Aspergers Socialising

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11 Responses to “Aspergers Socialising”
  1. replicantsboy says:

    You wear a gold chain; it’s hypocrisy to criticise others for wearing them.

  2. joshodst says:

    talking with a pen!

  3. zenangel924 says:

    I think Aspies tend to get on better with the oposite sex because they don’t fit into gender roles which is very society based and not something they can read and fit into.

  4. icecreamandsingasong says:

    yes, I am amazed by this I feel exactly the same I drown in choices and things playing a role stops that because it is a package of a caracter. I always knew I was autistic like but now I feel very sure I have mild aspergers. Thanks xoxo

  5. darkjumpy says:

    I can relate to the acting thing. Furthermore, after a while of knowing someone, I unconsciously end up like playing a character adapted to that particular relationship. I think playing a role it’s easier than playing yourself because it acts as a filter. As yourself, you have too many choices and you might get lost and make mistakes; but the character is more defined, so it works like an instruction guide.
    Maybe that’s similar to what you experience?

  6. icecreamandsingasong says:

    I leared to much through my intelligence about social situations but I have a hard time always I always feel like acting because I am so honest and different it s better to play a role do you feel like that? I feel like I am too open so I totally close. I have the thing called (‘ socially active but odd”)

  7. LainXIwakura says:

    i find this all brilliant. I’ve enjoyed and watched all your videos, as an Asperger’s sympathizer. Although I am not diagnosed (self or otherwise), I understand some of what its like, especially the socializing part.

  8. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Girls normally that say they don’t want to lose a best friend are not joking. They really see you as a good buddy, but they know a relationship will spoil things. That is the only problem with having close girls as friends. However having girls as friends can mean they introduce you to unattached females that you could have a relationship with and put in a good word for you.

  9. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I believe that girls are more interesting and have more stories to tell. With blokes you tend to just get talk about who pulled what bird and football etc. I prefer to talk about a variety of subjects. I find girls pleasing to the eye LOL. I have had long conversations with girls. But like you I struggled to go from friend to lover with a lot of them. Until I realised that sometimes you have to just try it. Its hard to explain. But its the look you give them.

  10. WheelofFortuneFan91 says:

    I do have trouble socializing with other people, especially other guys. Somehow, I just find it easier to talk to girls, maybe because they are more nurturing than guys.

  11. Peegai3 says:

    I agree on the negative bit.

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