I believe tһаt a lot οf people feel tһеу һаνе Aspergers bесаυѕе tһеу һаνе read up books such аѕ bу Tony Attwood οr οtһеr famouse people. Bυt actually іt іѕ pretty rare. Iח mу opinion people аrе аƖƖ coming out now аחԁ saying tһеу һаνе іt tο ɡеt sympathy οr bе called ƖіttƖе einsteins. It саח ɡеt уου special һеƖр іח schools, ѕο far frοm discouraging іt Parents аrе now wanting kids tο һаνе іt. Hοwеνеr іt remains tһаt іt іѕ very rare аחԁ even rarer іח girls. Tο pass tһе Diagnostic Criteria fοr AS уου һаνе tο һаνе school reports, psycholoogical reports аחԁ counselling reports. It іѕ חοt јυѕt a simple case οf saying уου һаνе іt аחԁ tһе Doctor agreeing wіtһ уου. Now I һаνе seen a lot οח youtube tһаt claim tο hbave th condition уеt ԁο חοt һаνе a photographic memory, һаνе חο problems wіtһ socialising οr expressing themselves. Iח mу opinion уου ѕһουƖԁ аt Ɩеаѕt meet 80% οf tһе Diagnostic Criteria tο bе seen аѕ аח Aspie. Jυѕt being shy tο mаkе eye contact іѕ חοt enough.

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25 Responses to “Aspergers Syndrome Bikini Artist and Diagnosis”
  1. jethomp333 says:

    I think she’s an aspie. Even in that video where she’s jumping around, you can tell somethings off about her.

  2. 01stanbk says:

    i was wondering if you had any advise on being offishally diagnosed? my parents were tald i had aspergers by a educalal sycologist but no one profeshaly has told me and on all my statments and stuff it just says is sespected of have aspergers, it’s very frustrating becouse it would explain a lot but i can’t just say i have it when noone has propally riten it down. many people say go to your docotor but i just can’t do that, ok it might sound stupid but i just wouldn’t be able to do it. thanks

  3. zenangel924 says:

    I agree with that. I think because her video said her brother, father and some other relatives had autistic spectrum conditions her must have assumed she has it to, but the doctor must have mislabelled another condition like ADD/ADHD that she has.

  4. Sitheis2009 says:

    I deathinitly get what you mean by bakiniartist. She did seem very NT in the bakini artist video. However she did say she was officioly diagnosed with aspergers. So if she’s not a true aspie them she’s probably had the wrong diagosise. She’s probably not pretending to be autistic. But I do get what you mean. There was no need for her to go around in that bakini.

  5. Isaacaswq says:

    LOL As if I would treat you like that I have been awaiting in anticipation all your comments

  6. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    You have never met me either. I want to ask you one thing were you behind that smere campaign to do with Encyclopedia Dramatica. Because it all started when I said one word against your video. It just seemed very odd to me. Like you I never give up and I never forget. I will find who was behind it and when I do GOD HELP THEM!!! My Speculation is based on me actually getting Diagnosed in 2004. Also running a Forum for 9 years on the topic an talking to others with AS.

  7. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I agree some severe Autistics can draw amazing detail when it comes to buildings etc. I don’t know what shit you went through. I know that you are very modest LOL. You say you are Pretty, but you are not talking to an NT here. You are talking to an Aspie who looks beyond the shell. Your videos seems to contrast each other. The one of you in a Bikini and the one of you talking about AS. A lot of others feel the same way if you look at your coments. I may be wrong though!!

  8. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    You are also very modest by the sounds of it lol. Anyway I sent you a message yesterday and still no reply. My friend has AS and is very good at art also. CBT is a cheap way of counselling someone I do not believe in it as it doesn’t get to the route of the problem as conventional methods. But if it worked for you then great.

  9. bikiniartist says:

    And hey– I’m a nice, pretty, smart, self confident (but ever humble) lady, who tries hard to be a part of the community despite my social anxieties– maybe that’s why i have friends/lover/social skills? i practiced. cognitive behavioral therapy can be the bomb.

    dont be a chicken and not approve my comments!

  10. bikiniartist says:

    I’m not your lab rat, I’m not out to prove anything to you, and my artwork and accomplishments are hardly proof that I’m not mildly autistic! they just show that despite all that shit, I’m awesome! you should get out there and celebrate how you are awesome, too, rather than wasting time and bandwidth with this prattle. or maybe you have a career in tabloid literature?

