Callous, unethical аחԁ dishonest Andrew Wakefield: Andrew Wakefield fixed һіѕ data: Vaccines ԁο NOT cause autism. PS: Mу t-shirt саח bе рυrсһаѕеԁ here

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25 Responses to “Andrew Wakefield, Autism, and Vaccines”
  1. TV843 says:

    The fact is, if someone comes up with a spectacular cause for ANYTHING, there will always be believers. If Fox news (you know, “fair and balanced”) reported that the Toyota Prius caused herpes, there would be at least 3 Prius owners driving to work tomorrow dressed in latex…or taking their cars in for a recall. And somehow, one of those 3 buffoons would end up in an interview on Fox that night.

  2. NomadSoul76 says:

    It’s all so depressing. These people mean well, but.. they got their wires so badly crossed that they ended up as a sort of cult like following, reflexively lashing out at anything that attacks their icons rather than.. ya’know.. trying to understand or cure autism.

  3. Warthaug says:

    Great video.

    But not too surprisingly the anti-vaxer loons are claiming its all a conspiracy to demonize him (you’d think selling out to lawyers and faking data would do that)

  4. celtica1965 says:

    Twinkie is spelled Twinkie.

    Just like the vaccine ingredients I told you to review in the INSERTS section of of the Johns Hopkins Vaccine info website, you have no idea whats in a Twinkie either.

    Enjoy your life of chronic illness.

  5. NomadSoul76 says:

    Just a quick reminder. Some of the deadliest known “toxins” come from the natural world. You’d do your credibility good if you’d drop this natural=good artificial=toxin artificial dichotomy.

    A twinky isn’t unhealthy because of the “toxins” it contains. It’s because it’s loaded with fat (of the wrong kind) and contains almost no useful nutrient value outside of the energy content (and our diets are already too energy dense for that to be of any value).

  6. NomadSoul76 says:

    I just explained it to you. There are certainly known cases of parents of autistic children who tried various remedies of dubious value and then witnessed their children apparently getting better and credited the recovery to the pseudo medicinal crap.

    But what they don’t understand is that part of the nature of autism is that a child may partially recover as he or she grows up, without any intervention at all.

    How do you distinguish between the two possibilities with your favored anecdotes?

  7. NomadSoul76 says:

    Once again you make these statements without any sort of citations to make. Because, again, you know it wouldn’t withstand scrutiny.

    So your level of informed consent is a bunch of vague references to cases that may not even exist, and if they do exist they likely aren’t as you state they are.

    Right. I’ll stick with verifiable information.

  8. NomadSoul76 says:

    Pay attention. Buddy. I said it has been removed from most vaccines.

    Yes, we’ve covered your favored inserts. We’ve also covered that your definition of toxin is anything that might be harmful in any dose, regardless of the actual dose it’s used in, and also anything that sounds yucky to you.

    The dose is indeed the point, since, as we’ve covered, oxygen can be FATAL at too high a dose.

  9. celtica1965 says:

    Please explain how you’ve witnessed the effectiveness of natural protocols … this should be good…

  10. celtica1965 says:

    You’re funny.

    You define natural products as “crap” and the toxins in vaccines as beneficial.

    Just curious, which would you say is healthier — a Hostess Twinkie or an apple?

  11. celtica1965 says:

    Nomad — the disease IS understood. There is a whole body of research that parents are using to recover their kids from autism. The medical community is not interested in the research because it implicates vaccines as a major trigger of autism. If we did a study of unvaccinated vs vacciinated kids, then you’d see that there’s a lot of other autoimmune disorders that vaccines are causing as well. INFORMED CONSENT, BABY.

  12. celtica1965 says:

    I never mentioned thirmerasol as the only toxin in vaccines that is responsible for making kids sick. I said there are MANY toxins in vaccines. And, just to inform you, since you don’t know, thimerasol has NOT been removed from all the vaccines — do your research, buddy.

    But, again, thimerasol is just one of many toxins in vaccines. Have you read the INSERTS from the Johns Hopkins Vaccine Safety website?

