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16 Responses to “aspergers and foods”
  1. mipobrekiss says:

    Tomatoes have such a texture and smell that I cannot eat them. Ketchup is okay but fresh tomatoes, never! I also have a problem with some food touching the other food on my plate, e.g. salad dressing ending up near the potatoes. I once lived 6 months on oat meal. Nice food, consistent texture and color.

  2. DoubleACbg says:

    I’ve never liked onions and/or peppers… something just really turns me off about them. Maybe it’s their texture. Fetticine I’ve never liked… my parents forced me to eat it one night, and I ended up spitting it up right at the dinner table. I’ve never liked ham, but I used to like pork chops when I was little, but I don’t like them as an adult. Whenever my parents would order pizza or burgers I’d pick out all the onions and/or peppers… they couldn’t get that I just didn’t like them.

  3. mbncd says:

    I couldn’t handle a lot of physical sensations in foods or drinks. As a kid, I was often given soft drink if I was thirsty and the bubbles in any sort of carbonated drink felt like little explosions of acid throughout my mouth so I would sit there for literally hours stirring my lemonade with a fork or straw to try to get rid of them…

    Other things were pepper and onion would burn like hell (try finding a hot food without a pinch of pepper…) and I just hated the taste and texture of tomato.

  4. tiffanycb1989 says:

    For some reason I don’t like foods that have green in it. I think it’s because my mother doesn’t like it so I told myself I wouldn’t like it either. I think that’s my aspergers.

  5. jbhafford says:

    CORN and PEAS!!!! Ever having to eat these is cruel and unusual punishment for me. small little crunchy things that have a slightly fleshy feel to them make me barf. Probably because they have the texture of insects. Peas are also annoying because they are so little and they have to be eaten with a fork or spoon. OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!

  6. seasquirt13 says:

    I totally totally follow you here… meatloaf was definitely one of those but my worst enemy was quiche. Same principle as meatloaf but slimier. And my mom was the kind of person who cooked and if you didn’t like it, well suck it up, deal with it, and by the way, you MUST compliment the chef… if you don’t you get yelled at until you do. And when you do, that just prompts her to make more. But yeah, totally with you there. *shudder* food…

  7. andrew7654 says:

    Not only the taste but thes smell, certain foods I can’t go near without getting that light head feeling. I also don’t like the soft feel of cooked fruits or vegis but yet I like them plain. I also can’t go near Meatloaf. I’m currently really into crab at the moment.

  8. MrChrisalf2004 says:

    I’ll never eat fish because it looks and smells like its dead; and of course it is.
    Cheese is another one that I won’t bother with

  9. writeonyourhand says:

    I don’t eat meat. I always hated it. I don’t like the stringy crap, random hard things, odd and texture, and mouth feel of animals as food. I like to eat the same foods because at least I always know what I am getting. I don’t really get bored by eating the same food as long as I like it. I eat black pepper by itself by the tablespoon, I just like it.
    Meatloaf is disgusting. I don’t get how people eat it, especially people that like the sandwiches, the idea of it on bread is repugnant.

  10. imorccUO says:

    Yeah, as a kid I hated cottage cheese. I still do. Whenever I think of it, it makes me gag. I remember my parents giving me crap for disregarding it. It has nothing to do with my AS. Don’t get me wrong, I love other kinds of cheeses.

  11. KyleKJune says:

    i have aspergers and i have the same thing.

  12. Saguaro24 says:

    I hate all nuts because of their texture but I love creamy peanutbutter!

  13. m0rgansa1d says:

    I hate pickles! I will almost have an asperger meltdown if they come near me. my brother figured it out when we were little and used to chase me with them.
    I don’t lik sandwhiches, because I don’t like my food touching either. I don’t like ketchup, mustard, maynoise, all that is disgusting to me. I can’t even eat a $5 foot long! :(

  14. davros1973 says:

    I love cheese – it use to make me feel strange: I definitely did get more dreams, and I had mild pseudo-hallucinations. From my early teens I had a food fad where I put mint-sauce on almost every savoury dish I had – which I would mash-up of course before consuming. I remember gagging at vegetables (parents tried to make me eat) … and I hated the texture of mushrooms though now I think they’re delicious. My neice is much more fussy that I was. Different foods touching on her plate! Uh uh.

  15. jwarrior343 says:

    i hate steak, its gross

  16. UncleRabbit1 says:

    I hear exactly what you are saying. There are certain types of wheat and dairy products that I can’t eat without throwing up such as cereal and milk, mayonaisse sandwiches, regular and whole wheat bread, (I do like certain types of bread though) and I don’t like to drink milk.

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