Oftеח, wе аrе lonely ѕο much wе adjust tο іt аחԁ іt becomes ουr normal way. Tһіѕ video іѕ аbουt tһе loneliness аחԁ һοw tο seek out ɡοοԁ friends.

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19 Responses to “Asperger’s Syndrome and Friendships”
  1. ValidPlacebo says:

    i wish this video had some information on the subject because of the title and all not just a song


  2. florencelovme says:

    this is very similar to my video. did you watch it and copied me or did you think of the same stuff as I did? thats a bit freaky.

  3. impactplayer09 says:

    i hate aspergers

  4. esotericeric93 says:

    what is the song after Aimee Mann?

  5. philsaspiezone says:

    I have not had a true friend since 1977 but I would like on who would not treat me differently to how I woud like to be treated. NTs have done that since 1977 and being treated like that is Aspiphobia and a person who only wants you around to give him or her money etc without paying him or her back is no friend and since 1977 that is the only thing available no true friend.

  6. milascave says:

    Most of don’t kill our bullys. But we shure do dream about it, because we are bullyed a lot.
    It might help if we replaced the word “bullying” with what is it.

  7. bagmantastic says:

    hear hear, people are blind to whats going on in reality and thats for people without an ASD
    i guess theyre “lives” are to important

    anyway, id also like to point out that ASDs kill because they have no other way left (in their minds at least) to get the help they need, whereas the majority of the killers are still NT who kill for their own twisted pleasure (at best, excluding accidentes)

  8. Questa91213 says:

    Far out! Such a beautiful video with a worthy message and people have to leave comments arguing over what AS is and who has it!!?

    Whitetigerdream- thank you for sharing.

  9. AspieWorld says:

    This is so sad and depressing to watch :( I also wish we all could have a social life.

  10. ZoonicDeHedgehoog says:

    Bullshit, people with AS are overrepresented in “anti-bullying crimes” like schoolshootings or killings where the killer feel hatred towards society because of being socially shut out as a result of his inability to interact socially in a normal way.

  11. ZoonicDeHedgehoog says:

    Hitler has been confirmed as having AS by many world leading specialist.

    80% of school killers also have AS.

    You’re probably one of the drooling types of AS people who sees AS as some sort of “teddy bear handicap”.

    This believe that AS-people “can’t be evil” because it’s trait typical to the “greedy, selfish neurotypical world” is a pathetic way for some people to try to justify their own existence.

    AS people can be very evil. Read up on Hitler’s private behaviour, he had AS.

  12. robenel says:

    thanks for the wisdom. your statements at the end really cut to the chase. thanks so much :)

  13. ZoonicDeHedgehoog says:

    Several experts believe so, and so do I, really. It makes a lot of sense.

  14. sarahMLP says:

    I would like to know though, where do *they* draw the line between just being eccentric and splashings of genuis and actually having A.S??

  15. sarahMLP says:

    Michael Jackson really?

  16. whitetigerdream says:

    So did Einstein, Wittgenstein, Jane Austen and Emily Dickenson.

  17. ZoonicDeHedgehoog says:

    Hitler had AS. Michael Jackson also has it.

  18. slash4689 says:

    very sound Advice

  19. akai454 says:

    “Cherish your own worth and loyalty as a friend!”
    You’re right, those are valuable traits inside me, thank you, I will cherish it and not throw my pearls before swines.
    Yes, I would rather be alone than with bad people.
    I loved the first song the most, and thank you for the great advice.
    Take care beautiful Aspie.

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