Wһу аrе tһеу considered tο һаνе aspergers?

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16 Responses to “aspergers famous people”
  1. DChatc says:

    Definitely Newton, Jefferson, and Einstein. Ford might have also (in addition, he was also said to be somewhat reclusive and would often stay busy in his office). I would also guess Akroyd too.

    I have problems with everyone else here though (and I think Darryl Hannah’s diagnosis has been called into question, afterall it was a long time ago when she was a young child and AS wasn’t understood very well, I still find her “Pris” charecter from Blade Runner HOT though).

  2. skint0n0minted says:

    Bob Dylan can focus very intensly for long peroids of time, doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than music, isn’t really interested in people or being in the spotlight, the general way he acts scream AS. just watch ‘don’t look back’ the way he is, his own uniqueness. I know alot about AS being diagnosed as having it i know the real signs.

  3. skint0n0minted says:

    thats because these videos are made by people who don’t know anything about AS. They just assume someone has a mental health issue just because they’re talented – Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix I am 100% sure have AS reasons for Hendrix – he played guitar day and night, most nights would fall asleep with it on his chest, he was never very good in social situations, didn’t really look people in the eyes, and wasn’t interested in anything other than music and science fiction, loved routine.

  4. holyfaxmachinebatman says:

    does not enjoy imaginative story writing?? I don’t get it, I have heard of famous Authors who are also suspected to have AS like Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Jane Austen,and comedians like Michael Palin and songwriters like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley? I find ita bit confusing, how could any writer then be suspected of AS?

  5. LorrettaW says:

    I have been diagnosed with Aspergers.. Having Aspergers has made it difficult to cultivate friendships and closeness with others.. So many of us have created our own world whereas we entertain ourselves. I often wonder if that is not in part due to the lack of acceptance by others… when the sitcom mork was popular I was often referred to as Mork. At that time I only knew I was different; I did not know why at that time.

  6. morpheus1x says:

    i was diagnosed at 44 and fit in with einstein and warhol. its funny…growing up my freinds nicknamed me einstein! my son is definately a gates.

  7. kahvikk says:

    why you guys focusing on girls always? damm on the end of the vid it was crap :S

  8. cchasler says:

    Wow! Steven Spielburg was diagnosed as an adult? I didn’t know that. BTW he’s my idol.

  9. NBluth says:

    Wow, I knew about many of these, but somehow I missed Steven Spielburg.

  10. xFlyingxFrogsx says:

    forgot ladyhawke.. and a few others good ladyhawked video

  11. gregorkrause says:

    do you have any strong interests mine are “Silent movies” it started with chaplin but now it’s the oldest films, 1890′s-1900′s-10′s.

  12. gregorkrause says:

    it’s interesting that thomas jefferson has a sensitivity to loud noises, so am i.

  13. gregorkrause says:

    yes i have the sound sensitivity like thomas jefferson., and poor eye contact.

  14. gregorkrause says:

    i have aspergers and at 2:11 thomas jefferson’s symptoms are similar to mine.

  15. sirhonestharry says:

    I am Autistic, I made the video
    (A look into Autism: Famous people with Autism) in your related videos box

    Cool video, lad
    Check my vid if you get a chance :)

  16. kiedog250 says:

    Thank You.

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