Alex talks аbουt Aspergers, tһе highs, tһе lows, аחԁ һοw tο overcome disability/adversity.

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22 Responses to “Alex Juno – My Life with Aspergers (Part 2)”
  1. jugarnaut40 says:

    well it definatly seems that way.

  2. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    I’m noticing in general that HF Aspies have a LOT in common. :)

  3. jugarnaut40 says:

    mabye the sense of mixed smells and tastes happen in people with high functioning senses, as in AS people.

  4. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    I did, but a lot of the information was on colors and smell, numbers and colors and smell and stuff like that.

    It’s funny you mentioned paper. I absolutely hate it.

  5. jugarnaut40 says:

    i do that a lot, i will be eating something and say “this tasts like “insert food here” smells” and vise versa. i also hate the feeling of dry hands on paper or smooth fabricks, and i also hate the feeling of loation which is kind of a bad loop hole. but look up synesthesia and you might find out some things about mixng senses.

  6. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    OMG are you serious?! XD I tell people I can taste things that I smell. Well, scientist do say when you smell things, you’re tasting it, but why does dog food smell so good but taste nasty? LOL That’s funny cause I’ll be eating something and I’ll say something like, “This tastes like the way a dog smells”. I HATE dry hands, sticky hands, CHALK on my hands, stuff mostly in my hands drives me nuts!

  7. jugarnaut40 says:

    yeah, i have a really strong sense of smell to, i smell things from a good distance, but i also taste what i smell to, dont know if its some form of synesthesia. and i also hate touching things like paper, towels, and i HATE the feel of jeans so i wear shorts all year round, even during winter. people call me crazy but i dont care, i think they are crazy for liking jeans so damn much.

  8. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Haha, that’s my third bad sensory. First it’s sound, then touch, light touch hurts, especially rubbing my body. Third is lights, but it’s not constant. My light sensitivity comes and go. As far as my taste and smell go, that’s the GOOD one. I can smell things far far away and just love cooking and eating, haha. Thank God for that.

  9. jugarnaut40 says:

    i HATE! little kids, i just find them to be so damn anoying. but i have problems with bright lights and smells (my mom gets mad because i turn the house into a “cave”, i like to shut all the shades and turn off all the lights, as bright lights give me headaches) although i do have some problems with loud noise to. so i just avoid people as much as i can (accept the people which i look at as “normal”, which is a very small amount of people)

  10. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    OMG I feel the same way as seeing them weird. Do you get paranoid by people a lot too? I can’t stand kids either, yet play like one. All the screaming and laughing drives me nuts. My BAD sensory problem is my ears, they cause me meltdowns, I absolutely hate it. Give me earplugs, I’m fine however. I’m absolutely wonderful in a room alone, or even out in a field looking for bugs, XD. I don’t know about other autistics, but I scream and throw fits because I’m annoyed/angry most of the time, NTs…

  11. jugarnaut40 says:

    i hate socialising, not that a cant (although im definatly not to good at it) but i just dont see the need for it. besides, i always saw most people the same way they probly saw me, “wierd”. at least my xbox doesnt call me names, lol.

  12. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    It’s NT’s that see us as a disability. All because we CAN’t or sometimes just DON’T want to socialize. That’s our MAIN “problem”, heh.

  13. Hyperdude0123456 says:

    You have pure talent, and im glad ur one of those people who thinks positive about your aspergers…. I have a friend who has it or in other words, autism and she doesnt like it one bit and im trying to get her to accept the way she is =]

  14. McPfoot says:

    It’s very frustrating :(

  15. nancyrellaallegro says:

    Whoot! Super mario theme at 2:00!

  16. kath5ft2 says:

    yes Jugarnaut40. very smart and hard to teach when they have a different way of learning. As, a parent you have to explain to the teachers Aspergers. Frusterating.

  17. NumberZeroZeroSix says:

    It is my understanding that the part of the brain that processes music and geometry/spacial analysis problems is the same. Musical patterns are audio versions of visual problems.

    Attempting to strike the correct buttons on a cell phone is impossible for me even though I know where they are. A standard typewriter key board is as small as I can go.

    I have a military field telephone for my desk designed to have easy to hit buttons without looking like a wimpy old persons or handycaped phone.

  18. elmosexwhistle says:

    i think the shoe tieing thing was more a visual/logic problem for my brain, i could never remember which bit went where….i had the same problem telling the time, these things seemed alien to me and took alot of practice…musical instruments, on the other hand, were always very easy for me to play…especially string and percussion instruments.x

  19. mrsbrispark says:

    Alex =- You have given me hope for my Aspie 12 yr old

    Thank you

  20. NumberZeroZeroSix says:

    I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 50.

    Apparently, you can play a piano. Many, including myself, have dexterity problems. In 7th Grade my class was taught to play Ukuleles. I was told if I couldn’t play a Ukulele, I couldn’t play any instrument. If one has problems tying their shoes, then string and keyboards may not be one’s thing.

  21. jugarnaut40 says:

    AS is less of a dissability and more of an ability in my opinion

  22. Godsbane says:

    Just brilliant, has just as much good stuff as part 1!

    I can only hope that all kids who get their diagnosis of AS manage to find this video. I think it will help a lot!

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