Welcome tο mу first video. Jυѕt want tο share wіtһ whoever mіɡһt bе intersted іח ASD һοw tһе condition affects сеrtаіח individuals. Tһіѕ video іѕ аbουt wһаt mаkеѕ mе tick. Heres mу first video ѕο аחу feedback wουƖԁ bе really ɡrеаt

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25 Responses to “Asperger’s Syndrome: This is my mind”
  1. Melly589 says:

    So true :) I have asperger’s as well but I feel I have lots of empathy I just don’t show it most times :P I hear ya out tho about the bullying and all that. Glad you made the vid :)

  2. BogMonkey53 says:

    all sorts of things in the process of finding the solution that we wouldn’t have ordinarily been lead to learn. Religion happens to be one layer of bullshit that most people these days can see through but still allow their belief system to be hijacked by external minds with God knows what agenda. I’ve seen it for myself our model reality determines just about everything. Easy to understand considering our brains make a virtual representation of what we perceive as reality for us.

  3. BogMonkey53 says:

    body part is exposed. A body part that everyone else of the same gender has. A little weird no? Drugs. The majority of people believe no good can come from them even the ones that use them recreationally have trouble comprehending the fact that they are tools and like any tool they can be used constructively or destructively. Now onto the major one. Problems are viewed as “bad”. Whats a problem but an excuse to find a solution. Not only can the solution be applied to other problems but we learn

  4. BogMonkey53 says:

    a good look at your situation and ask yourself is it a curse or a blessing in disguise. If you haven’t spotted the bullshit I’ll try get the ball rolling listen. They tell us dying is a bad thing, if someone dies we have to be sad about it and dead bodies should scare us and repulse us. We’re in a world where every single living organism around us dies its a little insane people crying every time someone they know does it isn’t it? Nudity. For some reason people get embarassed when a particular

  5. BogMonkey53 says:

    The problem is this pussy society that we will in encourages to have this pussy view of the world that makes us feeble and afraid of everything. They feed us these morals about whats good and bad, right and wrong and once we see the bullshit for what it is and discard it then we become superhuman with respect to our fellow man because we’re no longer bound by the same chains they are. It was only cuz I have HFA that I was cornered into overcoming the bullshit that effects everyone so I’d take

  6. diesect33 says:

    @skinnyhurley yeah he did but, he definitely wasn’t implying any type of racism. I’m sure you got it. I did but, a neurotypical speaking, i’d get confused most likely. I do much better in text than person as well

  7. diesect33 says:

    @skinnyhurley man you’re so on with that one. It happens all the time. most of us want no harm to anyone etc but, we seem to come off as combative or just aloof.

  8. diesect33 says:

    I can sympathise with the repeat questions. the phrasing is the issue. I’ve had my I.Q. tested and know i’m not dumb but, i feel stupid all the time.

  9. diesect33 says:

    why does it seem that i’m the only one on youtube with the monotone voice trait as well? I’m a musician and a singer as well. I have all the isolation etc. I’d prefer to be normal or alone but, primarily i’m trying to put myself out there and educate people about it.

  10. BabyBopRules says:

    I’ve got a friend who also has Asperger’s Syndrome he manyly can’t walk .

  11. thrust7rock says:

    hmmmm i didn’t really know about it too much. this video helps. wooooooow ur old flat mate does not sound cool…..wut a jerk. but all this can only make u stronger. good video

  12. mark675 says:

    ……maybe im dwelling on it too much,
    i had loads of mates at school but didnt like being in rooms with alot of people so classrooms were a living hell! im now even less social with my mates as they go to pubs all the time which i hate! and just make excuses not to go, alcohol also makes me alot more tense and nervous and depressed the next day so i dont drink anymore either, glad ive got my lovely family to support me though it though ..my girlfriend is actually the one who diagnosed me! lol

  13. mark675 says:

    nice video mate, ive just been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, im 28 and went through all my school years and 12 years working not knowing what was wrong with me! i got embarrassed really easy, cant look people in the eyes when im talking to them, (some people read this as ur not interested in what theyre saying) i hate confrontation and avoid it whenever possible and have the usual being obsessed about certain hobbies. it all seems to of got alot worse in the last 10 years tho??…….

  14. CharityGrace87 says:

    i’m the same way about vomit, but i dont think i have AS

  15. gamiezion says:

    i couldnt agree with you more here.
    i doubt “normal” people appreciate how hard it is for us to get around. theyre only to willing to point out the obvious, but theyll never do a thing about it.

    if only there had been some training before… it wouldve helped as well

  16. jenngooby says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You are very courageous and I learned from your video. I have a son, age 4 with high functioning autism and I am just starting the journey with him….trying to get the support that he needs. Thank you…

  17. beeldred234 says:

    i agree, some of the symptoms of aspergers are questionable if you ask me. one of the symptoms was poor communication with peers. i find that BS. i know some of my friends with aspergers and they act like normal people you would expect. To say you do have aspergers, don’t let it take control of your life. do the best of you abilities and beyond. do not let some doctor say your more or less then anyone. we are all the same and equal.

  18. kaihiwatari111 says:

    I have AS and i fuckin hate havin it. Its has ruined my life and i wish there was a cure 4 it. I understand th opinions of those who would rather have it as it is part of their personality but id rather be”normal” as i wouldnt have the predustice of havin th fuckin condition , im just sick of being spoken 2 like im fuckin stupid and that jazz. I dont deserve it , the people who deserve it are like the chavs who loiter around on the street pickin on the vulnerable, fact.

  19. vunok89 says:

    hi this is my fav one.. ive learn so much about the simtoms.. and happy enough i was reading along informaiton on the iphone itune thing.. i downloaded it for free and has every information about it so i can read it on my iphone

  20. RaelSpice says:

    My mate thinks i have autism as i have to have things linear , moving things etc also i have been tested positive for dyslexia and instructions get jumbled up sometimes , i can listen to some one talk and it sounds like echo the voice can be so drone or seem boring so i think about other things while they talk and then i say oh sorry what did you say, maybe i should go check if i have Aspie get tested.

  21. TheRecordead says:

    Jag har asperger syndrome.

  22. TheRecordead says:

    Låter som mig ganska exakt.. Jag har Alltid blivit utsatt.

  23. thetest2000 says:


    I have aS too : ) !
    I’d like to chat with you on skype and/or msn, there is plenty to talk about; I’d love to talk to you mate (Y).

  24. Ilovecats112233 says:

    Your flatmate deliberately made himself sick and put himself in pain because he wanted to make you suffer?? What a stupid crazy thing to do! I too have difficulty concentrating, interpreting information and comprehending instructions. Luckily the people at my college are very tolerant and understanding.

  25. DemeterEuropa says:

    I got bullied alot at primary school, I specifically rember one incident where my teacher told me to look at him when i talked to him, and no matter how hard i tried I couldn’t look longer than a few secounds. He later told my parents during parents evening, that I had “odd behaviour” being a sensitive person this really made me feel abnormal from the rest of the class.

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