Mу friends Daughter wһο mау һаνе possible Aspergers аחԁ introduction frοm mе. Tһіѕ іѕ һеr experience living wіtһ tһе condition οr similar аѕ a Teen

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10 Responses to “ash and her possible Aspergers”
  1. doctorwhokris1980 says:

    @elscotto73 lets get one thing straight you are the one who fucks there on mother

  2. elscotto73 says:

    fuck you mother fucker i have aspergers and it is nothing to make fun of nor laugh at!

  3. doctorwhokris1980 says:

    or is it just me

  4. doctorwhokris1980 says:

    why do people with aspergers make a big thing out of nothin

  5. keniichi says:

    yeah it is. Took me over 3 years. It may took forever( I thought it did) but hopefully it will happen Ash.
    I just got diagnosed, and I’m a 17 year old girl Aspie.

  6. miasansom says:

    Well good job

  7. Ashenicky2009 says:

    thanks :) i just wish that i would get a diagonosis by now, its realy hard to get diagnosises now a days…

  8. gill1942 says:

    Well done Ash I bet your mother is very proud of you you explained it very well.

  9. kazza224 says:

    one aspergers person said,that its like looking in a mirror and seein another world of people

  10. jwarrior343 says:

    i feel sorry for the girl

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