Bе Mу Friend www.myspace.com Visit Dr. Breeding’s Website аt www.wildestcolts.com Abουt Autism & Aspergers, Child Psychology Information Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. Child Psychologist аחԁ professor οf Psychology discusses autism spectrum disorder аחԁ Aspergers syndrome. Tһіѕ video wаѕ produced bу Psychetruth http www.myspace.com Copyright ©CAEST 2008. AƖƖ Rights Reserved. Tһіѕ video mау bе ԁіѕрƖауеԁ іח public, copied аחԁ redistributed fοr аחу strictly non-commercial υѕе іח іtѕ entire unedited form. Alteration οr commercial υѕе іѕ strictly prohibited. Distributed bу Tubemogul.

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25 Responses to “About Autism & Aspergers, Child Psychology Information”
  1. armshount says:

    Can you do a few videos on the history of psychiatry/psychology?

  2. RightfullyReticent says:

    Even though I do have Asperger’s, I would prefer to not take pills for it. I’d rather live with the symptoms than be placed on pills that would highten the possibility of my suffering from it’s “side-effects” and becoming disabled/sick out of that aspect. Asperger’s isn’t something that I’m proud to have, but I do admit that it has both pros and cons. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. And with that being said, I have simply come to the conclusion that Asperger’s is just a part of me.

  3. opait says:

    I actually started laughing when he said, “I’m not an expert” “I thought about it” “and I teach about it”

  4. planeboy737 says:

    Yes and I am one of those people who can talk.

  5. Nickolaz19 says:

    Man you are very washed up u know nothin about autism
    1. autism/asperger’s is not a disease
    2. u don’t really know what its like to have asperger’s I have asperger’s you don’t.
    3. u don’t know what the hell u talkin about thats why u had to buy a 50 dollar doctorates degree

  6. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    And one more thing.
    It is NOT a disease. Or a “So called disease”.

    It’s a neurological condition.
    Aids is a disease. The flu is a disease.
    Mental condtions are not contagious! Geeeez.

  7. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    Yeah but doctor’s don’t know it all, either. Especially when it comes to psychology.

  8. dizzymisslizzylane says:

    Attention everyon! The only people on youtube who talk well at all about aspergers or autism are the ones who HAVE IT!

    It’s very mis-understood. Please don’t take any neurotypical mind’s opinion of it as truth because it will not be accurate.

  9. TheFloodhater says:

    he doesn’t know what he is talking about at all. he’s not even a doctor in real life

  10. klutterkicker says:

    1.) Why do you not mention the possibility (well certainty, to whatever extent) of heightened diagnosis due to heightened recognition?

    2.) People are not naturally tolerant. if they don’t see mental illness, they see ornery and virulent.

    3.) Why are you before a green screen?

  11. riekje321 says:

    well, I’m not an expert….


  12. desq27 says:

    I’ve been researching Aspergers for about 3 1/2 hours and I know more than this guy. No wonder he only teaches at a community college. What a waste.

  13. Falconhawk123 says:

    Why does he keep calling it “So called”? It exist, so drop the so called part! If you don’t know anything, don’t talk, let some one else!

  14. Jackcreambun says:

    11:10 haha

  15. UniqueMJPT says:

    PLEASE check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  16. o0nbj0o says:


  17. LinuxPython says:

    I want to rip your beard off.
    It’s like some freakish, mutated squirrel has clung to your chin and wont’ get off. :B

  18. mini6794 says:

    he doesnt fucking know what hes talking about!!!

  19. krglongbourn says:

    I dont think he knows what he is talking about…………my only concern is that the eating of certain foods in the mother do have a effect on baby. but this dont just prattles and says nothing and mayo clinic has a great success with seizures, and fear of people is also, ask jenny mc carthy not this idoit also had a friend that had shock treament not good and this man shouldbe sent to a farm……..

  20. SAINTNIKE says:

    I have personally seen ect(electro-covulsant therapy) and I cant believe anyone would consider using this on autistic kids.
    anyone know any new ways of dealing with sensory issues?I am on waiting list for a 2nd round of occuaptional therapy for my son, just wondering if there are alternatives.

  21. LadyAngelaGray says:

    My tourette’s symptoms are classified by three rare character groups. These are Coprolalia, echolaila, and copopraxia….But! I still do pretty well and manage to stay fairly happy and successful.

  22. LadyAngelaGray says:

    But anyone would have a hard time paying attention to anything with the kinds of motor tics I have. So I don’t buy that I’m A.D.H.D…It’s just a can’t quit ticing long enough to pay attention thing. But I’m not on any meds for these. I take natural supplements and only 2 medications to help with my seizures. But I’m very smart. I have severe trouble in math, and social situations. But I’m very good at reading and writing.

  23. LadyAngelaGray says:

    I have a fairly severe form of Tourette’s Syndrome. It’s compounded with aspergers syndrome which is very rare. Some of the symptoms are Obsessive compulsive, Severe bipolar swings, and learning disabilities due to so called A.D.H.D…

  24. operation1enduring1b says:

    I am so sick of those ads showing up…. youtube sold out to a corporation, freaking buzz killington is here.

  25. Caesar86Nero says:

    don’t know
    he seem to be bit of

    but he looks like a person nice to me

    omg the last stuf
    the thing about there channel
    mind control? o_O’

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