A Celebration οf ουr special children affected bу Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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24 Responses to “Are you Aware of Autism?”
  1. karstenkaczor says:

    i watched this at W W W . TV-Vide . NET . Try it 5 minutes and than fill a free survey to watch 24hours

  2. fredbobdotcom says:

    @kattoo13 I didn’t read how long ago you posted that! Oops. You’re welcome anyway. :)

  3. kattoo13 says:

    @ fredbobdotcom > Thanks :) My son was given an additional diagnosis of Asperger’s a year after I posted this. I appreciate your reply!

  4. fredbobdotcom says:

    @kattoo13 I have autism and I work with kids who are much lower-functioning than I am, that’s how I know. I hoped I helped you. :)

  5. fredbobdotcom says:

    @kattoo13 PDD-NOS is supposed to be temporary. It is when the doctor doesn’t want to decide for sure because they think the child might change quickly. PDD-NOS means he is on the autism spectrum but they don’t know where for sure. The spectrum is very broad from high-functioning to low-functioning.

  6. rustupid171234 says:

    i have asperger’s syndrome

  7. tshudyb says:

    Awesome video, I have asperger’s syndrome.

  8. chrissyroach says:

    I am a mom of 2 autistic children and a newborn. I love this video because it does show “autism is not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new one.” It is hard at first to accept that your sweet little baby is different than you thought, but once you get over grieving for the child you thought you had, it is a wonderful process to celebrate the child you now have. Thank you for posting a video that celebrates autism rather than painting it as a tragedy like so many others out there.

  9. henk0909 says:

    i have a quation what is autism???

  10. angylb says:

    amazing i was just trying to find a song that will make me think of my son and i typed in amaze and this popped up.. we just found out he is autistic last week . this is a great video

  11. kattoo13 says:

    my son was diagnosed with NLD but i was also told he was” deffinately on the autism spectrum under pdd-nos. do you know what it means to be on the spectrum? i always thought pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified was a diagnosis in itself.

  12. InnerCircleofPoets says:

    Thank you :D

  13. magdarobins says:

    This is a wonderful video of amazing children. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. kylee075 says:

    Thankyou petal :-)

  15. petal66 says:

    What beautiful children. My 4yo has autism so I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out. How I love my little man.

  16. kylee075 says:

    Thank you nattz and dadofboys :)

  17. dadofboys says:

    this is a brilliant video, you should all be very proud, well done

  18. nattz1 says:

    Thank you for me to understand autsim better. You should be really proud of yourself.

  19. kylee075 says:

    No problems Chem, It was a pleasure making it :)

  20. chemem says:

    We are truly blessed. Thanks for all of your hard work, putting such an amazing video together, for all the world to see. Thanks kylee075!!

  21. kylee075 says:

    “The world is round, but it is OK to be a square peg in that round world.” Very true, we dont need perfect kids to have a perfect world, because our kids are all very unique in their own ways :)

    Thank you :-)

  22. wallywabble says:

    This is beautiful. Thankyou for sharing. I have learn to see the world through the eyes of my autistic son, and I have learnt so much from him. The world is round, but it is OK to be a square peg in that round world.

  23. kylee075 says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment michelle, they truely are amazing kids :-)

  24. tex23fe says:

    Wonderful video! Oh so many cute kids… all are so wonderful…. We are so blessed!!!! They teach us so much.

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