Robyn Steward wаѕ diagnosed wіtһ Asperger syndrome, a form οf autism, wһеח ѕһе wаѕ a teenager. Sһе ԁеѕсrіbеѕ һοw іt affects һеr physically аחԁ socially аחԁ һοw ѕһе learned tο cope wіtһ іt.

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25 Responses to “Asperger’s syndrome: real story”
  1. filthyfew77 says:

    she has super powers. awesome

  2. newtonscat says:

    My hearing is extra-ordinary inasmuch as I hear all the sounds of a city, including the low frequencies that others can’t hear (but they can feel, these low sounds vibrate their physical bodies). My auditory and olefactory consciousnesses are much more “sensitive” than most other people’s. What I hear and what I smell are the real sounds and smells of the city.

    My hearing and olefactory senses are “enhanced”.

    For what purpose, I wonder?

    What am I supposed to be doing on this Planet?

  3. Liquadia says:

    isn’t aspergers diagnosed by MRI?

  4. TheTread123 says:

    My mum told me that I did not say a word out of my mouth until just after 5 yrs old. I was born in the USA but later for 12-15 mos was in Cambodia. Perhaps have strong language pattern skills (wired)because, remember at 14 some English people were with us for a couple of days and I began to dream in the same accent ;also at 7-9 yrs old I remember having a dream where the colors tasted. Would this be symptoms of having aspergers?
    Much more has happened since then,have not done illegal drugs!!!

  5. AspergicForums says:

    Hey, we’re running a forum for people with AS, link on my profile – worth checking out.

  6. jgisthebest13 says:

    you can look like anyone im a nomel 14year old guy and i look noreml but have it :(

  7. agetlostgirl says:

    no they do not have similar features its a mental disorder not a chromosome problem such as you brought up downs syndrome

  8. Yuki4autumn says:

    no my bro has aspergers and he looks waaaayy diffrent from her

  9. AccessorizeAlways says:

    it’s unreal how much these people are like me….and thanks for letting me post finally youtube you dirty….if it posts. I hate the stupid “type in the letters” because sometimes even if you type the right word in it won’t work.

  10. AccessorizeAlways says:

    @avatarmn No they don’t at all. I am 99% positive i have it and i look nothing like any of the people I have watched.

  11. AccessorizeAlways says:

    @avatarmn are you serious?

  12. Wizhix says:

    no no she doesn’t look like a man at all, no ofc not how can u think something like that?

  13. GreenGirl444 says:

    @avatarmn no, they dont

  14. AussieAspie says:

    NO! The similarities you see are due to the fact we have ‘flat affect; that is, we tend not to smile, raise eyebrows,etc. We can, we just don’t. This has nothing to do with the physical structure of the face like with Downs. If you watch videos by those who’ve consciously practised smiling etc, you’re unlikely to notice anything remarkable. Check out videos by someone like “TheAnMish” and see if her facial expressions fit your pattern.

  15. avatarmn says:

    Do people with Asperger’s have similar facial features? Like, for example, people with Down’s Syndrome. Because Robyn here looks remarkably like Jason, in the YouTube video titled “THIS EMOTIONAL LIFE | Asperger’s Syndrome / Loneliness | PBS”.

  16. pkay411 says:

    @CodexAlimentarius1 – I think so too, and there are many others who believe it as well. Besides from inoculations, also in the food we eat (i.e. fish).

  17. ThomasRowsell says:

    aspergers helped me realise the folly of religion, as it is nothing but enforced social conventions surrounding spirituality. being an outsider to the shared experiences helped me recognise the ludicrous hyporcrisy

  18. toyy7675 says:

    Every street in this city is the same to me, every one got a place to be but there’s no room for me.

    Its so hard to find some one who cares about you, but it is so easy to find some who looks down upon you.

    There is people like me that no one sees so no one cares.

    Three Days Grace – Someone Who Cares

    God dam it takes my words right out of my mouth!

  19. GlaBurnzUrHouseAK47 says:

    aspergers is light varient of austism right?

  20. ImayStalkU says:

    I know 5 people with aspergers syndrom, couriously, I met them all before I even knew about the disorder. 1 being my sister. It affects people diffrently.

    My sister loves animals, horses mainly and just wants to be left alone.

    One kid, acts like a complete idiot in social situations and just begs for friendship.

    A way to tell an aspergers syndromd kid to stop doing something is “Dude. That’s really creepy.” Or “Normally, people would say that’s irritating haha”

  21. awathmoon says:

    Even better, become an atheist. Life is so much clearer that way. I’m an Aspie, and life is already confusing enough without all the artificial complication of religion.

  22. TheCrooksCorporation says:

    I think anybody who is struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome should consider converting to Islam, as I, Eric Crooks (now Wasim Hussein Al-Hajj) did 2 months ago. Basically, Islamic culture is so much more supportive and tolerant of Aspies than corrupt, Western Christian society. Now that I’m Muslim, my Aspergers life has improved so much.

  23. xiSuPeRMaN says:

    LoL sure

  24. TheAssimilatedBorg says:

    I was diagnosed when in 2008 when I was 34 years old. And, after I began to research into Asperger’s Syndrome in order to understand it.

    Growing up in the 80s, I was considered as being odd and problematic (acting out when angered and reclusive). In later years, I thought that perhaps, because I was a military brat, it explained such things. Generally, Brats, after leaving their military lifestyle have social issues. But, most adapt. I still have adaptation problems. But, I have my support.

  25. 0Krusnik0 says:

    I suspect I have it. Though people in my elementary recognized my inability to recognize emotions in others they did not suspect aspergers. They attempted to teach me how to read facial expressions, but there is a huge difference from something static on a paper and a dynamic human face. Not to mention all those pictures are over-exaggerated.

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