Tһіѕ іѕ mе reading “AƖƖ cat’s һаνе Aspeger Syndrome”. Please Rate 5 Stars Comment аחԁ Subscribe. I know I саח′t read well.

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25 Responses to “All cat’s have Asperger Syndrome”
  1. ireadtabloids says:

    Hey mate. Great video!
    I wish this book was around when I was younger. Its wonderful :)
    I love the bit that says “sometimes his relatives think they could bring him up better than his parents can”. My sister’s 10 years older than me and she’s like that!

  2. BrainDeadIntellect says:

    An amazing book that makes a scary thing for kids not as awful to learn about. Kids love cats. I’m showing it to my sister who is an aspie to help her understand in a way that isn’t saying she has no social skills and will grow up being bullied. It’s a fantastic book.

  3. rainydz74 says:

    You did a wonderful job! Thank you for introducing me to this book! :)

  4. AWriterOfSorts says:

    This book is absolutely coveted in my family for I have a brother with Aspergers and I myself also have signs of it. We are a cat family, so this is like our second Bible. <3 It’s absolutely precious and thank you for reading it for us.

  5. ZoeyK86 says:

    All dogs have ADD! Mine do!

  6. jackson593 says:

    getting a copy

  7. bracdude181 says:

    I borrowed this book from my local libray

  8. Mssilverfur9 says:

    Thank you for reading this. I have Aspergers and so does my daughter. I shared it with all my Aspie online friends so they could see it too!

  9. theplock99 says:

    I love this book. It made me cry. It also showed me what asperger is. Witch I have asperger syndrome

  10. videoholic24 says:

    TY i love this book it helped me to identify my self with aspergers, i need this for my assignment but didnt own i and thanks to you i got it finished :)

  11. videoholic24 says:

    Thank you for this, i not long ago discovered i had aspergers i am 19, and for all my life ive been poked and prodded by doctors to find out whats “wrong” with me, and it turn out to be the one thing they refused to test me for :( my mentor showed me this book as he has aspergers to, with a son who also has it. i didnt cope very well with finding out, and broke down thanks to this book i was able to see so much of my self and i guess it helped me come to terms that THIS IS ME.

  12. january7797 says:

    Thank you so much for reading this book to us. You did a great job. I’ve always thought my cats had AS. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. :)

    And shame on you people for using this little boys video to curse at each other.

  13. dharmawaxman says:

    Thanks to this boy for reading this book to us! My son has AS and this book put a smile on our face and will help me explain to a 7 year old what it is as well

  14. ASDspecialist says:

    I think this is a great book for kids with Aspergers. I review this book on my channel.

  15. novemberarawin says:

    Thanks for this!! When my son is a bit older I will show him this and he can listen to you reading it and he will understand himself more :) Thankyou :)

  16. Ilovecats112233 says:

    I like to eat croissants and pain au chocolat every morning for breakfast at college, and will usually be thinking about my stomach at that time: “It must be nearly time for breakfast!” I find it very difficult to move on – people coming and going, leaving school, college etc. I’m very possessive of my territory – my bedroom – and intensely dislike having to share it with my sister to the point of finding my parents selfish for putting more people in the house than bedrooms.

  17. Ilovecats112233 says:

    There is the same negative stereotype about cats and Aspies that they are all selfish, aloof and arrogant. Many Aspies and cats will have difficulty adapting to changes such as furniture being moved around, a seating plan or working in a different classroom, moving to a new home, school or workplace. They may also have very sharp vision, hearing or smell. Being fussy eaters was also mentioned in this book.

  18. BeastmanAiDz says:

    Thank you for the upload. I have been looking for this book and its been in use everywhere i look.
    Saved my day for a university assignment.

  19. veryfuck says:

    woooow you are a teacher and you tell me autism is a desease!? omg.
    just listen to me my friend, go do some research in psychology. (emotional inteligence and mind control) go find some good documentary’s about government cover-up’s and corupt politics and company’s.
    read some books and come back to me in 2 years.
    you will then understand and agree that this video is pure propaganda played on the precious tiny minds of our children to make money out of them and keep us dumb.

  20. jncutie80 says:

    I have heard of this book before, but have never had a chance to read it. Thank you so much for reading it. You did a great job. And for all those people that think AS doesn’t exist, as a teacher I can tell you that there is a big difference between children that are undersocialized and those with AS.

  21. jncutie80 says:

    Asberger’s is a type of Autism, it is in that spectrum. Really, before anyone discounts a disease you should know about it. I don’t have AS or Autism, I am a teacher, and there is a difference between children that are not socialized correctly and children with AS.

  22. deadpoetoftheyear says:

    Thanx for reading. I’ve been curious about the book.

    You read better than me and you will probably improve. I’m an adult with AS and I can’t read aloud very well. :)

  23. younghippo says:

    Asperger’s does not exist. you’re undersocialized or high functioning autistic, pick one

  24. bubblecham says:

    I work in France with aspies and bought this book and translated it for my patients, they love it! Your reading is lovely and very moving, thanks!!!!

  25. pianodude12367 says:

    oh soz, shud hav been more specific

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