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23 Responses to “aspergers II”
  1. katasstrophy says:

    The same with my other kids, son with ADHD, OCD, and Tourettes, girl with Agoraphobia, OCD and Panic Disorder and Phobias, and another with OCD. Believe you are the choosen ones that are advancing and ascending to a higher evolved level, and most humans just don’t get it. More psychic, empathetic, tolerant, etc. I wouldn’t change any of them, nor do they want to be. They are unique! As are you.

  2. katasstrophy says:

    Michael…my son has Aspergers, ADHD, OCD, and 13 other learning disorders that go with them. He is almost 18 and we have struggled all his life to get people to help him, stop bullying, and hear him and see how unique, intelligent and special he is. Continued in next comment…

  3. RDezicle says:

    a bro! everything you just said about your self is what i’ve gone through my whole life, I was suicidal in high school. I was popular and I could adapt to things around me after a while but still felt alone

  4. MrXXCursedXx says:

    God Bless You =)

  5. Duhast111 says:

    good pointers

  6. wengellen says:

    Seriously, EVERYTHING you said is what I feel. I feel all emotions from any creature around me including my cats.

  7. speedyweedylemon says:

    All autistics have something very special

  8. anubis2814 says:

    Our empathy draws from our mirror cells. Since we dont know how to act we mimic like children increasing our empathy. It really pains us when we see people destroying themselves. And when we feel we hurt someone it kills us. It took years of practice to get where I am. I am now 30 and happy with my life and who I am and I amaze everyone around me. Work, study and relaxation will get you where you want to be in the future. People always assumed I was happy but I was always depressed

  9. ZenAnarchistAmerican says:

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I can completely identify with everything you’ve said. Though my younger years were really quite a struggle, I’ve found it to sort of be a blessing, in that my ability to detach myself emotionally has allowed me to remain more objective than many of my peers.

    I certainly don’t like to push my ideas and opinions on other people, but I have found that studying Zen has really helped me. I suggest you seek out some of Alan Watt’s lectures.

  10. korbin14 says:

    man i have it to im just so sick of dealing with it i just wish i could be normal i just feel so weird like i dont belong its really stressfull

  11. akai454 says:

    Hey as far as telling your parents about autism as being Aspergers, if I were you I’d print out some papers from different medical web sites that give a discription of the symptoms of aspergers. Most of the symptoms they talk about will fit you, but there are some symptoms in those articles that will have nothing to do with you, mark those out with a pen. Tell them what you’re telling us, about being able to “Act” normal, but not for too long, you’re still their son, you’re still you.

  12. akai454 says:

    Hell yeah you’re drained at the end of the work day, it’s hard to keep and act going for the whole day just to keep people feeling comfortable around you. Like I said, I just gave up, all I really want to do is just hide in my room, that way I don’t really feel pressured to perform for people, because I just don’t have the energy to care enough to keep the act up all day. I’m on the fast track to “Recluse Ville”.

  13. akai454 says:

    I know what you’re talking about with the “Sixth Sense” of other people’s emotions, I feel like I have that too. I think that it’s developed over my life time from observing other people and their behavior in order to make it easier for me to fit in (remember the “Social Chamelion”).
    I understand what you mean, I can sense their emotions also, but it’s hard for me to know how to placate them, and make them feel at ease (aside from using hand getsures to give them some body language).

  14. pikaki1 says:

    Hi Micheal, this is a great video. I am the girlfriend of an Aspie. He is undiagnosed and he does not know that I just figured out he has Aspie. My experiences are as such; I am emotionally drained from him because he does not satisfiy me emotionally, his compulsive behavior is overwhelming and his dry humor is not funny. He is a smart person that does alot of dumb things compulsively. He is compulsively messy. He happens to befriend people with low self esteem and no money. Any suggestions?

  15. juliehood says:

    gd luck m8

  16. mitcheellsbunny121 says:

    With what you said about sensing peoples feelings around you, but really not knowing how to respond that kind of shocked me. You said it exactly how my boyfriend explained it to me. And he has a weird sense of humor too but i love it =P

  17. grizam303 says:

    Hey, nice videos. Pretty much explained me outright too… ex-military, AS, intuition, even glasses haha.

  18. judojack27 says:

    You described my life to a T. Right down to the odd sense of humor. I’ve noticed that most of the guys that have posted on you-tube have very similar traits of soft-spokenness, depth of thought, social anxiety, etc. We Aspies are a rare breed. Thanks for your candor.

  19. bizmack2000 says:

    No I went to one doctor who only knew about as much as me at the time about AS so she reffered me to this university where students with about as much education or a little more than myself would determine what I have come to undeniably figure out in the course of the last year. I figure since I am training to beocme a mental health professional that I would rather do the work myself.

  20. thefightingirishman says:

    whoah i have AS too, i admire that you were in a relationship, because so far i’ve only been rejected, i can relate to the depression, hyperness, anxiety and switch from being out going and shy at different time, thx i gave me hope to move on with my life and possibly not obsess over this girl in the future

  21. Locke1217 says:

    have you ever been diagnosed by a professional in the field of aspergers?

  22. bizmack2000 says:

    yes i feel a lot of the time i am there for the sole benefit of having people unload on me….most times i find it is all people really need in the first place….

    unloading ones mouth feels quite divine

  23. scr33tch says:

    Hi Michael, I have AS and can relate to a lot of what you say. I know lots of other people with AS through support groups and we are all different, most of us have some things in common, but we have lots of differences too. I relate to your social fobia, and as a manager I to need to communicate effectively as well, and like you say, it’s tiring!

    Take care

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