Aspergers Syndrome brief summary οf һοw іt affected mе

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6 Responses to “Aspergers Syndrome brief summary of how it affected me”
  1. hanbury1 says:

    You are on my friend list, and my son has been diagnosed with mild AS. I think I have it too. I think it is a huge blessing, and I find that the world in our heads can really effect the world we live in if you use it. We THINK differently, and the world NEEDS people who think differently. My friend, WE can change the world. I think you are remarkable, and my prayers are with you.

  2. lucybean975 says:

    i don’t notice many coordination problems now (though still couldn’t master actual dance moves–i dance, but dance class instruction just makes no sense to me, it could be in ancient Urdu.) didn’t learn to ride bike until 12 though; hated gym class for all i was worth. shoe tying? took longer to learn than expected, i think. PS: YEA HEATHER!

  3. DChatc says:

    I was atrocioussly ham-fisted in my days and am still more or less. Indeed a lack physical and mental agility is the central symptome of this disorder, everything else I’ve seen seems either subsequent or incidental. This particular neurological arrangement must occur during the mid stages of developement as it seems the mammalian areas are affected most (corpus colossum, cingulate gyrus, and the cerebellum).

  4. avatarchick830 says:

    I never had problems with motor skills in every day life (I could tie my shoes at age 6, I don’t trip, etc) but it’s hard for me to learn and perfect dance moves. I’ve had years of dance classes and it’s still hard to learn and memorize dance steps for the school musical. What hurt the most was being kicked out of show choir because I wasn’t as good a dancer as my classmates. They let me in, knowing I had AS, did nothing to help me learn the dances and still blamed me for not trying.

  5. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    You sound like you have it a lot worse than i had it. I think I have it pretty mild. I couldn’t tie my own shoes at the age of 6 but by the age of 12 I could lace up my own shoes and also tie an apron. Co-ordinational problems were mainly from the ages of 5-12. I think computer games helped with the hand to eye co-ordination.

  6. WheelofFortuneFan91 says:

    Asperger’s Syndrome does affect my fine motorskills and my balance. I do trip a lot of times. I find it very difficult to tie a shoe or an apron. I have to have someone else tie the shoe or apron for me.

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