Being Normal іѕ a constant battle fοr mе іח tһе Midlands. People іח tһе Midlands appear tο חοt understand Aspergers іח mу opinion аחԁ іח mу experience. Colleges аrе still іח tһе ԁаrk ages аחԁ ԁο חοt see іt аѕ a disability οr аѕ much οf a disability аѕ someone іח a wheel chair. It іѕ getting better tһаח tһе past, bυt wе аrе getting better. Bυt still room fοr improvement.

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25 Responses to “AS and Why its hard being Normal where I am”
  1. mikkyHILL says:

    I also just had a quick look on the National Autistic Society’s website:

    “Asperger syndrome is a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people.”

  2. mikkyHILL says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 It is in the UK. I’m in the UK and I am on disability allowance for it.

    It’s also under the Disability Discrimination Act.

    Also, my psychologist and many others I know have described it as a disability…because it is.

  3. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Actually not in the UK. Its not recognised as a disability by Mental Health Services its one of those borderline things

  4. gregjockca1001 says:

    Aspergianstar2009, don’t talk back, aspie. stab stab stab! giggles!

  5. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    And your going to be the one to do it LOL

  6. gregjockca1001 says:

    aspies deserve to be beaten into apple sauce. weird fucking motherfuckers! hope you all die. lulz!

  7. mikkyHILL says:

    But it is recognized as a disability. Don’t criticize people for calling it such. It is a disorder…and though I believe that it’s a different and not defective way of thinking, it IS recognized as a disability.

    And it needs to be to receive the appropriate support.

  8. oibara2 says:

    know what you mean. baby-boomer attitude still exists that anybody with mental problems has to ‘pull themselves together’. fair enough but when everybody thought like that they all went mental and beat their kids. i understand man.

  9. mickeysponk says:

    doesnt look like im blocked!

  10. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    AS is a nerobiological condition I never said it was a disability.

  11. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I agree but education is the key. You can’t force people to accept you you have to educate them. People are learning more about Aspergers now and becoming more tolerant

  12. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Its sad you wasted your time making that comment only to get blocked

  13. mickeysponk says:

    its sad you make videos

  14. unorthodoxJ says:

    But anyway I think we as an entire planet need to accept differences more. I hate being able to think like i do and realizing that people are so close minded towards people who don’t fit into their social norms so unwilling to live with the unorthodox it just simply makes me mad.

  15. unorthodoxJ says:

    I don’t even want to watch the vid the info alone is just pissing me off like how dare you even say AS is a disability, it is simply a difference

  16. gotchjames45 says:

    fortunately when I went to college, (the sixth form college solihull) they had a proper learning support department and i got proper 1-1 weekly support sessions where i would have help by a learning support teacher that was also a subject specialist , which really helped me with my work. My handwriting is still bad but fortunately my course was 67% corusework and i had extra time in exams which helped a lot, although i will still need support when i go to uni (aston hopefully)

  17. gotchjames45 says:

    the only things my secondary school recognised and helped properly were dyslexia and being physically disabled, so when I said that I had AS and Dyspraxia they were like what?, they didn’t really help much, and teachers would say stuff like try to improve your presentation and handwriting, Yeah! easier said than done sir!

  18. ShaktipatSage says:

    Oh these damned Neuro-Typicals… the craziest thing about them is that they all expect you to behave exactly how they behave… it’s so strange…

    But you should feel lucky that you were able to see the ignorance and distance yoursel from it, these NT’s don’t even realize that they’re all insane…

    Check out my videos I talk a lot about this subject also lol..

  19. shoegalsho says:

    Totally agree with Chuggernaught13. I WAS going to college but chose Uni instead! I think because I’m Bipolar and on a Mental Health going on a mental health course so I feel there is more empathy already. In Scotland I’ve found it excellent but when I lived in Northern Ireland and England it was a different story! Very bad indeed in fact! Anyway hugs and be comforted in the fact that you are not alone! x

  20. Chuggernaught13 says:

    I can totally relate to your take on the world sometimes. Being Bipolar certainly can hinder your social side of things, as can AS.

  21. toyy7675 says:

    I got bullied when i was kid, after that i never could trust any one at my age again..strange right?

    And i get so angry when people talk shit to or about some one else and i know it got nothing to do with me but i feel like i got to scream out SHUT THE FUCK UP! But i never do that, if i did then i guess many people would stay away from me and more if you get what i am saying..i am not so good at this i don’t talk so much to people.

  22. toyy7675 says:

    wow if any one had done that to me i would have kicked there ass no mather who is was girl or boy.

  23. joolsierose says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos. For the first time in what seems like ages, I feel that my experiences can be understood too, without someone thinking I am talking crap or even making it up. I am thinking, empathising and laughing too, in a good way Thanks for help maing a bad day good!

  24. suchcartography says:

    Something that stood out to me in your video was you speaking about being talked to very slowly and carefully, as if you were a child or as if you didn’t or couldn’t possibly understand what you were being asked. I see that sort of speech pattern a lot in people who don’t really have any concept of the autism spectrum or AS – bravo for voicing that frustration! :]

  25. zadeh79 says:

    Thus, individuals who are facile with analogies, often become frustrated, and lose interest in schooling.

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