video аbουt Aspergers

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19 Responses to “Aspergers & Me”
  1. XZacherZX says:

    No, you don’t read that fast. And if you do, you don’t retain information.
    I also have Aspergers Syndrome, I think you nailed this on the head. Very nice work.

  2. scottishmind says:

    yeah was a little fast sorry just i read so fast.

  3. scottishmind says:

    thanks glad you liked it

  4. scottishmind says:

    thanks helps me alot as i don;t and wont talk about my AS to anyone

  5. scottishmind says:


  6. scottishmind says:

    whats so what the hell???

  7. valdezmiguel2 says:

    0:37 what the hell?!?

  8. cp276 says:

    its an artistic way to aware people about AS. God bless u.

  9. jogtheviking says:

    Yep, its understanding thats needed, I like this

  10. RettamLacef says:

    i like bread

  11. FosterAZ says:

    Hey Guys:) Awesome video! i really enjoyed the paintings! Way to go on getting something positie out there

  12. amanda81374 says:

    Loved the video. The only thing is it did go alittle fast, didnt always get to read everything. Otherwise I liked it. Good job!

  13. scottishmind says:

    glad you like it :D

  14. scottishmind says:

    sorry went so fast will keep that in mind next time, i thought i was rather slow too sorry.

  15. feminist22 says:

    This is a good video. I did think that it went a little to fast. I did not get a chance to read everything.

  16. 435rd says:

    I love your video

  17. scottishmind says:

    glad you like hun

  18. auti34 says:

    very cool

  19. scottishmind says:

    my spin on things and hope people aren’t offended.

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