Aspergers חοt being сοοƖ

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8 Responses to “Aspergers not being cool”
  1. philsaspiezone says:

    I suffered a lot of aspiphobia since 1967 People may not have known about AS but it does not stop the prejudice and bigotry being Aspiphobia it is just the people did not know the word aspiphobia. I never had a decent friend since 1977

  2. iiRuLeZz says:

    ii Got bulied :( still do every now n then :’(

  3. red12512 says:

    Hello, I am engaged to an Aspie. For the most part our relationship has been great, I love him very much. But right now i’m on the verge of tears b/c a problem has come up regarding his unemployment. I’m pretty sure that the economy contributes, but I think his interpersonal skills do too. if i get too “critical’ he gets upset. i need help in how to be supportive with him. if you or anyone else with asperger’s could get back to me i’d appreciate it. thanks so much.

  4. scottishflame1 says:

    i dont like this is comment “i am aspergers” we are not a diagnoses, we are people … other than that good video.

  5. icecreamandsingasong says:

    Thank you 10.000.0… times for this and all of yur vid’s again!! :)

  6. lucybean975 says:

    i struggle with that too–keeping facial expressions “right,” especially when trying to make eye contact. it’s very stressful, and i alienate people a lot. i always thought it was because i was a “bad” person. (well past the age when things like AS and NLD were recognized in the schools.) now i understand the reason for it.

  7. wylon87 says:

    from one Aspie to another!

  8. UKJazzCat says:

    I can’t actually ‘tell’ that you are Aspergers. My only criticism is the footballers’ wives comment. OMG…the wives are as dopey as the players!

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