Mr Pregnant Tһе Internet Legend. http Mr Pregnant FUNNY IMAGES MUST SEE TELEVISION APPEARANCES Rudetube Channel 4 UK Mr Pregnant Oח Vh1 Undateable VH1 Top 40 Internet Superstars Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Appeared οח VH1 Webjunk 20 Again Appeared οח G4TV Appeared οח Tһе Dave Chapelle Sһοw Appeared οח NBC News AOL Talks Abουt Mr Pregnant Appeared οח Nеw Zealand Television Appeared οח Forward clip tο 14.12 minutes tο see mу interview.

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25 Responses to “Anybody Wanna Fork”
  1. kceaglin says:

    It’s funny how he dosent blink!

  2. groundbumhog says:

    LOL :-)

  3. AllTimeIsRelative says:

    Those definitely arent his real teeth.

  4. spartanf34 says:

    i will fork with you all over the place

  5. kris13rivera says:


  6. kceaglin says:

    Thumbs up if u misread the title and the lyrics LOL!

  7. shootingreviews says:


  8. assassin12madzz says:

    that was really funny im a big pan of you.

  9. JoshNeenTV1 says:


  10. HereToWatchVids says:

    BRILLIANT! This video had me laughing the entire time!

  11. YoschkaLINKINPARK says:


  12. Sammie97xoxo says:

    Fork no!

  13. Travsterable says:

    @southpaw117 Phuck no

  14. TheMeatballMen says:

    I tried so hard not to laugh at this and failed

  15. cacawate1 says:

    i can give you a fork on the table xD

  16. SlotGlassesGuy says:

    when i reloaded this page the views went from 582 to 1,046… KEEP IT UP MAN

  17. SlotGlassesGuy says:

    I bet u watcehd the italian guy who went to malta xD

  18. DirtyButtPirate937 says:

    Awesome! Thanks :D

  19. southpaw117 says:

    @Travsterable Congratulations.

  20. Lewis2145 says:

    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    (..giggle and laugh..)
    Anybody Wanna Fork Me
    Anybody Wanna Fork Me
    Anybody Wanna Fork Me
    Cause I Just Wanna Fork
    Come Here Baby I Wanna Fork
    I Wanna Fork
    I Wanna Fork
    I Wanna Fork
    I Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Anybody Wanna Fork
    Come And Get My Number
    Cause I Just Wanna Fork
    (..giggle and laugh..)
    Its All About The Forkin’
    (Sorry Ran Out Of Space)

  21. DirtyButtPirate937 says:

    I want lyrics to this :(

  22. obbymanlol says:

    LOL this shit funny

  23. DanTheMan9886 says:

    YaYa’s worker Lets loose at work!!!!! it is my featured video!!!!!!!!

  24. x0thraxxorx0 says:

    boring lol im unsubbing

  25. analblazer666 says:

    Beats Kesha.

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