Aftеr School I һаԁ tο work οr ɡο tο college. Mom wanted mе tο ɡο tο College. Bυt mу Nan һаԁ οtһеr plans. Nan won іח tһе еחԁ аחԁ directly аftеr leaving School I ѕtаrtеԁ аt Tһе Garage οח tһе following Monday аftеr аח Interview. Far frοm being sensible people tһеrе іt wаѕ full οf wasters tһаt liked tο рυt others down.

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18 Responses to “Aspergers Syndrome – First 3 Jobs since leaving School”
  1. davisfontanes says:

    I don’t know much about ASPERGER’s but I do fancy your videos and I think you have very interesting things to say!!!!

  2. MacNymph says:

    Yeap, they are expecting that because you are a man and you have to tell them nice things like “ey babe” or begin a sexual conversation, to look very “open minded”. Now results that to be “open minded” you have to share your sexual experiences with others, and be thinking about sex all the fucking time because sex is “cool and in”… bah, bullshit.

  3. MacNymph says:

    i just dont like people who wants others to follow their rules about everything, specially about how you have to act or to do to be “friendly” and be accepted into a bunch of assholes (in my opinion).
    I’m pretty antisocial because i dont like how others think or behave, yes i cant change that but i dont have to stand it or be agree with that either.

  4. MacNymph says:

    Yes, i had a debate about that, who in the hell can tell someone how to dress or what is allowed or what isnt, it’s about what WE want to wear to feel comfort within ourselves, i hate jobs when they ask you to wear a fucking dress or a necktie only to look nice to the eyes of the rest!, uh? who in the hell wants to look nice for others? not me for sure …

  5. sirtinycreep says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 I’d say I’m about the same age as you. But I was lucky. I managed to meet a few very friendly people, and it made my time at college fun. Plus, being there part-time helped. I could spend the rest of the time in the pub! Not that I drink now. I gave it up.

  6. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Not sure how old you are but when I went back to college it was full of twats. Most of them were kids that didnt want to be there and behaved like kids!!!! Worst time of my life was when I went back to college. The only thing I do not regret is getting my certificate. The rest of it was shit

  7. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Its not the Job that was ever a problem it was the pathetic attitude of people in work. They did nothing but bitch about why such and such got promoted etc. Faked time sheets so that they could come in later. Took extra long smoke breaks if favoured by the boss. Made sexual comments, yes I am talking about WOmen here!!! Also made crude remarks as to my sexuality cause I did not like football.

  8. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    I found that the best people I got on with were in The Rock Scene. I am sure a lot of none trendies are Aspies or have some kind of spectrum disorder. In Rock Clubs you could wear what you wanted and to a certain extent do what you wanted. I am not on about wasters that emulated Rockers when it was cool to be into Ozzy. I am on about genuine Rockers. I could never understand how an expensive pair of jeans was not acceptable in clubs where as some cheap ass trousers were

  9. MacNymph says:


    lol,but there are assholes everywhere hahaha

  10. MacNymph says:

    I have only worked twice for someone and i hated it, then i try to work from home and it kinda sucks at times, can be ok but it sucks too.
    I have realised i am not the kind of person who someone can tell me what to do and how to do it, but i am not the kind of person who can manage a bunch of assholes to tell them what to do, how to do it and how i want it either so.. i try to work from home from time to time and i think both things sucks lol.

  11. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Depends how you define one. He certainly for want of a better word had a life. Had a Wife and Kids etc. But on the other hand he certainly looked like one LOL

  12. sirtinycreep says:

    Well, I had to go to college first to get three A Levels, then I did a course in freelance journalism. I later wrote a few books. Much better than working with those nitwits. Couldn’t stand working with people. Hated it. Although I am not anti-social.

  13. 99Lundinator99 says:

    Was Derek a flubber?

  14. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    What job did you manage to do ?

  15. sirtinycreep says:

    I decided at the age of 31 I’d had enough of the ‘workplace’. They’re full of assholes. Ever since, I have worked from home. My own boss and no assholes in the vicinity. Perfect. :)

  16. sirtinycreep says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said, ‘you expect when you leave school that the people in work should behave like adults but they don’t.’
    Exactly. I had a job once in a store. I was 17 and worked with a load of people older than me. They were all kids. It was really quite pathetic.

  17. 7lizet says:

    what does not kill you makes you stronger

    just let it rest
    that was the past
    look at the future
    dumb people will always be there you know they want to feel somebody by putting others down and mostly have
    a lot of stress or problems themselves
    don’t worrie show them you arrogance

  18. 7lizet says:

    I was working with 17 right out of secondary school. I don’t have asperger
    but I was jelled at also a lot because I
    was not specialy trained to work on an office I made many mistakes in the beginning. I think many people have
    experiences like this but be glad you
    are older now and more selfaware.
    You have learned a lot there like me.

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