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25 Responses to “Asperger update”
  1. Duardn says:

    @ExtantFrodo2 This is hilarious. Because I am socially retarded that I go meet other like minded social rejects like myself and do the camaraderie? thanks for least in Second life, I can avoid being beaten with sticks. When is our next meeting?

  2. ExtantFrodo2 says:

    @Duardn FYI there is a large asperger’s community that meets in SecondLife™. They find it a superlative forum for expression and camaraderie.

  3. Duardn says:

    Because Aspies do not discriminate, harass others unlike the normal people who believe everyone should behave the SAME. Aspies are not the problem. it’s the people who don’t accept others, that cause the problem. If anything, Aspies bring so much and add so much to the society unlike some assholes who sit around, talk shit and gossip and badmouth others. We should just learn to accept everyone no matter what or if you can’t love one another, just keep distance. SIMPLE AS THAT..

  4. Duardn says:

    I was not going to comment but I guess I feel necessary to share what I think. I feel obligated. You are perfectly normal. Imagine a society where majority of population have asperger syndrome. such a society exist. just not the one and I belong. I get treated horribly by everyone especially my own family. but they are the ones who need to work with you…not the other way around. just because we are minority, doesn’t mean we need to conform.

  5. abyssquick says:

    “You may cure yourself of a depression by forcing yourself to perform, in rapid order and with excruciating concentration, half a dozen or so unpleasant chores, especially if they have long been postponed. This is a kind of homeopathic purgative, a treatment of like with like.” (Robert Grudin) – as one of these “Aspies” myself, I have found this advice rather true. :: Every depression also contains a need for self-discovery – the only long-term treatment I have found to deal with it.

  6. Fagin110 says:

    @Fagin110 P.S the video response is to cheer you up. ASPERGERS UNITED!

  7. Fagin110 says:

    I have Aspergers Syndrome myself and also support people with Autism in colleges. What your talking not being able to translate what your thinking in to words is something that you have discover how to do yourself. I’ve been there it’s horrible and the emotions that it creates is intense. I don’t what techniques you use but it may sound dumb but if you in advance what you need to say write it down. Also the thinking processes of expressing yourself is slower so take your time.

  8. computagk says:

    I don’t know if I have AS. I didn’t even know what it was until just a few days ago. But socializing has always taken a significant amount of effort for me, with trying to read gestures, figure out if the way I’m wording something is going to offend someone, figure out what expression I should have on my face at the time, etc. I just wanted to say that I know how it feels to need to find a place to be alone and let myself rest, and it’s very reassuring to know I’m not the only one.

  9. moscowmasha says:


    Well, but that’s what I mean. Autistic or not, you shouldn’t give up your own future for the assholes who want to bring you down. Try talking to a teacher or your parents, but mainly do your best not to let them get to you. I’ve never been good at math either, but that can’t be the main factor in a decision of such magnitude. All those classes will eventually end, as will your interactions with the people who are obnoxious to you. Try to change the fine arts class, if you can.

  10. carlosestevez says:

    You’re so pretty when you cry.

  11. 1alienist says:

    @TheAnMish I have been trying to tell you about the whole AS-related exhaustion issue. I was able to deal with it well until my mid- to late twenties. At some point though I gave up trying to constantly use my brain in order to fit in the neurotypical world. It’s too much work. Of course, I still have to do it as I am part of the ‘real’ world, I just make sure that I take breaks (sometimes long ones) :) This is one of the main reasons why Asperger’s is a disorder and not just a difference.

  12. BarryGormley2010 says:

    @TheAnMish …………….I hope you dont think I’m being condesending or anything. But we almost always think we know what is causing a problem. Sometimes we’re wright and sometimes we’re way off. I realise I don’t really know the first thing about your life or anyone in it. But I still think its worth considering that you may be wrong when you say that people are the source of the problem and that food has nothing to do with it.

  13. BarryGormley2010 says:

    @TheAnMish “I’m eating healthier since I started it because I can’t “afford” all the candy that I like to eat,”.
    I want to help you too Maja. But you shouldnt just assume that this sudden change in diet, while completely healthy, but which has resulted in you eating less sugar( sugar=energy. Aspies use more energy in social situations) than normal, has no connection with these issues…………………………

  14. thebestwillow says:

    ))))))))))))))))))))))TheAnMish(((((((((((((((((((((((( < safe no touch hugs, because when I feel like it looks how you felt when you made this, I don’t like to be touched, but I want you to know that I care about how you felt, and I want you to feel better.

  15. rabchild says:

    I’m liquidating my

  16. Genin99 says:

    As I said before try watching something funny a good laugh is very helpful to me. if you want recommendations I’ll make a playlist

  17. Kenjitsuka says:

    I completely understand how you feel and what you describe in this video. I also try hard to appear neurotypical. But when I get overworked, or get really tired it’s impossible to keep responding to neurotypicals they way they expect and want.
    It’s really true that stretching yourself too thin with Aspergers will have really bad consequences on your mental health/strenght. If only I’d heard that sooner, because it explains so much so well! Here’s a big hug! Hope you feel better soon!!!

  18. guitarpedant says:

    I really recommend meditation and other relaxation exercises like yoga or qigong Ignore the silly ‘paranormal’ bits about chakras and chi and whatever though, it’s about relaxation and reducing anxiety, not new-age fantasies! These things really work for me, which is no guarantee that they will work for you, but I think it’s worth a try.

  19. Masamune7vii says:

    @TheAnMish well its not really leagle here in america either, which is weird because you can get it prescribed to you from a docter as long as you sign a waver saying that if you get cought with it they can still prosecute you to certain extents of the law as well as confiscated it. but if you are at your house and arent sharing it with people then you are safe and it is concidered leagle. you just cant have it anywhere else. “/

  20. TheAnMish says:

    @Masamune7vii I have heard of people who got temporary or permanent psychoses from smoking weed. This is enough that I am not willing to try something that I would otherwise be at least very cautious with, and which is also illegal in my country.
    Which is another point. I’m not willing to commit a crime just to relax a little. Were it legal, fine, but it’s not.

  21. Masamune7vii says:

    @TheAnMish Marijuana does NOT EVER cause hallucinations. ever. it also wont cause psychosis unless you are smoking like 4 grams a day. and thats not what its ment for anyway. yes the first few times you smoke it you will definatly feel a drastic change in perception but you wont hallucinate. and after around the 4th or 5th time in a month you wont even feel that much of a change. i dont smoke any more but when i did it was mainly for recreation but i did have a cannabis perscription for insomnia

  22. Aktos81 says:

    I’m also and aspie.
    I wish you a good rest to recharge yourself.
    Greetz, from Belgium.

  23. Stinukli says:

    We Aspies, as you say, tries to “fake it” in social interactions. That’s one of several reasons why we can be/are exhausted.

  24. cordadorsalis says:

    hope you feel better soon :)

  25. StudioKeener says:

    you make me feel like I belong somewhere… I am not putting off getting screened anymore, because you are not alone

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