Explores simple ways tο understand ουr relative sensitivity аѕ a neutral force tһаt affects аƖƖ οf υѕ differently.

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25 Responses to “Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?”
  1. majikstranger says:

    @rafapak the way i see it is if your contemplating suicide then you have nothing to lose. You might as well do the things that do make you happy. For example if when your young you were sen to your room with no tv. You can either get really sad and pout or you can go all out and get creative with how you will pass the sentence. Never be defeated, show that no matter what your soul can make it.

  2. Simon0 says:

    Excellent video. i think i can apply this, sometimes my parents have arguments and i think it upsets me a lot more than it does them. perhaps this is sensitivity on my part.

  3. DaneEaster says:

    @rafapak Sounds like a good question to me. When I have considered suicide I have made a deal with myself: Either I will do something to improve my life or I will choose a beautiful ending. So far I’ve always been successful at making enough improvements at times like those that I’ve felt like living. Ultimately, life and death are personal decisions.

  4. rafapak says:

    because of hs trait i have zero lust for living. it is like I don’t want to wake up tomorrow. I wonder if I am capable of doing to myself something that is against natural survival instinct

  5. rafapak says:

    i think that I am making fool of myself still living in this hs body. reasonable thing to me is just to suicide because I never liked to live in this body. every single day in this body sucks like shit to me. when i was young i remember telling to myself ‘ one day this is going to kill you somehow’ . I just don’t want to wake up tomorrow and experience this body again. does it make sense to live when you feel very uncomfortable in your own body? I hate how this body works.

  6. amberfwn says:

    @ohdoshutit, thanks for the reply, at this moment I’m going through pure hell so f*** the gift crap. I’m hurting terribly and wish I were dead! Of course all non hsp’s still can’t understand even when you say your ultra sensitive. And you’re right, what do we get out of it? I’m getting nothing but daily heartache and hope I’m dead by the end of the year. That will be my waiting to exhale.

  7. ohdoshutit says:

    @amberfwn i agree. i’m beginning to really get annoyed with hsp’s who say it’s a gift. who cares if you can write great poetry or create beautiful things and be compassionate when your everyday life is just too damn hard? we can sure GIVE a lot to culture and society, but at the risk of sounding like i’m whining, what has life given us as HSP’s? pain? thanks, but no thanks.

  8. ohdoshutit says:

    @DaneEaster ”does your ‘dysfunction’ clear up.” lol – i think the problem for me is in achieving that ‘optimal environment,’ so i can answer your question.’ i think i had it when i was about 12 on a summer holiday. lol. anyway, i have often wondered if i have some kind of autistic streak in me. i am certainly an HSP. i am never at peace since i moved to the city (London) from the country at 18. it’s been 10 years of anxiety and depression.

  9. ohdoshutit says:

    @TdrdenCO11 lol – i am SO wary of ‘protecting’ myself that it ironically becomes totally self-destructive. i am an extremist – i oscillate from self-sabotage to clinical withdrawal from all ‘unhealthy’ things. i do drugs and drink when depression is really really bad. but, i’m SO wired to survive that the dichotomy creates MORE angst that i’m doing destructive things. yuk – my life kinda sucks.

  10. ohdoshutit says:

    i’m highly sensitive and it sucks. i have bdd and depression etc etc.

  11. DaneEaster says:

    @springrobin @springrobin There is a lot of overlap between “HSP” and “neuro-atypical” labels, such as autism etc. One valuable distinction is: If when you consciously create an optimal environment for yourself with organic living food, with people that truly love you, with meditation, serenity, beauty and living a life you believe in etc. does your “dysfunction” clear up and are you left instead with unusual strengths and well being?

  12. springrobin says:

    does anyone know if someone is actually a hsp is frequently likely to be misdiagnosed as someone having high functioning autism, atypical autism of some sort or autistic traits, as I feel I have been?

  13. springrobin says:

    Does anyone know if someone who is actually a hsp is frequently likely to be misdiagnosed as a person with high functioning autism, atypical autism of some sort, or autistic traits, as I feel I have been?

  14. springrobin says:

    Dane do you or anyone know if someone who is actually a hsp is frequently likely to be mis-dianosed as a person with high functioning autism or some form of atypical autism, as I feel I have been?

  15. slashretard says:

    I don’t need as much stimulation as a normal mere mortal. I used to live like I was immortal. Now I realise that I have a short time on earth and I must transform into a less sensitive human in order to experience life.

  16. DaneEaster says:

    If you go to the web site on the video there is a test.

  17. tonksh says:

    This helped me alot thanks. I am 14 and i feel alot like i am an HSP, do any of you know some kind of way that i can find out for sure if i am an HSP?

  18. lindenmeadow says:

    @amberfwn I understand how you feel. I’ve always been a hyper-sensitve person in many respects, and since my college days I’ve struggled with an anxiety disorder. It’s made my life pretty miserable and kept me from being able to do a lot of things. I suppose being an HSP can be a blessing in some respects, but it’s a curse in others. Oh well, just a cross I have to bear in this life. Peace be with you!

  19. amberfwn says:

    I have no doubt that anxiety plays a part in at least half or more for hsp’s. I’m an hsp and I suffer from severe anxiety which makes life very difficult even with medicine. Hsp is supposed to be a gift but I don’t like it.

  20. rockoutgirl94 says:

    it made me mad when after watching the movie my classmates were like joking and stuff, they’re so unsensitive. I’m shy but when I am with my “friends” that I can’t really call friends I’m so energetic, but again if something bad happens I cry. I like rollercoaster rides! I like surfing on my computer, it’s pretty sad to say because I know it’s not a person but at least it doesn’t make me sad. When something bad is about to happen I don’t feel anything. So I’m a strange HSP.

  21. rockoutgirl94 says:

    I don’t know I’m strange. I don’t have special senses, something that makes me feel something different, well only when someone tickles me. I cry when something is really sad (because of violence for example) or when someone is mad at me or when I have to yell to someone when I’m angry. I like strong emotions, I love horror movies or thrillers because I feel scared but I don’t cry. I saw “The Boy in the striped Pijamas” that made me cry, I felt upset for 3 hours.

  22. lindenmeadow says:

    I think I follow you. I take it you mean that the pressures of our society played havoc with what could otherwise be a very positive characteristic?

  23. DaneEaster says:

    @lindenmeadow Yes I think it is a contributing factor but only in the context of this culture. If, for example, you had ears that heard things twice as loud as the average person then you might go mad or want to take drugs or do insensitive things if you were in an environment with loud and shocking noise. If you were in a quiet natural setting you might be unusually happy thanks to your sensitivity.

  24. lindenmeadow says:

    I took a little online quiz meant to help a person determine if they are an HSP. From the results, I’d say I definitely fit this category! Do HSP’s have a higher incidence of emotional disorders? I’m asking because I’ve struggled with generalized anxiety nearly all my adult life. Could being an HSP be a contributing factor (if not the main factor)?

  25. Ultrahottie2000 says:

    You talking about rebalion… OMG… I have done that so many times to relieve emotional stress. And loud noise… it’s too much. Sometimes… I can’t hear people at all, so I ask them to speak up. I get a lot of mirgane head aches too, when exposed to certin smells. And I do like… my privacy. I find that there some people that I can’t stand.. so I avoid them. And I hate confrontation.

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