  13. NomadSoul76 says:

    You kind of gave the game away by saying “natural protocals”. Yeah, I’ve seen the effectiveness of that bullshit. Like how autism is known to partially reverse itself in some cases, so a parent feeds their kids some natural crap and then they get a bit better and halelujah, it’s all due to the medicinal herbs.

    This is why real studies are important, and why you know you must never ever pay attention to them. Your whole approach is a perilously constructed house of cards.

  14. NomadSoul76 says:

    In your grossly ignorant opinion maybe.

    If you could demonstrate a degree of understanding of basic biological concepts then I might put a little more weight to your opinion.

  15. celtica1965 says:

    How about you stick with what would be the best indicator of vaccine effects on children?


    If you were truely interested in the truth you would be an advocate for such a study, but you don’t want this kind of study? WHY?????????????

  16. NomadSoul76 says:

    You claim there’s a whole body of research but when asked to cite it you instead demand that the research be done?

    This is not how this sort of thing is done. This is called a bluff. Your bluff has been called, just repeating it doesn’t work.

    You know what’ll happen if you cite any specific cases. I’ll be able to look them up and to find out what really happened. So you have to stay with vague references lest your precariously supported position be shattered.

  17. celtica1965 says:

    Sorry, as I have said a couple of other times on this thread, there is a whole body of research that has been generated that indicates that a lot of sickness is VACCINE INJURY, and kids are being recovered from those injuries with NATURAL PROTOCALS that reverse that injury. The information is out there if you really want to find it. But, if you don’t want to find it, then don’t.

  18. celtica1965 says:

    If vaccines were SAFE, the medical establishment would welcome a study that compared the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids, but that is not a study they will do.

    Sorry to introduce anectdotal (REAL WORLD) evidence over your epidemiological studies, but WITHOUT exception, ALL the unvaccinated kids I know are healthier than the vaccinated ones. That’s a shame, but I am not fearmongering – Just an advocate of INFORMED CONSENT.

  19. celtica1965 says:

    I am not commenting here to change your opinion, but to ask you or anyone else who reads this to do their own research. Yes, I did the research, and the truth is a damn shame. These vaccines and the schedule they’re given in is a catastrophe to the health of our kids. Even worse, we are now entering the second generation of kids being poisoned by vaccines.

  20. NomadSoul76 says:

    Is the lure of the scapegoat so compelling that you’d rather have a neat and tidy explanation rather than an unknown even your target it has nothing to do with the problem? Is the idea of a disease that isn’t yet understood that frightening that you’d rather blame it on unrelated factors so you can feel more secure?

  21. NomadSoul76 says:

    And this really deserves to be stressed. You have, presumably, moved on from scapegoating thimerosal because the numbers show that when it was taken out of general use the diseases blamed on it weren’t effected in the slightest.

    So the scapegoating just moved on. Oh, it’s not thimerosal the anti vax crowd says? Well then it must be something else in the vaccines.

    Why? Once again, what is the reason that you’re all so willing to blame vaccines?

  22. NomadSoul76 says:

    I think a greater question is why are you so certain that vaccines are causing all these problems? You have no information sources to quote, you instead demand that others do the work for you to find the information that you seem to think you already know while at the same time rejecting all currently available information because it doesn’t align with your already decided upon conclusion.

  23. NomadSoul76 says:

    And I’m still waiting for you to either explain how you’ve stopped breathing oxygen or for you to admit that your definition of toxin is complete bullshit. You babble about people being informed but you think that the way to determine toxicity is to ignore concentration?

    You need to get informed yourself, first.

  24. NomadSoul76 says:

    How about you do a much simpler study? The total number of vaccinated children versus the number of negative effects of those vaccinations.

    I’ve seen the numbers that you get when you do that, they’re miniscule. I can’t find any citations to offer at the moment though, the googlesphere is too polluted with anti vax paranoia for me to find such a basic study

  25. celtica1965 says:

    Well, no such study had been done — I say bring it on and lets see who’s healthier — the vaccinated kids or the unvaccinated kids. BRING IT ON!!!! I’m not afraid of what that study will show, but you’re not interested in seeing what such a finding would show.

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