A 5-year-οƖԁ boy wіtһ autism, chased around wіtһ a video camera tο capture ѕοmе οf tһе things һе writes. (Quinn thinks tһіѕ video іѕ *hilarious* — һаѕ mе play tһе Pixar scene over аחԁ over fοr һіm.)

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25 Responses to “Amazing Autistic Mind: The Kid is All-Write”
  1. Momof2boyz64 says:

    Does Quinn use any assistive technology devices to communicate? I have a student in the summer who has incredible language skills, but is non verbal, and we have given him an alpha talker. He converses with us through that! It has helped us and his family to understand his wants, needs and feelings. What a lucky young man to have such a caring Mom. I work in special education, and this is not always the norm. Love shines in this child’s bright eyes! Amazing job you are doing there Mom!

  2. zachchristiansen says:

    he looks like an awesome kid! there is an autistic kid that goes to my church, and he is one of the sweetest kids i know. and you seem like an amazing parent, so keep it up!

  3. RomeeSayuri says:

    my brother has autism. he’s amazing with numbers in a family which is better at words and language.
    but he’s not able to socialize.

  4. LexiixoxRoxx says:

    Your boy has really good handwriting! I wrote like shizzle when I was five! I still kinda do. =] Cute, very cute!

  5. Kersplattt says:

    It’s not like that, he’s just wired differently than us, I suppose he is prone to sucess and excess in that particular subject

  6. gogreeneyes says:

    Awesome kid

  7. GlutathioneExpert says:

    Your editing is definitely not lousy. I love your videos and I hope you will make more soon. We need an update!

    Quinn is awesome! What a cute boy!

  8. geraldinemorrow says:

    Check out Alex Juno, a gifted pianist, talking positively about his Asperger Diagnosis

  9. goddessbluebaby says:

    hes very very smart!!!!!!!!!amzing..i wish my little one could do this.

  10. sofinakhan says:

    I have a wonderful 7 year old autistic son. He’s amazing just like yours. Hard work but they all are and they’re worth the hard work. They’re all amazing. He’ll do well in life with your great support. Well done!

  11. BuckandChell says:

    He’s Devine, I have a nephew with Autism and he also amazes me……they are very special people, that we can learn from

  12. Decoda2sweet says:

    I really do not understand…If autism is such a “bad” or weird thing…Why does Quinn seem so amazing and brilliant?… I need to learn more about autism

  13. thevisualboy37 says:

    and remember: I, your brother, have AS (and you said I keep thing interesting)

  14. sandrilene23 says:

    “And we’re lucky to have people in our lives who aren’t completely typical–keeps things interesting.”
    So true! Thank you for posting this.

  15. JKayeCD says:

    He’s wonderful! I have two autistic grandsons, each with their own unique abilities. They never seize to amaze us, huh. Love them all!!!!

  16. chocherita71 says:

    I have a 6 year old, who has autism. Like you I cried, got really depressed and blamed myself. There are terrible things that can happen to a child, but autism is not one of them. Keep looking for information, get educated in autism and most importantly: always ask the expert your son”.
    Good luck..you are gonna be ok

  17. gnayuo says:

    omg i hav tht same captain underpants book!! since i was in elementary. you got good taste.

  18. Lostkiwi123 says:

    If this is true, I wish you my prayers and support. Even though your son may have autism, he will always be your son and you should love him with that in mind. I wish you all the best

  19. kcmom2003 says:

    my youngest who is 3 1/2 has been writing for some time now and can read up to 35 sight words so far. He is not autistic but he does have a great memory for things. And he holds the pencil just like your son.

  20. annamorral says:

    Wow… it’s amazing!!! Is he a Savant?

  21. bmmartinfan4life says:

    wow what a fantastic video. please put more videos like this one up on this site.

  22. tinathor9 says:

    my son caleb is 6 and has autism mild to mordert. He writes just like your son. hes been wrioting like that snice he was 3. everything he sees and all words he comes in contact with through the day.your son is the first child i saw with this gift other than my son.

  23. vromines says:

    He’s got better spelling and handwriting in half the kids I know and i’m in sixth grade

  24. awesometaculartastic says:

    WOW!HIS HANDRIGHTING IS BETTER THEN MINE AND HES ONKY 5!!!!….wow i have very sloppy writing..

  25. userwag says:

    My 21/2 Year old son (my only son) has been Dx with Autism yesterday, the news just crush me, i started to see more and more information about it, and i just watch this video and start crying, i see this little different now, your son is a blessing, thanks for sharing your story with the res of the world. i definitively going to star filming my son and watch his progress. Thank you

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