

    i have autism, ive been put down rejected all my life by people,it only makes you want to fight harder. one day i will do something great and they wont be laughing no more.all people with autism, dont let people say you cant, cause you can.

  7. KPotatodorkK says:

    autism is not a disease. its a way of being. i dislike using the word disease to describe autism. autistic people have the most beautiful of minds

  8. SuperPoopaTroopa says:

    i was 12 years old when i was diagnosed with autism. oh crap!

  9. Adagiofication says:

    Where does everybody get’s their own list of who had disorders within the autism spectrum? What do you base this on? You can’t diagnos people that’ve been dead for a while, it’s only speculative, nothing more.

  10. rnbsteenstar says:

    Autism isn’t a disease but a genetic neurobiological disorder.

  11. BegumQ says:

    Very inspiring – Thank you for posting. I have two sons with autism. We love Mozart and Beethovan as well. My older can compute any number (as large as your want!!) multiplied and divided in his head-Just like a calculator and almost as fast : ) My youngest son loves to draw and is learning the violin. Maybe he will get the hang of it like you did with the piano : ) God Bless-

  12. jayive34 says:

    I am 18, diagnosed at 12. My life a living nightmare. I want to make friends, but my social akwardness gets in the way. Even worse when I am talking to a girl. The girl I like wanted to come at my house, and I declined because I was too shy! Thank for the encouraging video tough. I will start my own bisness, and I will be in these kind of video.

  13. LordDemonawk says:

    i am autistic. i am aspergers. iam 7 and my name is mackenzy. i like your movie. my mom showed me your movie. I love Pokemon. that was cool.

  14. LavenderRaven says:

    Wow…thank you for this!!!! This was extremely interesting, and I wish everyone could watch this so they would understand that the world isn’t really what people consider “normal”…there are many famous minds who help shape history, that were Autistic. Thank you, again! :)

  15. Jaybeegirl says:

    I’m in love with an aspie..BTW

  16. Jaybeegirl says:

    thank you for highlighting the beauty and gift of autism.

  17. Jaybeegirl says:

    1 out of 90!!!!

  18. josemanuelsalgado says:

    Hi, nice vid. Do you think a person with autism should be considered sick, or is just a different way to be? Something feels wrong about being labeling kids as sick, they are just a different variety of persons arent they? With pros and cons.

  19. chicky63021 says:

    Thank you for creating this video. I had no clue that there are so many famous people with autism. Great video!!!

  20. markedxonxheart says:

    heya great video im autisic too and its amzing how many famous people have it its so interesting to me!!

  21. dehdehderzz says:

    if you are interested in guitar you should check out buckethead who is also autistic. great vid btw

  22. luvebug21 says:

    You are welcome..Autistic is a word i havent heard that often wow i guess its good to have the ability to do things such as being a great poet a music composer or a great artist,oh i was thinking that if you like maybe you should post a video of yourself telling about your autism and what great benifits it has to you.:]

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