Lеt’s discuss һοw people wіtһ AS аחԁ autism tend tο feel аbουt being around loud noise

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24 Responses to “Aspergers and loud noises”
  1. bossofthegod says:

    wotever hez talkin is normal, nothing to do with abnormality!

  2. 666valhalonia666 says:

    everybody does, point is the, most NTs can block it out in the sense that it doesnt bother them.
    with autistics however, a single loud noise can shatter the entire train of thought and with repetative sounds it can cause a sensory overload, which kinda feels like being really drunk.

  3. mbncd says:

    I’m fairly sure the aspect of hating loud noises, flashing lights, certain tastes etc is actually attributed to a different but commonly linked condition called Sensory integration Disorder.

    I have this problem as well but my brain shuts the senses down as a way of dealing with them. For example: I may need to find something but I can’t see it because my brain has refused to see anything. Other times, I might walk in front of a moving car while trying to focus on the person next to me. Etc.

  4. Sitheis2009 says:

    I used to find loud noises horrible, and music, but now.. I don’t mind it so much………………. Oh and I love the voices that you put on such as the child that you demonstrated in this video, and the woman in the video about people who annoy you. Your really good at putting them on. I like putting on voices too, I’m not sure if it’s an autistic thing or what?

  5. JesusOurSalvation says:

    I think that people with A.S. are affected more, generally, by loud noises then the “average” person without Asperger’s.
    All of our senses can be inhanced / magnified. So everything can seem louder, brighter, smell stronger, etc.
    I have A.S. and my biggest sensory problem is screaming.

  6. allaboutdmagic says:

    Can you deal okay with club situations, man? Even I feel awkward with those sound systems!

  7. puppetmaster983 says:

    Well, I think everyone hates loud children in confined areas.

  8. gregjockca1001 says:

    i just LOVE high-pitched sounds that stab me in the ear. in fact, i like to stick knives in my ears just in case i can’t find a loud noise in public.

  9. JenniferO75 says:

    Who doesn’t dislike loud noises?

  10. MysteryProjectThe says:

    fuck this video is ways too loud

  11. RedAspie says:

    i HATE hoovers … oh and hair dryers….

  12. sharperguy says:

    I can’t stand buzzers! I’m always the one who answers the door here to stop the person from buzzing.

  13. luvcraft78 says:

    I am self-diagnosed AS. I hate the sound of phones ringing, dogs barking, alarm clocks going off, motorcycles; I’m always pushing the mute button on the TV when commercials come on because they’re so freaking loud!
    And sometimes my in-laws freak me out because they’re so loud and always yelling.

  14. andrew7654 says:

    I don’t about you but I can’t stand Thunder or fireworks, I try to cover my hears and in a hiding position almost like a solder would do to cover from a bomb of some sort. I’m all OK with most noises just the really loud ones. I too listen to music full blast.

  15. sporttygurl says:

    haha.. cool and funny.. factual too.

  16. writeonyourhand says:

    screaming kids fail at life

  17. 422537jb says:

    wow ok i think its official that i’ve been cured from aspergers lol i don’t understand how others with the syndrome find such things disturbing

  18. cannabischarlie says:

    i think its the noise itself and the pitch and frequency. some noises make me irate, others really physically hurt, and its always the context too.

  19. UrbaniteLN14 says:

    When I was about 4 or 5, maybe younger, I used to be uncomfortable to noises such as flying planes. Now that I’m older, I can tolerate those types of noises.

  20. AlexAsperger says:

    Dude, great video! I like to listen to music that I like blazing sometimes, but when I am into it, but music like boisturous loud, sweeping, and musicals give me chills down my spine and can cause me to overload. FAVED!

  21. Saguaro24 says:

    I hate balloons too.

  22. Saguaro24 says:

    I love Friendlys!!! I found them when I spent some time in Florida. But they don’t have them on the west coast. Like you, I like “good” loud music but hate crowded places where everyone is talking

  23. Chocomoca1 says:

    I’m like you I like to play music loud. Sometimes loud music bothers me like in youtube videos lol but usually fireworks, thunder, balloons popping, those bother me the most…

  24. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Some do and some don’t. That’s my sensory problem, however. It’s just sound. I don’t mind if I’m listening to music or doing things myself, but just in general, everything else drives me crazy.

    I hate it when people are in the room with me or when I’m out. I get so shaky and want to scream.

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