www.SymTrend.com provides self-monitoring e-Diaries, graphic progress charts, аחԁ coaching tools fοr Aspergers Syndrome аחԁ οtһеr personal, medical, psychological, аחԁ special education issues. Uѕе tһе e-Diaries online οr οח handheld computers fοr symptom tracking аחԁ treatment evaluation аחԁ tο learn һοw stressors affect һοw уου feel. Uѕе tһе coaching tools tο organize уουr schedule, belongings, аחԁ work tasks. Uѕе tһе reminders tο access strategies fοr coping wіtһ stressful situations. E-Diaries аrе аƖѕο available fοr Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Injury, Seizure Disorders, PMS, Cancer аחԁ Menopause οr уου саח customize уουr οwח.

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20 Responses to “Asperger e-diaries and coaching tools”
  1. symtrend says:

    We are going to start translating parts of the system into Spanish this month. Feel free to contact support@symtrend.com if there is something in particular you’d like to have translated.

  2. amx1313 says:

    This app looks great, any chance to get it in spanish?

  3. symtrend says:

    Please clarify your question. I don’t know what Aspinall is. SymTrend is an online and handheld computer system.

  4. symtrend says:

    We don’t force anyone to do use these diaries. This is not meant to be a negative experience. Some folks with AS/HFA want to change their behavior – do not want to show signs of autism.

  5. skriglangka says:

    This sounds to me like a system of self-suppression, based on the assumption that showing signs of autism is bad. I don´t like it.

    Why don´t you try to sell this system to the Chinese government?

    Thy have a population of over 1.3 billion people, that they want to control !

  6. symtrend says:

    I completely missed that context, since I was in the middle of dealing with hardware for running our system. We were worried about what you mention – that AS folks maybe used computers too much already and need quality time with people to feel connected. We think this doesn’t get in the way of the connection to people, in fact our reminders remind people to do that.

  7. DIProgan says:

    NT means Neurotypical (person) it’s the first thing you learn in AS-world. Polarizing AS against NT is popular there. Concerning the video I can’t say I believe in it. As an Asperger you typicaly have enough time with computers and want more quality time with people so that you can feel connected through understanding them face to face. Even if it gives seemingly similiar results I think that the feeling would be quite artificial and get dumped for real experiences later on.

  8. nonon19451 says:

    Up to 65 % of people diagnosed with AS are also diagnosed with depression /anxiety .
    (I am one of them)

    I haven’t seen this video so I can’t comment on it’s value.



  9. symtrend says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by running this on a NT in a class. We have an online data recorder that can be used if the PC with NT has an internet in the classroom. It is a bit more cumbersome that way. Feel free to get in touch (617-484-7510) to get more details about how it would be done.

  10. symtrend says:

    A lot of students with Aspergers have been given additional diagnoses and in fact have depression or anxiety that warrants some medication. We hope our technology can help alleviate those conditions, without medication.

  11. Rudytutti says:

    Freaky. I like how “meds” are mentioned when Aspergers is not treatable through drugs.

  12. ghodium says:

    wish it were possible to try this on a NT in a class full of AS with an AS teacher, especially the ‘time to take medication’ bit

  13. symtrend says:

    We are a small company that does not have venture capital funding. Our resources are limited. It takes considerable resources to get Medicare and health insurance companies to cover the cost of a service. You need documentation to demonstrate its effectiveness first. We have been working for years on getting a billable “code” for this.

  14. symtrend says:

    Our grant money is to test effectiveness, but no funding source will support subscription fees. Since that is the only source of money to keep the website and development up, we cannot offer it for free.

    Try these sources of $:
    1. health insurance – get a care manager at your health insurance
    2. get a special education dept to cover it under the Assistive Technology Act.
    3. state vocational services or rehabilitation commissions 4. employer: as part of an accommodation for a disability.

  15. ScoeyBako says:

    Could you please get grant money to make these tools free? If your tools are truly effective, it is morally wrong to provide them only to those who can afford your fees. There are millions of people with Asperger’s and not all, indeed, perhaps not many in this economy can afford your fees. The federal and state governments provide a great deal of money for students with disabilities. Asperger’s is one such disability. You can set up your service to provide for everyone and get paid more.

  16. Bopkasen says:

    May I be a field tester?

    I will do a video review of how I feel about your software.

    I make sure that your software be getting more credibility as well as figuring out some other things.

    Check my YouTube video. I have been posting research.

  17. symtrend says:

    We have similar applications for adults. And, you can customize one for your own needs. I’d love to hear more about the Dept of Voc Rehab standards that you refer to.

  18. L00kng says:

    Please develop one for adults too. Possibly coordinate it with standards from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for employment. And something for Personal relationships that can be programed by the couple together. These would probably be the two most important areas of difficulty for them. Don’t make adults struggle through using this format.

  19. petedaisy says:

    Smart use of technology to make something difficult (Aspergers) simpler for those who have to deal with it.

  20. dinahkcm says:

    this looks like a really useful idea, the video is now in the posautive/sense youtube group

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