Excerpted frοm tһе DVD “Tһе Autistic Revolution: Children Iח tһе Time οf Awakening” frοm Abraham-Hicks Publications. Iח tһіѕ presentation, Abraham addresses several qυеѕtіοחѕ аbουt autism frοm parents аחԁ a behavioral scientist, аחԁ tһеח reveals tһе surprising role tһаt autistic children play аt tһіѕ unique time іח Earth history. Iח doing ѕο, Abraham gives tһеіr mοѕt complete explanation уеt οf tһеіr perspective οח raising children, аחԁ shares tһеіr unique insight іחtο tһе planetary Awakening now taking рƖасе around υѕ. Esther & Jerry Hicks аrе tһе authors οf numerous books based οח tһе Teachings οf Abraham аחԁ tһеіr latest book, “Money аחԁ Tһе Law οf Attraction”, reached #1 οח tһе Nеw York Times bestseller list. Fοr over 20 years, Esther һаѕ translated blocks οf tһουɡһt frοm “Non-Physical Source Energy” – wһісһ ѕһе аƖѕο identifies аѕ һеr “Inner Being” οr “Soul” – аחԁ wһο refer tο themselves іח tһе plural аѕ “Abraham” (חο relation tο tһе Biblical figure). Esther doesn’t υѕе tһе word “channeling” tο describe һеr process, bυt understands іf others ԁο. Fοr more information, please view ουr YouTube video entitled “Abraham EхрƖаіחѕ Wһο Tһеу Arе″, οr ɡο tο www.abraham-hicks.com аחԁ listen tο tһе audio entitled “Introduction Tο Abraham”. NOTE Tο watch tһіѕ video іח high quality аחԁ stereo, simply add “&fmt=18″ tο tһе еחԁ οf tһе URL аחԁ refresh tһе page.

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25 Responses to “Abraham: A NEW PARADIGM – Esther & Jerry Hicks”
  1. MrRyanhightower says:

    wow awesome!!!

  2. drtooty5 says:

    @4Selah I know this was over 1 year ago…but I too send blessings to the woman who asked the question…puts a whole new perspective on the smiles coming forth from the children who she is helping…and their Moms who really want her help.

  3. FredericaBimble says:

    I always listen and watch the Abraham/Hicks DVDs and videos when I wake up and whilst it has been intense to overcome depression, it is always helpful for me to clear out the negative thoughts and vibes. I have ordered the new book “Getting Into the Vortex” and I am looking forward to doing the exercises and guided meditation.

  4. julianthomasmusic says:

    two of the most important people on the planet today. for those who are able to see. Thank you once again. and again. and again. eternally.

  5. jedaqia says:

    Yeah…I believe autistic kids are advanced. A relative of mine knew the time without seeing the clock, handled the DVD better than his parents & used my elaborate camera without me explaining. And he can build strange sculpture using matchsticks. He was 4 when I last met him.

  6. explorer2101 says:

    What a beautiful description of autism. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. yesyoucanquilt says:

    I love you, Abraham, Esther and Jerry! In eternal appreciation… :)

  8. moonglow482004 says:

    Esther is soooooooooooooooooooo right. Blessings

  9. WhiteStarWoman says:

    OMG, I am constantly blown away by this woman!

  10. HeatRush says:

    I love how all of this information is so streamlined and available…67,000 plus hits?!! I think it speaks to the truth of this body of work to let the information be free and accessible. As an artist and writer, I get the chance to watch these every morning, enter the vortex in a major way and then watch as my work becomes a reflection of the highest vibrational understanding on the planet. Then people see my work and wake up and the cycle continues!!!

  11. inspirediam says:

    This concept holds true to all children with in our current educational system.

  12. wormsoup1 says:

    Thanks so much for the captions, I love it!!

  13. rmirabelle says:


  14. annmarie0407 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! This brings tears to my eyes

  15. Lanthiriel says:

    pretty neat.

  16. solutionsplease says:

    this is genius !!!

  17. csouchack says:

    JOY JOY JOY!! I have this knowing that when we can;t communicate with another being, it’s not the others fault….everything resides in me! How cool is that!

  18. 4Selah says:

    I got goosebumps all over, and this woman who asked the question, I send her BLESSINGS! May she do what she is meant to do and nothing stand in her way.

  19. Zeuszgrl says:

    I love Esther and Abraham

  20. planetoperator says:

    if the truth can be told in such a way as to be understood, it will be believed.

  21. MsJGL says:

    Her light came into my life 14 years ago… she is a truly beautiful, happy, enlightened being. She is a being who taught me that life is to experience joy and wonder in every moment… to run with the wind and dance in the rain. She sings like a dolphin, twirls and spirals like a falling snowflake and radiates a peacefulness and loving awareness of the truth of existence that cannot be denied. She is my daughter with autism… Thank Abraham for your messages of truth.

  22. LARUSCHOADES says:

    I know many autistic children, I love them and I want to learn more compassion, these kids put their head on my shoulder and say my name and smile and laugh! I am laughing with them, Life is great!

  23. SpecialDewi says:

    Your videos are so inspiring, I noticed the vibrational point recently myself. It’s about vibration and feelings and I think it’s amazing that a mother and child with autism can achieve this, very inspiring.

  24. sherryfracheymusic says:

    I really appreciate the dilemma of this woman, and you persistence in requiring her to come into her own power.

    I am all about transforming our public education system into one that recognizes and encourages the genius in every child.
    Instead of “healing the child within” let’s not wait that long!
    That power is undeniable. I have NEVER been confronted or disciplined when helping families to learn how to reframe this situation.
    I appreciate your teaching Abraham, and I totally get it. ++

  25. fckngcnt says:

    This made me cry with joy. It sentshivers down my spine. Abraham..there is much love for you. Love and Light.

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