Understanding Brothers аחԁ Sisters wіtһ Asperger Syndrome. Tһіѕ іѕ a preview οf a 109 minute DVD frοm Coulter Video. Tһе DVD contains three programs designed fοr siblings οf different ages аחԁ one fοr parents. Frοm www.coultervideo.com.

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6 Responses to “Asperger Syndrome Brothers & Sisters”
  1. perfectxx100ify says:

    @E17211813 SAME HERE! O.O Wow I didn’t know there were others like me… so how do you deal with it all the time? T.T

  2. AspergerDad says:

    E17211813 … How old is your brother?

    If he is little, your mum needs to take control when he has tantrums! They might last 45 minutes, but just hang on! If he’s hurting people and he’s too big to hang on to, you need some help from outside!!! If it’s just a tantrum, he won’t know what he’s doing and he’ll just plop down and kick and scream till it’s over, but if he’s mean and does mean things on purpose, you need help!

  3. PinkPunkyKat says:

    I have three older brothers, the first two are nice but the youngest of them is a huge jerk.

  4. magicalorangutan2 says:

    “my sister likes to play by herself”



  5. E17211813 says:

    my mumand i think my brother has aspergers syndrome. problem with the above is how can stand up and have patience for him? he hurts me scares me and acts like he doesnt understand that what hes doing hurts me i mean i love my brotherbut im so scared of upsetting him and getting hurt!!

  6. LadyDeath092 says:

    this reminds of how my brother should be patient since i have AS

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