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25 Responses to “Asperger’s Syndrome and Mood Disorders”
  1. petchharrison says:

    i can stay up till 6 am most mornings becuse i am learning something i got now idea of time and i havent had a bite.then i get pissed if i dont fill my head,so there is a problem??? do i eat or do i learn.i like to study how others work or what is quantum physics.or ham radio diagrams.no oneder my eyes are worn out..jeff

  2. WhenTheBirdsSing says:

    Really like youre videos !! you are so good in describing and with the effects and all ! =D
    Peace and love =)

  3. dewey05334 says:

    where did you get that cool bell ball I want one

  4. coronaqueen221 says:

    @coronaqueen221 because of my inherent akwardness, people think i’m an imbecile until they have the opportunity to see me think, my professor literally picked on me for that until that fateful day she realized nobody had been paying attention but me. I was wondering if you could share your experience about living with both either on my page or here. I would greatly appreciate and it’s nice to see you keep your sense of humor in all of this.:-)

  5. coronaqueen221 says:

    Bipolar 1 can run the gamut but is mainly characterizes by a manic episode..bipolar 2 does not…I was diagnosed bipolar 2 but I did not mention my manic episode….so i’m actually bipolar 1…I think it’s interesting that you mention aspergers and bipolar…i have some suspicions I may have a very light case aspergers…as a child i had delayed speech until 2 or 3, social situations make me anxious, certain smells, noises and light colors drive me bananas, oh the highlight is that because

  6. xNeogirl94x says:

    rofl me too

  7. RedAspie says:

    me 2

  8. silverboat1234 says:

    Good eye contact for having Aspergers. The silly string cracked me up!

  9. liesje9876 says:

    thank u

  10. somethingimustsay says:

    my daughter is 3 i am so happy for the info it is veryr helpful

  11. dithorsos says:

    It appears to be very common to have comorbid conditions or multiple conditions. This can make proper diagnosis more challenging as there are greater tendencies to overlook things. Over a year ago, I did a video on comorbid conditions for Youtube.
    artist, author, and speaker

  12. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    I’m an aspie and I’m a girl.

  13. TigerRingDon says:

    terminator917, you are a fuckng piece of shit, asperger’s brains aren’t fucked up, where were you raised, huh? I hope you die a horrible death, and if you have little kids, i hope they die first and even worse than you!!!!!!

  14. terminator917 says:

    ur ugly and ur face is almost as fucked up as your brain, it looks like its been in a horses ass

  15. raven8dragon says:

    This was so well explained! For some reason that lovely tinkling noise completely captured me..I had to watch it again to catch the rest of the video because I kind of spaced out over the unexpected noise! {X>D

  16. delphicgobshite says:

    Thanks for posting this…you explained things in a lovely way. I totally identify with the social situation issue…sometimes its like going through the motions without really “locking in” to whats going on; or sometimes if you feel yourself identifying with others….it can create anxiety and sudden withdrawal.

  17. Vrijdenker2003 says:

    A women with Asperger?
    That’s pretty rare i guess. Like a guy with anorexia.
    Anyway i was diagnosed with Asperger and a mood disorder. And Autism (is Asperger also not autism? WTF!). I use to be manic or hypomanic or something like depressed. Now i feel empty. But anyway. Good luck and don’t get to moody on me!

  18. bherren79 says:

    Thank you for sharing on this topic! I have a friend who has the disorder. He has really helped me understand it a lot! You are not alone!

  19. EllaFricka says:

    I am diagnosed bipolar II and now my doctor is begining to think I have asperger’s. Does you statement about diagnosing mood disorders being harder in people with aspergers go the other way? Could I be being diagnosed as bipolar II but actually have aspergers?

  20. autisticaplanet says:

    I’ve been diagnosed AS and recently with SAD (seasonal affective disorder)which I long suspected. Not having a label was for me agonizing when there was nothing I could offer for my autistic behaviors. Therefore others filled in the blanks: spoiled, manipulative to name a few. I’m on a mood stabilizer because my emotions can change quickly depending on the environment I’m in and people situations I’m exposed to. I know that’s autism not Bi-Polar.

  21. Patriotman54 says:

    is this not based upon false science ?

  22. collynathan says:

    I found this video very helpful. Thanks for posting!

  23. whitetigerdream says:

    Thank you very much!

  24. Zorica12 says:

    You should become a professor of psychology. Your videos are very well executed, and I like the visual representations you add.

  25. fomalhauto says:

    I have a history of Dyslexia,Dyspraxia,and ADHD. I was misdiagnosed Bipolar because of my cluttering speech which is common in people with Dyslexia,Dyspraxia. The psychiatrists didn’t do any type of testing. They didn’t even know that I had history of speech therapy and special education.

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