Aspergers Syndrome аחԁ Aspie Dating

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25 Responses to “Aspergers Syndrome and Aspie Dating”
  1. sentient says:

    For me it’s either a total lack of interest in affection, or I’m overbearing. I don’t know where the grey area is.

  2. gregjockca1001 says:

    aspies should be ovened like the jews. giggles!

  3. pjfislord says:

    nanoo nanoo nanoo nanooo!!!! Good vid

  4. G0IMB says:

    You have got it: Humanity is maggot like. It loves the illusion of being self assured &rewards Bad behaviour. Humanity is a sad limp dick. It needs to improve. My missus says I’m not romantic, but what’s the bloody point. But she knows me well enough to know that’s no bother. And yep I know the Bad Old Days (When Paedos Got away with it, hey) I had an abusive Narcissistic dad who I Gave the Bum’s Rush to.

  5. ginsengaddict says:

    favorited – and going to send this to all my non-aspie cohorts – the world must know

  6. ginsengaddict says:

    nope, i’m aussie – and i think good doctor asperger was german.

  7. artistgraphic says:

    No… I am mixed as well.

  8. UndeniableLust says:

    cool video :)

  9. mythme says:

    no of course all Aspies are not Europeans; but I do have to admit that a lot of the vids on YouTube concerning it seem to feature Europeans.

    (P.S. I’m American)

  10. rollermaul22 says:

    Story of my life. Dang. I have a question. Are all people with AS Europeans? I ask bc I have seen two videos from Euros and I happen to be Mixed, and not european in the least. Is this something generally exclusive to these people? Do I have it as a genetic fluke?

  11. Zenki293 says:

    Good video, from a fellow Aspie!

  12. tommatdan says:

    thanks for the video

    (as some one with AS i actually strugle with being over confident)

  13. doodsblog says:

    Pursuit of specific and narrow areas of interest is one of the most striking features of AS.[1] Individuals with AS may collect volumes of detailed information on a relatively narrow topic such as dinosaurs

  14. Bozewani says:

    Ok, thanks for some tips…. How about this guys, the reality is that

  15. headchew says:

    I found it quite disturbing to see Mork confessing to that earlobe rape.

  16. xXxHardCoreGamerxXxX says:

    adam sandler ftw

  17. 2Koranteng says:

    yes and i also hate girls leading me on as well – i did have a gf once until she messed me about – id feel the same way as well if a girl humiliated me

  18. 2Koranteng says:

    im 17 and i have aspergers – your stories are intresting

  19. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Thank you hcg4t going to check yours out as well :)

  20. hcg4T says:

    movie I meant was the Adam Sandler flick … your perspecives and vids are interesting and I can relate to you it would seem … good job

  21. hcg4T says:

    hilarious movie .. i had forgotten all about it and re mork .. i wanted to marry him bk in the day … lol … i just felt akin to him… now i know why

  22. Duhast111 says:

    yeah that’s so hard to deal with for me man :(

  23. maizeysugah says:

    I do not have autism (my son does) but I’ve never enjoyed touch, kissing, hugging, etc. My mother said I’ve been that way since birth. The only person I really love getting hugs and kisses from is my son, who, ironically, has autism and doesn’t care much for it either. LOL Loved the video, I’m going to watch more.

  24. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Mork and Mindy basically shows someone very AS. Its how a lot of Aspies feel an Alien that doesn’t understand how to date and social cues. If you look at Mork he doesn’t have a clue how to date women. He doesn’t act the NORM so to speak. I related a lot to Mork growing up

  25. zensorship says:

    50 first dates and Mork & Mindy were comedies!

    are they really serious reference material for dating>?

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