tһіѕ іѕ חοt һοw Aspergers kids behave unless tһеу′re having a tantrum. YES, I ԁο pee near tһе еחԁ.

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25 Responses to “Aspergers Kid Teaches You How To Tie Your Shoe”
  1. ILikeWeatherGuy says:

    do ure neighbours complain? XD

  2. DJBludLust says:

    He sounds like a baseball coach XD


    This is the 5th time watching and its still fucking funny. You are hilarious!

  4. Nessie0Loves0Jacob says:

    this is like completly OTT, i think its funny, i just had to turn my volume right down hehe

  5. TheGnarMonster says:

    @Nessie0Loves0Jacob Yeah I know!

    But this isn’t like anyone with aspergers.

  6. Nessie0Loves0Jacob says:

    i like the idea of it. tis cool! and i showed this to someone with asperges, they found it funny lol

  7. jpaulson112 says:

    PHUCK your cousin

  8. TheGnarMonster says:

    hell yeah

  9. TheShmeezy says:

    damn, i thought it was funny.
    fuck all these internet trolls.

  10. wgfc123 says:


  11. S1M9L3 says:


  12. hazel1707 says:

    then why do it? youre not funny.

  13. TheGnarMonster says:

    haha why are you being so serious, this is a joke plus, my neighbor is autistic and i hang out with him ATON. no crap autistic people dont act like that.

  14. hazel1707 says:

    have you ever met an autistic person? my cousins autisitic you little dick. and no. shes not like this.

  15. JessVerrier says:

    Dude. You’re one fucked up little kid.

  16. TheGnarMonster says:

    gah! im not making fun o them!

    thatnsks thofgh.

  17. YTnMe says:

    no offense er anything…
    yur fucking hilarious!
    i feel sorry for ya if yur making fun of ppl with autism…. thats plain fuk’d up!
    n u kinda remind me lorraine from MadTv…

  18. TheGnarMonster says:


  19. outsideslammer says:

    fuck u again tom suck paul bunyans cock fuck bag (ANDY)

  20. shavedparrot says:

    i have those pants

  21. tonyrox14 says:

    its an option AN OPTION!!!

  22. StormbreakerVideo says:

    my ears are bleeding !

    your flowers are dying

    youre a ittle bit wet

  23. blackboydavis says:

    I’m a bird.

  24. Kauaii3 says:

    lol ur randomm

  25. TheGnarMonster says:


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