(3.4) Adam reveals tһаt һе һаѕ Asperger Syndrome. HOLY MACKERAL! OVER 1000 HITS!

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25 Responses to “Adam has Aspergers”
  1. oneseeker2 says:

    hey adam
    what a cutie
    I hope there is more to come with
    future videos

  2. FurriDragonz says:

    keep doing vids! u are great!

  3. AccessorizeAlways says:

    anyway, you seem like a really fun and funny kid adam. I subscribed

  4. AccessorizeAlways says:

    also i thought i had social anxiety but i found out that even when relaxed…i just can’t do the open social thing. I don’t know how to pull a convo out of my butt. There has to be an interest of mine for me to do that unless i am totally comfortable with someone. When im with a stranger i’m just like “duh” unless it’s something i am interested in.

  5. AccessorizeAlways says:

    But her brother would always end up coming up to me and talking to me when usually he isolated himself in his room with his computer. For some reason he would talk to me and not her other friends. He would isolate himself a lot like i would and just a lot of things he would do reminded me of me.

  6. AccessorizeAlways says:

    I’m 30 now….and i am just now really thinking I have it. The first time i ever thought about it was years ago when my old best friend ‘s brother got diagnosed with it. Well I was diagnosed as bipolar, and he of course has issues like me and I though hmmm, just maybe I have that. But then I put the idea down for awhile. But since then I’ve been reading more and more about it and now i’m almost positive. He was originally thought to have add.

  7. AccessorizeAlways says:

    that described*

  8. AccessorizeAlways says:

    I’m almost sure i have aspergers but the funny thing is…..I wasn’t exactly like some of these kids describe how they were or how they are i mean. I had all the social problems but I kept my meltdowns at home. I cried at school sometimes but oh and i would also tell on people for “sticking their tongue out at me ” when i was in elementary school. lol But the adults i really relate to, and everything i read on it, at least 95% is me.

  9. AccessorizeAlways says:

    lol @ so hacking awesome

  10. majcherek128 says:

    I’m very sorry too (and you are not the only one ;) ).
    What I really tried to say was, asperger’s is not kanners (classic autism).

    And as I said in my first response to Metastate12: “Aspergers is a milder form of autism.”

    Today I wouldn’t say milder, but more like higher functioning.

    Again I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding, and thank you for answering back, at least. (Most people offend and never mentions why).

    May the force be with you (or something like that :P )

  11. DanMia19961 says:

    I’m sorry Majcherek128 for that. I get edgy when people say Aspergers is not a real form of Autism. I have it :)

  12. DanMia19961 says:

    @Metastate12 and 79097 I apologize for that comment I made towards Metastate12 and 78097, I wasn’t looking at the topic of the situation :(

  13. DanMia19961 says:

    Tell me how grgregfth makes sense!!! Actually comment ABOUT the video not what comes straight to your mind

  14. DanMia19961 says:



  15. yamanmustafa says:

    I found out last year. I’m 24 now and was told by someone who works with children across the autism spectrum.

  16. gklue says:

    my boyfriend didn’t know he had aspergers until he was in high school…I am glad this kid knew earlier. he seems like a cool kid :)

  17. Supersmooth007 says:

    Informative to see how a child describes Asperger’s as I have it. It is a hidden disability but also an Ability! I have trouble keeping friends and developing relationships with others! I also find different social situations confusing. Perhaps the simplest way of understanding asperger’s is to think of it as describing someone to thinks and percieves about the world differently to others. Aspies are unique! We need structure, routine, regularity & reasurance in order to to feel overwhelmed!

  18. toyy7675 says:

    Uh…what?Could you repeat that, like in some other way?

  19. AnElephantThatPaints says:

    It feels so good to talk about aspergers after you realize you have it. Sometimes it even becomes a special interest. The more you know about it, they better you will become at living with it.The ultimate treatment you can give yourself is acceptance.

  20. AnElephantThatPaints says:

    If children can prove to their parents that they know how to use the internet responsibility, it should be a privilege.

  21. Marlbo23 says:

    your such a cool, sweet kid.

  22. majcherek128 says:

    I don’t get why you are angry at me. Can you maybe clarify?

    It wasn’t my intention to hurt or offend anyone, and if I did, I’m very sorry.

  23. NJN0000 says:

    How the hell am I a troller ?

  24. dalektaliban says:

    its only a disability by law, mussolini justified invading the colonies of abysinnia by saying that the african people were not proper human beings, it doesnt make him right

  25. mels8780 says:

    what? it didnt work for you? i didnt even explain it thoroughly..,…sorry.

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