Snapshots οf side οf autism even experts don’t fully understand….Warning! Sοmе footage difficult tο view (severe self-abuse).

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25 Responses to “American Family Living with Severe Autism and Self-injury: Chasing Miracles”
  1. kgaccount says:

    @kgaccount Aside trom this, make special times you spend alone with them, doing “special’ things that only each one of them can do with you, as the older sibling. If you are the eldest sibling or the sibling “eldest” in respect to Dalton’s challenges, find somethng, anything, even if it’s playing a special board game or video game, that you do with them alone, so you establish special bonds with them outside the extraordinary care Dalton receives. Maybe baking cookies? Painting? Sports?

  2. kgaccount says:

    @calidkt My best advice it to, if possible, let them feel they are part of Dalton’s life too, and play an IMPORTANT role as siblings. Stress how important they are. Try and give them little things they can do to help Dalton, even tiny things, so they feel they are important in the dynamics of living with a sibling with autism. For example, Jamey’s niece is very young. She’s only 3, but we have taught her to go get a diaper, or go get a book to read to Jamey, so she feels she’s important

  3. calidkt says:

    my brother Dalton is like Jamie i have four other siblings and i was wondering if there are things that you know of that i can do with them all. They feel as if i give Dalton to much attention, they are still little so they don’t realize i am a single parent to them they only see their sister who isn’t paying attention to them do you have any ideas?

  4. calidkt says:

    i was wondering my brother is just like Jamie are there gun things that i could do with him and the rest of my family i feel as if i am not giving them enough attention they are still young and they don’t realize that i am now a single parent to them do you have any suggestions.

  5. jsrcamp says:

    Just wanted to say that he is a Gift From GOD and giving to Parents that God Chose to Love and Charish him! You are doing a Great Job with him Mom!
    Also wanted to say taht your son has the most Beutiful Eyes=) and he has a perfect face like an angles face!
    God Bless you and your son

  6. corinnabambina says:

    Do you think he feels happiness?

  7. walkingdan says:

    May happiness, good things, and solutions come your way soon. You all had earned it!

  8. Farrinna64 says:

    Wow! I had tears son is autistic but not quite as severe. He is somewhat verbal ( a lot of echolalia) he is almost potty trained, yay, and he is 7 yrs old. Now if we can get him to not take all his clothes off anywhere he’s at when he has to go would be good…but we just have to smile and ignore the negative glances. Sean appears normal most of the time so people assume he’s just”uncontrolled”..It is so distressing to see them injure themselves..people ask how I do’s called LOVE!

  9. missnikki199 says:

    I just wanted to comment and let you know what an amazing woman I think you are. I worked as an ABA therapist for 9 months with a child with severe ASD and it was the most difficult (yet also rewarding) job I have ever had. I cannot imagine the stress and exhaustion which a parent with a child with ASD experiences on a daily basis. Bless you.

  10. ASDogGeek says:

    KG I LOVE this video is is beautiful! Shame they did away with the stars but I gave you a thumbs up. :) take car

  11. TheRSCoalition says:

    I really don’t know what to think.

  12. AmericanWarrior1776 says:

    Does he have high pain tolerance?

  13. GodRulezMyLife says:

    stand strong! my bro is moderately- to severely autistic. He’s 12 now but acts like a 2 yr old. Its not easy to care for him, let alone manage him. I do feel the same frustration tt u feel. But press on n trust God. Love the verse!

  14. Dimples216 says:

    @UTBESUX It is an individual journey. That is the beauty we are priviledged to have CHOICE. If you don’t choose to follow God then don’t come on to peoples pages criticizing their beliefs. Everyone has to have a divine happening of their own….if you haven’t reached that point yet then so be it. Just as no person of a faith should try to impose their beliefs on anyone that does not ask…criticism should not be given to those who believe if unprovoked.

  15. Dimples216 says:

    Your video is very touching….my niece is autistic however with a milder form. I worked with a 16 year old who was very much like your son. He had the severe form and would do self injury. He was a beautiful young man and his personality shined through despite his condition. I loved working with him. People like him, your son, and my niece are blessings from God because they show you what LOVE really is. God bless you all. :-)

  16. johnny10301968 says:

    Very fitting to have the Creed song Arms Wide Open for this video.

  17. UTBESUX says:

    @kgaccount yeah and God is the perfect God too huh? Maybe, people need to move past the religious control of the system which has used God to control & weaken us and realize what & who we are. Stop believing in the book of fiction and look inside and SEE you, not something that isn’t really there. Look at Christians like George Bush, war, millions dead including children, the fraud & pawn Sarah Palin. Stop believing in them and start believing in you. You’ve been PAWNED!

  18. powerking23 says:

    I am 24 yr old male who has mild aspergers, alot of my problems were as a kid and i gave my mother and family hell because of my routines and obsessions and lack of social interaction with others. I was fortunate to be blessed with a loving family(especially mum), who saw that i needed help and got me in to a special school, where i was helped imensely. I think you are a true fighter, and your son is blessed to have a loving mother like you and family, all the best.

  19. jb55101 says:

    seeing this video made me cry big time i have nephew that is 15 that has autsim he had his first gf and didnt go well and have dautgher thats 8 and seeing this i wounderif my daughter will be the same way. it kills me to see my angel have melt downs and the one man that is supposted to pretact her cant. i was happy to find out my nephew had gf but when she broke up he throw chairs at his window and broke 3 of them .

  20. sparvogamarie says:

    Beautiful words kg. You love Jamey the way he is, beautiful autistic soul that he is! Autism doesn’t need a cure but if there is something to help people like Jamey to become higher functioning, we’d all love to see that!

  21. kgaccount says:

    youngdones, I believe you just challenged God. I like that, because God will, I believe, show us all that HE can fix this. I have asked God to heal my son of his seizure activity and self abuse. NOT his autism. I love his autism. It is who he is. It is the self abuse that God can and I believe, will heal. OH, and the seizures. What is impossible with man IS possible with God.

  22. kgaccount says:

    LuvRK, thank you. I hope you are getting supports for your children. It’s not easy being a single mom. Take care

  23. kgaccount says:

    Milbrahem, our son has seen dozens of neurologists, internal medicine specialists, psychiatrists (that’s always fun, gee, how R U feeling today Jamey) as if he’s gonna tell them. Shrinks push meds, which would be fine, if any of the meds ever worked to stop the self abuse. They haven’t. I think in cases like my son the healing and help must come from many sources. Doctors, natural therapy, OT’s, PT’s,’s a careful balance to keep the person healthy, happy. It takes a lot of work.

  24. mibrahem2000 says:

    my son has autism 3 years old and by vitaminas and terapi with oxigen he is getting better maby he need this he need help i belive he can get better plz take doctor

  25. LuvRK9s says:

    As a single mom with one child with mild/moderate cerebral palsy and mild autism and the other child with ADHD and defiance issues, I watch your video with tears in my eyes, hating the self injury this young man inflicts upon himself and celebrating the pictures of smiles and joy. As parents, we alone know the heartbreak we feel for our children…and also the great happiness when they have ‘good’ moments. Beautiful family you have

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