Aspies seem tο сһοοѕе isolation a lot οf tһе time. Bυt һοw ԁο уου reconcile tһаt trait wіtһ tһе need fοr society аחԁ companionship?

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25 Responses to “Aspergers – interacting vs isolation?”
  1. cypriengeekmaster says:

    All that you have said, is the point! I am 28 now and I have the problems you have mentioned with reconciling isolation and relationship… Thank you very much for your video!

  2. gregjockca1001 says:

    @bumeyes1000 aspie retards can’t drink wine cuz they wet their fucking pants bad enough as it is. hahahaha.

  3. germanjerry says:

    go die, cunt.

  4. gregjockca1001 says:

    midgetfellatio, thanks, and if i do say so myself, you are the new susan boyle.

  5. midgetfellatio says:

    Brilliant. You are truly the new Wilde. I am in awe.

  6. gregjockca1001 says:

    midgetfellatio, speaking of twats, why don’t you stick a finger in yours and see how that feels, slut?

  7. midgetfellatio says:

    btw, just to let you know sel, the comment about “berkaphobia” is towards that twat
    gregjockca1001, not you, hon.

  8. midgetfellatio says:

    Yeah, thought of a new one myself. It’s called a fear of people like you. It’s called “berkaphobia”.

  9. midgetfellatio says:

    Just realised I ended two comments with Sons, thus repeating myself. What a bollock end I am.

  10. midgetfellatio says:

    Would be a pleasure. I’m free on Wednesday night, or Thursday night this week. Sons.

  11. bumeyes1000 says:

    Thank you, midgetfellatio. :)

    Come and see me sometime, we’ll drink wine. x

  12. midgetfellatio says:

    Having a bit of an anniversary feeling. You and I both know things didn’t work out, but I’ve been enjoying memories and shit. Sort of like a Selina night.

    I’ll be fine. I just want you to know, this is your hottest video. Sons.

  13. sybeve says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve been an observer all my life. I’m almost 50 & didn’t know I had AS until 3 years ago. I’ve been married 20 yrs (2nd marriage). Don’t want enemies either, but, all my life people have thought I’m WEIRD. How I “do it” is that I am blessed with a VERY patient understanding husband. Other parts of my life have been hell, but that’s life I guess. Now that I know about the AS I sure do accept myself ALOT better & don’t worry as i did for years about “fitting in.”

  14. gregjockca1001 says:

    aspergers is the fear of being a functioning person. lol!! fuck aspies. they deserve what they get … nothing! LULZ! FUCK ASPIES!! YAY!

  15. thePhos says:

    I think it’s a really interesting issue you’re raising. i had a similar problem. i’ve basically attributed it to the fact that i get tired of constantly having to explain my thought processes and justifying my actions – even if they appear irrational. so sometimes in relationships i feel like i’m inflicting myself upon them as well. justifying myself is something you don’t have to do when you’re single.

    sorry if that wasn’t very articulate!! cool vid, gd luck

  16. Devik666 says:

    what is it that doesnt make sense

  17. Devik666 says:

    yeah i got that kinder group thing at college like its was diffcult to invole myself with the conversation like my timing was out or kinder felt like i wasnt there or something lol

  18. deeveyboy says:

    Hey you seem really nice. :) I have mild as myself but I’m not the stereotype as cos I like to go to clus and parties etc…. I like socialising with others but in some ares I still struggle a little with large responsibilities and occasionally I get a bit anxious or down for a day or two overbig things (don’t know if u can relate to me) whats your life like?

  19. kohoki23 says:

    I`d like to submit that Aspergers, like autism, is nothing more than a word coined to describe a set of ‘symptoms’ so loosely connected as to be questionable as a disorder in and of itself. When i`m depressed, I have nearly all the symptoms of aspergers. I`m sure most people prefer isolation for periods, and if your life circumstances and psychological makeup contribute to this isolation becoming the norm, than it is not a disorder, just who you are. Especially in the craziness of modernity!

  20. bumeyes1000 says:

    … I’m sorry but this doesn’t make much sense to me!

  21. bumeyes1000 says:

    You are too kind.

  22. bumeyes1000 says:

    Thanks, I take your point but there are many more factors in my diagnosis than just this one.
    I haven’t just adopted a label, in fact I feel the topic is quite questionable and open to debate, which is one reason I want to make videos about it and discuss it here.

  23. bumeyes1000 says:

    Thank you! :)

  24. midgetfellatio says:

    It’s Aspergers mate. Sorry,

  25. midgetfellatio says:

    This video gives me the raging horn, and I still don’t know why.


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