A chilling case study οf institutional arrogance, power аחԁ greed prisonplanet.tv

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25 Responses to “Alex Jones Tv: The Cover up Regarding Vaccines and Autism!”
  1. Drumvain says:

    @lukewhoa That’s a great movie, I just watched The Future of Food, covers monsanto pretty in depth. Also Food Inc. is a very revealing documentary. Very disturbing information all of it. The solution is a tough one, because they dont want their crap labeled. Makes it hard to vote with your dollar. This illustrates the need for self sufficiency.

  2. lukewhoa says:

    @Drumvain Damn right. Check out a documentary called “Food Matters”. This tells you about the toxicology and how having a nutritious diet while also taking an assortment of vitamins will right the body itself.

  3. hungarylnnjsd says:

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  4. rottlerz says:

    Someone do a study on this! Just go toanother country where vachines are not mandatory. Take 300 pregnant women and have 150 of those women take vachines and ask wheather or not they want to take vachines until you get a split number thats even. Then wait about three years and I bet you will have about 5 kids with autism out f the kids who got vachines and the kids who did not get vachines wont have autism. Thats all we have to do to put a stop to this!

  5. jaguarclaw says:

    Its actually Gordon Brown of Scotland.

  6. Scanman22 says:

    Capitalism with NO corporations is the way to go! Corporations are the ones that are greedy, manipulationg, scheming, corrupting, and evil. Normal capitalism among the working class is just about people trying to make their way in life to support their families and such. We need to stop the corporate entities that are satanic and evil in nature!

  7. 50calsyndicate says:

    i totally agree. i believe that capitalism in itself is now outdated. with the system we have greed and corruption will always be a factor. i recently had a revelation. we have the technology for everything to be free. this would end corporate enslavement, pointless jobs, poverty, famine, pollution, theft, and greed. currently we are all working against each other for the profit of the man. if we evolve as a civilization and work together for the benefit of all, the possibilities are limitless.

  8. onesliceshort says:

    Flight11 and Flight175 could NOT fly at cruise speed at sea-level.
    Don´t let debunkers ever brush off this argument again.
    Please watch and spread.


  9. Bernd1964 says:

    The very structure of society is corrupt today. This is a result of age old civilizational processes. I think even if we could clean society from current corrupt elites and start a new rather unspoiled society, we would end up at a similarly corrupt system again. The human mind is irrational to a large extend and will create unfair social practices again and again. To avoid misguided fraudulent political systems we must keep them comprehensive and understandable. We need a less complex society.

  10. xxxxdarksidexxxx says:

    can you prove it rather then just say it?

    or is this just another flamer

  11. ewj9961 says:

    Alex Jones is a b.s. artist and a liar.

  12. Roxxoxo says:

    Eggs, caterpillar eggs, baby retinas, monkey kidneys, dog kidneys,…DISGUSTING!!!

  13. escobari says:

    this is my house!

  14. thepeacecat says:

    detox your body with chlorella or apple pectin powder.

  15. RideWitChrist says:

    True Drumvain I went to the doctor yesterday cuz I had congestion problems with drainage and asthma which i only get this once a year and I talked to her about this stuff you just said and she said yes it works but you have to do it every day and for a long time im assuming 6 months to a year before till your body’s immune system is boosted.

  16. Drumvain says:

    Vaccines are totally unnecessary. Vitamin D3, C,
    A good multi vitamin some good nano silver, and A healty diet will build your immune system up.

  17. Drumvain says:

    Not necessarly, these are soft kill injections. There not meant to hurt you out of the gate. There are many examples of people getting very sick or disabled for life from just one shot. I would start A serious detox program, and hope to god you dont have an immune response. If you do have A reaction one things for sure, they aint paying for shit!!

  18. Drumvain says:

    How dare you have an upsidedown flag on your avitar! ….Awesome!
    Thats the difference between A talking point and A fact. They put the talking point out there that it’s only crazy people who dont want their poisonious
    injections. Fuck them and their bullshit.

  19. Michelle31015 says:

    Great video

  20. walidlove7 says:

    lol i did the vaccine :S am i gona to die ??

  21. UtoobIsNWO says:


    you nailed it

  22. frickadele says:

    The bad news:They want us dead ..

    .but they want us sick before we die…

    so that they can Try and get Most of our money by stupidly using their junk…

    then our heirs will ultimately inherit diddly squat.

    The Good News Is: Stay healthy…

    by reading all the labels on everything you ingest.

    Tell all your friends and loved ones and Strangers Everything You Know.,

    Don’t take any shots and for cripst sake…
    don’t listen to nwo programs.

  23. DuralastTurbo says:

    & the whites who R not busy annihilating their own offspring W/poison vaccines do it W/junk food & pills! =) Whites have no will 2 live. Let them die – what a freak show.

  24. robertmike57 says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with asperger’s and theres no way it hell it was caused by vaccines. Alex Jones is a conspiracy whack job

  25. Djelomou says:

    Well I checked and you find all sort of studies and info saying one thing and the other…meanwhile I have tough choices to make for my daughter’s health…

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