Mу son Ari, wһο іѕ 10 һаѕ Autism, іѕ аח аmаᴢіחɡ ƖіttƖе boy wһο іѕ truly unique :-)

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25 Responses to “An Interview w/ My Autistic Son Ari”
  1. ImSo1000 says:

    I absolutely love art and honestly I got extremely excited when I saw that!!!!! OMG he is soooooooooo talented to be ten years old… I see so many great things for your son. :) Love it thanks for sharing!!!! The future of art :)

  2. OurLadyLourdes says:

    Just wanted to tell you something you already know…You’re an amazing mom!! My daughter has Turner Syndrome and Asperger’s Autism. They are all unique, gifted and beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. MommaEarthHairCare says:

    I have a uncle that is autistic and I knew a few autistic people in my life. I love the way you are so supportive of your son, I can feel the love through the video he is so adorable. :)

  4. mtv32994 says:

    Het Taren :) my little brother is 10 and autistic and I just love him to pieces. He does talk but it’s as clear as we may communicate but he still can express what he wants and he does well to lol. He is VERY smart and he really is a good kid. He gets on my nerves just like any younger brother would lol….he is just an amazing kid. I love my brother :)

  5. tasha777 says:

    thank you for this. my brother billy is autistic as well but he doesnt talk.

  6. mariellalunagoddes says:

    awww this brought tears to my eyes :)

  7. DSGPrincess912 says:

    My 13 year old brother who is autistic loves triangles as well.. I’m usually finding paper cutouts of triangles or diamonds. Lol.. I am so glad that you let your son express himself.

  8. simsim198 says:

    thank you for this video.
    i have a non-verbal 14 year old autistic brother.
    he does have very limited vocabulary, but even then, he tends to blurt out his words in a whisper-like voice and some people have a hard time understanding him.
    i understood everything your boy was saying, and i think you’ve come a long way with him. good job on being an amazing mom and keep up the great work!

  9. cartierwhispers1 says:

    Taren I don’t know you from a can of paint, but I can tell from your spirit and beautiful smile that you are an awesome human being and a fabulous mom!! Keep doing what you do and continue to shine through your gawjus smile mama!! U really made my day!!

  10. KDL522 says:

    Thanks Taren you are awesome and so is Ari!!!:)!! Thanks girl!

  11. VaGirl75 says:

    Thank u for sharing this. I subbed to you bcuz of your awesome natural hair vids but this vid put the icing on the cake! I truly respect you for being a wonderful mom… it shows all in this video.. God bless you and your son!

  12. mami2dreamabout says:

    Yous are such a Wonderful person and GREAT mother!!!!

  13. akamizzT says:

    OMG I thought you only had a little baby girl!!!!! You are one FIERCE momma! WOW =)

  14. MsSassyHair says:

    I can not tell you how great the smile is that is on my face right now! I work with preschool aged children with autism. People need this type of positive exposure to create awareness of this extraordinary disorder. Love the video!!

  15. MsSassyHair says:

    I can not tell you how great the smile is that is on my face right now! I work with preschool aged children with autism. People need this type of positive exposure to create awareness of this extraordinary disorder. Love the video!!

  16. musicbeautyluv1 says:

    wow….i loved this…he def has an artistic mind…brought tears to my eyes :)

  17. ladybug313419 says:

    This video touched my heart as well Taren what a wonderful child you have.

  18. overnitesinsay says:

    bravo mom i know u need ur strenght too god bless both of u

  19. loveprayalways says:

    I love that you embrace his love for tails , that is so beautiful and touching for me. Kept loving his interest in things , as adult we don’t dream or embrace ourselves as your son does. He seem to let you know there’s no end to him , just beginnings.

  20. Alphi11 says:

    He is adorable! You can tell that he is very happy and is in a good place. Thank you for sharing this it made me smile!

  21. mjgarner123 says:

    Tarin, your son is awesome!!! This brought a smile to my heart. Thank you for sharing his art work and the interview.
    God Bless.

  22. PacEdz says:

    Aw he’s a cutie! I like his tails too :)

  23. SarenzoBeads says:

    My son loves thomas the train …….. everyone in my family has a thomas picture ….. he also likes sheirk but he LOVES thomas lol ……. very nice video

  24. Msles727 says:

    I work with mr/dd adults and children and it’s amazing the things they create and their imagination is just so wonderful!! Ur son is beautiful inside and out. I also luv that he’s a fellow Leo my bday is July 27. So happy bday to both of ur sons!!

  25. swishtut says:

    The first thing I noticed was the shape. I think he likes the shape of a triangle. All of his triangles have the top cut off. He said that’s because it’s finished. Maybe that’s how it completes his drawing.
    Lines and triangles. Geometric shapes. Cool. I like them too.

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