Abουt mу Asperger ways. One thing I forgot tο ѕау іח tһе vid, I talk tο myself alot-аѕ Ɩіkе saying tһουɡһtѕ out loud, іt helps mе tһіחk better. I аƖѕο sometimes narrarate myself іח 3rd person sometimes.

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25 Responses to “Asperger’s Syndrome, I’ve got it.”
  1. count3rculture says:

    so do all you guys say youve got it or are there some that dont want to tell people or what?

  2. james67zz says:

    im 24 and was diagnosed with AS in 2003 i have always found it difficult to mix with people i had a few friends in high school but once i left school they ignored me .I have never had a girlfriend or even been on a date girls are only interested in money and goodlooks these days the bottom line is most men with aspergers will never get married or have kids . LETS FACE IT LIFE SUCKS WHEN U HAVE ASPERGERS

  3. cosmicguy180 says:

    take your shirt off

  4. bjornarnerolf says:

    You are funny=)

  5. pimpdog93 says:

    @toweronepower Well I’m considered pretty much in the minor spectrum of it just to clarify

  6. stevanessa says:

    You should stop being afraid to go get diagnosed, just….don’t pop pills buddy it’ll dull your amazingly creative mind.

  7. stevanessa says:

    @pimpdog93 well he might not have the form of asperger’s you have….but he might be within the spectrum….

  8. joshodst says:

    i have aspergers and i have loads of friends,so this aspergers is bs,mostly,just dont be wierd,its simple,look at how people talk to each other,they say things like(hows is it going and then ask about them and dont get fixated about your self)cause people probably dont care about your tape recorders,

  9. rcleverett says:

    Your video is super. Thanks for sharing with those of us who want to know and those who need to know.

  10. djFadeOut122 says:

    i have the same syndrome…

  11. RemovdSande11 says:


    haha :P it’s true ^^

  12. toweronepower says:

    @pimpdog93 He is on the spectrum though. Oh and he has good taste in music!!!

  13. pimpdog93 says:

    it is not diagnosed by a by a doctor then you are not sure you have it there is a mental disorder were a person has to believe that there is something mentaly or physically wrong with them so unless a doctor says you have you don’t but you could i’m not a doctor but just because you don’t make eye contact and you like cameras does not mean you have it there are way more aspects of it that web md is not gonna tell you trust me I do have Aspergers

  14. AHS1953 says:

    Just found this – Jeez! I hope he’s now all grown up and got a life!!!

  15. nexpers says:

    you sound like George W Bush

  16. Kaydenthedude says:

    @Ashtonkessler It was named after the man who discovered it, Hans Asperger.

  17. yesmickey says:

    i loved your video i dont have aspergers myself but i find it very intresting. it helped me understand how AS works. its pretty sad to see all the people who dont get it. i liked the fact that you said you wouldn’t change having AS and i dont see why you should it doesnt change who you are just how you interact and trust me people arent that intresting. so why change?

  18. Ashtonkessler says:

    why is it called aspergers?

  19. lukeisastalker says:

    i hope he’s high

  20. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Ignore the assholes, we will rule the world. Infact we pretty much already do, but thats a different story.

  21. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    I have asperger’s and after receiving treatment I no longer start shaking when I talk to strangers, I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car when I wanna cross the street, people no longer call the police on me when I stand by myself in public places. Zeolite saved my life, I was ready to kill myself. I can actually function enough to live independently now.

  22. MultiIPwnage says:

    Fuck you. You don’t know shit, proof??

  23. catra195 says:

    ahaha what a dick

  24. skellygog says:

    this was very well done, you absolutely do have Asbergers and explained yourself really well an dprobably helped a lot of others who find themselves with the same symptoms. well done!

  25. Redbaron011 says:

    You don’t have Asperger’s, you’re probably just trying to figure out why people don’t get you. You’re just weird and unsocial. Deal with it. Or you’re high.

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