Paul Joseph Watson Monday, October 5, 2009 Cases οf autism amongst children һаνе doubled ѕіחсе 2003 according tο a government survey out today, highlighting once again tһе direct link between vaccines containing mercury аחԁ tһе brain disorder, аѕ millions more parents give tһе green light fοr tһеіr kids tο bе injected wіtһ tһе thimerosal-containing H1N1 shot over tһе coming weeks. WһіƖе research һаѕ suggested tһаt tһе prevalence οf autism spectrum disorders іח American children wаѕ аbουt 1 οf еνеrу 150 children, a חеw government study estimates tһаt tһе prevalence іѕ more ƖіkеƖу аbουt 1 іח еνеrу 91 children, reports US News & World Report. Tһе study, wһісһ іѕ published іח tһе October issue οf Pediatrics, estimated tһаt 110 οf еνеrу 10000 US youngsters wіƖƖ bе diagnosed аt ѕοmе point іח tһеіr lives wіtһ аח autism spectrum disorder. Tһаt currently translates tο аbουt 673000 American children wіtһ ѕοmе form οf autism, according tο tһе study.

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26 Responses to “Alex Jones Tv:Autism Explodes As Childhood Vaccines Increase!!”
  1. kgaccount says:

    Autism is being overdiagnosed to the point of insanity…I bring this point to light in a light way in my video on you tube called ‘autism spectrum seems out of control.” I am the mother of a severely autistic child and it is scary how far we’ve gone from the true meaningn of autism to what now includes everybody and their grandma…

  2. bfess says:

    see the movie, Idiocracy. It’s pretty good picture of how stupid people are now

  3. eier says:

    those kids weren’t being loud because they were autistic; they’re loud because they’re stupid kids whos parents are afraid or unwilling to discipline them. this connection between autism and vaccinations is bogus!

  4. galilaya42 says:

    if you want info from docs on this issue check out
    Dr. Mercola’s website. I use him for a lot of health advise and he explains what vaxs do and the potential dangers. Also has a Safer schedule if you chose to vax and what type of vax to ask for. This is your child, your choice. You are your childs voice. also try NVIC loads of good info and generation rescue which is more about autism but has good info

  5. galilaya42 says:

    You do not have to give your children ANY vax.Your doc will have you sign a waiver and try and make you feel like a bad mom but if thats what you decide, hold your ground. I have 4 kids and started by vaccinating, the ones that are have learning disability, ADD, over all poor health. the one I did not vax has none of those issues and has never even been on an antibiotic at 10. Same among my friends who don’t vax compared to ones who do.I feel the risk of so many vax does not out weigh benefit.

  6. 2kthig says:

    Thanks a lot. One more question. What about booster shots for infants and toddlers, can children become exempt from those shots too?

  7. galilaya42 says:

    “Can citizens refuse the vaccines and still go to public school.”

    Yes, EVERY state has an exemption policy. Most are either medical or religious. my sons elementary school provided me with form. at the H.S. I just write a note every year that I object to them on religious grounds. You MUST find out and follow your states guidelines to prevent prosecution. It is a lie we are told that kids CANT go w/o vax. any more questions message me

  8. deusmihifortis says:

    I understand you Alex, how I understand! and I know how we need to relax, I know. and I’m sick too.

  9. VaccinationAwareness says:

    Diane Harper, she didn’t say it will kill you, Gardasil, but yeah it is bad and I’m proving that bit by bit.

    Cheers for this.

  10. 2kthig says:

    Can citizens refuse the vaccines and still go to public school. I know its the vaccines!!! Tell it Alex!!!

  11. dconrad000 says:

    Go to my channel and see a recent, extremely hard hitting interview on the absolute fraud and danger of vaccines — and about a simple tool to viralize the truth about vaccines. The more people that know the truth, the harder it will be to force these vaccines on those of us that would rather put our trust in God, eating right, our own immune systems, natural remedies, faith & prayer — rather than on Big Pharma and their veritable witches brews.

  12. myselfrevealed says:

    were did I say anywhere, that autism is a case that needs curing?????
    Where…..point it out….your I.Q should make this an easy question….shouldn’t it!

  13. BenedictC says:

    wow… you’re definetly delusioned. Aspergers is the evolved race (end of) and without aspergers you wouldn’t be able to post about this on the internet today. How does an IQ of 160 sound, well I can tell you now that you’re IQ is about half of mine for believing autism in ALL cases needs curing and that vaccines are the only cause of autism.

  14. myselfrevealed says:

    you said it yourself , your autism leaves you lacking in abilities to read what other people are feeling. How can that be revolutionaire’??

    And having a swipe at the amish only shows the lenght and breath of your own wisdom…..yes autistic people do have many talents, just like you would have had you not been autistic…the problem you have got, is socially intigrating your talents, I understand you’ll want to think of yourself as special and you are under god….

  15. elelisrael says:

    eugenics we poisening your water hell yheaa!!!

  16. yungbert1811 says:

    holy shit swine flu in my city is gettin worse and i see them giving it to people in mexico through there nose they are really spreading this shit noone seems to care but wait for this flu season and then we will see wat it has done

  17. BenedictC says:

    Well… i’m diagnosed with HFA. Autism affects me in multiple ways, including: My indipendance skills are lacking, my ability to understand what people are feeling, my social skills are low. Also I do have talents though, just check out the music i make.
    Autism may seem to be in need of a cure but almost all the HFA population do not want this as in my opinion and others, we are the evolved race . Anyone who’s a parent should look at the autistic traits they have and rralise its not jabs.

  18. amerikhan7 says:

    Check out Alex Jones go INSANE and beat his Autistic children!! REMIX OF THIS VID!! watch?v=EwK1YfudpYI

  19. corhanem says:

    Yeah I know :|
    That doctor retired shortly after my son was changed. I am refusing any and all future shots for all of my children. I have one who wants to go to Milton Hershey, but they require all students to get all shots, including the HPV vaccine. I’m calling today to see about the exemption form, but they are not a public school.

  20. myselfrevealed says:

    ok you say you have autism, describe your effects/symptoms???

  21. electrostatic1 says:

    Why the hell you think you know more that Johns Hopkins, or than the people who absolutely DO NOT HAVE Asperger’s, who were diagnosed as “autistic” after reactions to vaccines is beyond me.

  22. electrostatic1 says:

    Asperger’s is not the same as sudden onset autism as is being described in this video. IIRC it is largely genetic. That is NOT what vaccine allergies cause.Subsets of populations without vaccines show a marked decline in that type of autism, regardless of diet.

  23. robertmike57 says:

    As someone who has been diagnosed as with Asperger’s , you’re full of shit. I also predate MMR vaccines, got all those illnesses at age 5 too, not fun, good for missing 3 weeks of school.

    Feingold diet could be used for treating autism, instead of the crap fat/syrup junk peddled now. Bad food and too much food accounts for the rise in autism, but its not the onnly cause.

  24. electrostatic1 says:

    It has even been admitted by a researcher at Johns Hopkins. If you want to find out more, look at my last post.

  25. lucylou314 says:

    Thats because YOU have never had a child affected and infected by these horrible vaccines! What a selfish jerk you are to pretend you know. The documentation exists with the parents of the kids affected but the medical establishment and the government bury the evidence and hide the truth! You are uninformed and ignorant.

  26. Mickey says:

    Alex Jones is one of the few ways to find any true facts in a world filled with BS!

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