mу tһουɡһtѕ οח һοw tο minimize tһе ԁаmаɡе frοm answering rhetorical qυеѕtіοחѕ

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19 Responses to “Asperger’s and answering rhetoriacal questions”
  1. silentfades says:

    @DanielSickass demonstrate your studies – what sources do you get this from ?

  2. mushroomonthemoon says:


    lets consider it s subfield of both linguistics and philosophy. focus: social behaviours of homo sapiens sapiens.

  3. TehFridgeizEmptyz says:

    Drink bleach, it will help you erase your rhetorical questions

  4. DanielSickass says:

    Its proven that jews have 20% more chance of getting Aspergers compared to non jews.

  5. pr1nc355allie says:

    Very interesting! Also very well phrased. I work with kids who have Autism Spectrum Disorders, and I always find it quite difficult to tell them when they’ve answered a rhetorical question because I think it’s just so adorable and cute! :) I hope you have a great day.

  6. EJConrad says:

    WDF is going on?

  7. Jayroo79 says:

    argh, the background noise. i can’t.

  8. gregjockca1001 says:

    fireinthehole1976: ‘And why the fuck do you need to let him know your opinion on his hair?? Just so he knows?’

    we need to encourage ugly jackasses like this to stop breathing. it’s all part of the greater eugenics plan. LULZ!!!

  9. fireinthehole1976 says:

    ROFL….you are truly pathetic. Treitmaniac, I appologize for encouraging this ass on your you tube page.

  10. gregjockca1001 says:

    fireinthehole1976, it doesn’t matter what sex you are, eunich. you’re a sexless queerbag. try WASHING YOUR ARMPITS, fucking stinkpot.

  11. fireinthehole1976 says:

    Hahahaha disability eh? ;) You sure about that? I had to tell you I was a girl before you changed your insults from cumboy to whore, lmao, I’m so offended you little fucking twat bag. :P

  12. gregjockca1001 says:

    fireinthehole1976, whatever. pfff. rofl. you’re just a dumb asperger’s nutjob living off of disability. like anyone cares whether you assholes are mad. LOL!!! get fucked, whore.

  13. fireinthehole1976 says:

    I’m not a boy btw ;) Not that I’m all up for circular arguments that go no where…but YOU need to get a job and quit making stupid comments about people’s hairstyles…You’re boring me now. But you’ve shown me that you are very likely an aspie that regurgitates the hatred you were shown in life to try to hide what you hate in yourself. But on the side, my rhetorical question is: Will you keep being a douche? No one wants to hear your crap

  14. gregjockca1001 says:

    fireinthehole1976, holy fuck you reached the bottom, cumboy. why would you leap to the defense of anyone’s crackerjack hair. get a job, gimp.

  15. fireinthehole1976 says:

    You’re actually telling this guy he’s an asshole? Lol ~ look at you. And why the fuck do you need to let him know your opinion on his hair?? Just so he knows?

  16. gregjockca1001 says:

    HOLY FUCK! did your hair explode? what the FUCK is that?? shampoo might be a thought, asshole. lol.

  17. Cxranger1 says:

    What if there were no rhetorical questions?

  18. raven8dragon says:

    Hello. I’ve got Aspergers, and I find rhetorical questions quite compelling. My favourite is ‘how long is a pice of string?’ methinks it is twice as long as the middle to the end. Ho,ho. I also rather like how far a dog runs into the woods, which is halfway. :D How about you? Do you have a favourite fact or saying?

  19. VileRiley says:

    I dunno, my aspergers isnt to this level.

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