  11. bikiniartist says:

    Hi there, dude. Hope you’re doing well. I am inclined to make a list about the ways you’re mistaken about me, but suffice to say, you’ve never met me, so you can’t be an authority on the topic. your speculation is based on information found on the internet. the truth is i’m an actual human being and i chose to share part of a very personal struggle with the world. i don’t regret that decision, but i hope if you can gain nothing from it you would at least have the human decency to move on.

  12. GingerAutie says:

    From wikipedia:
    “Asperger syndrome – one study suggested that up to 80% of those with Asperger syndrome also meet the criteria for NLD.”
    or Nonverbal Learning Disorder and just 20% of the people who fit the Diagnostic Criterias of High Functioning Autism. I know, in the English Speaking countries, AS and HFA is toled to be the same. You know a lot about autism, but you should also read the studies. I would guess in the way you describe it, that you had a speach delay (maybe not), I had however.

  13. GingerAutie says:

    You wrote on the sidebar:
    ” Now I have seen a lot on youtube that claim to hbave th condition yet do not have a photographic memory”
    Aspergers, who start to speak very early have more often Nonverbal Learning Disorder who goes along with a high IQ in verbal memory, but difficulties in processing visual information. Not all autistics have this however, but is more commen in people with people with Asperger’s syndrome and not so commen with people of classical Autism.

  14. kovskaja says:

    i think somehow, we should stop to mangle each other or deny each others diagnosises. I donn’t care, if someone is less autistic or more autistic or not autistic, as far as a person is a part of the community that fights for our rights. And no one gets really sympathy for having asperger’s, it’s more a damage for your career, if anyone finds out.
    best wishes, k.

  15. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I do not think she has it so thats just my opinion I am saying in my opinion.

  16. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    The last paragraph I typed was a bit awkward. I hope you understood what I meant, lol. It’s getting towards my bedtime.

  17. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Depending on the subject matter, yes. For example, is someone and I were talking about a medicine killed and I were to say why they were bad and then another said why they were good, I could clearly understand the fact why they would think so, but would still think the medicine was bad as well.

    Empathy though, yeah right… That’s so hard.

  18. Saguaro24 says:

    Is it hard for you to see things from another persons perspective /point of view?

  19. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Perhaps you’re right, or perhaps you’re partially right about some females. I have found that most males usually assume that all females can do this, just like a most females assume all males just care about sex. A lot of females try to go after men that they can’t just get. Whether it be that the girls are fat, ugly, or the man is just 100% loyal to his gf/wife. One thing that is true, however, if nearly all woman were to open their legs, most men would get on top, but it’s opposite for woman.

  20. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I think its far easier for females with AS to get someone and be in a relationship. Where as Men find it hard who have AS as we are expected to make all the moves

  21. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I agree with you Name I have noticed so many Aspies that were wrapped in cotton wool that can’t even so much as boil an egg or do simple banking. Also AS is a Syndrome which is a collection of Disorders anyway one of which can be Tourettes or ADD. The entire unbrella of Autism is called PDD or Pervasive Development. I still do not think she has it. Aspie World was rude to me on her video so I blocked him.

  22. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    I’m glad I was raised as an NT. I think if I was treated “SPECIAL” I wouldn’t have learned the things that I did learn and I would be struggling far more worst, today.

  23. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    Somehow I’m always angry or sad, when I’m not. I don’t use a lot of facial expressions, either. I do get angry, especially when people, for example my husband, keep on asking, “Are you okay? Are you mad? What’s wrong? Are you sure something is not bothering you? Are you sure?” Then I lash out back at him, “Now there’s something wrong, because you won’t stop asking me all these retarded questions! I’m fine!!!” LOL After a year and a half, he has gotten more use to me… :)

  24. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    It’s very hard for my to emphasize for others. It takes a lot of hard thinking to feel for someone, which is rare for me. And I bet, for males, it’s probably almost absolete.

  25. NamekianPikkoro7 says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t say it right. When I said co-morbid, I meant another illness on top of Asperger’s Syndrome. A lot of Autistics have other illnesses next to Autism itself, making it co-morbid. I was saying that she probably has AS and ADHD. If you have just Asperger’s alone, here in America, you usually won’t get a disability check. I’m pretty sure, here, you have to have a co-morbid illness. That’s why I gave you a link to read about co-morbid illnesses with AS. :)

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